Friday, April 25, 2008

DLSE Supervisor Jorge Gomez has trouble managing a pimple

1) So Vicky Tamoush, being the passive aggressive type that she is, decides to organize a luncheon for the clerks in Santa Ana, being Administrative Professionals Day.  Blessed by Jorge Gomez, she accidentally/on purpose includes everyone except Bruce Broadwater and Chris Lotts.  Bruce gets wind of it, and asks Jorge why is he letting Tamoush act in this exclusionary behavior.  Jorge is an embarrasment to the department, once again, proving that he is worthy of never passing the DLC IV exam.  All he had to do was to tell her to make sure everyone's invited, but that takes brains.
2) Chris Lotts decides to wear shorts on his "paper" day, where there is no contact with the public.  California state employment has no dress code; it's whatever is "appropriate."  Jorge Gomez, being the "I'm da Boss" guy that he is, asks Lotts why he's in shorts, so Lotts tells him that it's a paper day & there's no public contact with the taxpayers.  So Gomez asks what will happen if someone appears at the public counter and demands to see him, so Lotts responds by pointing to his Khaki, cuffed long trousers & tells the moron that he can change into those pants if necessary, but it's more important to process DLSE paperwork.
     So the moron crawls back to his office, calls Regional Manager Abigael Calva (because moron cannot pick his nose without guidance from the Regional Moron), and Gomez returns to Lotts' office and orders him into pants.  Now this idiot couldn't figure out that it might have either been better to ask him to shut his door & work or ask him to simply change, but instead, moron & his people/leadership skills cries to Abby Calva.  Gomez the Manager must show Lotts who's boss, and it's Gomez.  Never mind the fact that Tess Morales wore shorts, but Gomez plays the gender card to suit his purpose, and his purpose is to harass Lotts.
3) DLSE is up Gomez's butt about that picture showing all of those unprocessed wage claims, so now he's got all three clerks working around the clock to diminish this black eye.  Three weeks ago, Gomez couldn't care less, but now that his office is publicized for all to see, now he decides to care and to pretend to give a sh*t about the taxpayer.  Is it Gomez's fault or is it Headquarter's fault?  There are no priorities, except the ones that change daily.  The one good thing about that photo is that it's just another flagrant example that there are No Labor Standards at labor standards.
     Much like the restaurant worker taking a picture of cockroaches for the health department, the taxpayer benefits from the photo posted on this blog because it caused Jorge Gomez to get off his dead, lazy ass and start doing something for the public we serve.  I'm sure they'll find a way to punish, retaliate, and harass the blogger for having the audacity to post such a photo for all to view...transparent accountability to the public.
Gomez has no labor standards; heck, his office can't even organize a luncheon without upsetting the apple cart, but this is what happens when a talking monkey is in charge of the busiest office in California...runs just great, just look at the photo of claims in the basket.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Undocketed Santa Ana wage claims gather dust while little league dads get their work permits for kids to be movie stars: CALVA is anti-CORRALES

This is exactly what's wrong with DLSE, and it's being done right under Bradstreet's nose.
Wage claims are not processed in a timely manner because of entertainment work permits and unreasonable work permit delays due to DLSE's computer software nightmare, CMS.
The $6+ million-dollar, taxpayer-paid abortion just collects work permit data, and it takes ten times as long to issue a permit. Ten times as long: think about how much time that is.
DLSE can now brag about how many permits it issues, which is good because now you can calculate about 10 minutes for each permit, and that's how much time is being wasted on not fixing Corrales. All that time could be used to repair Corrales, but nope, we gotta issue entertainment work permits before we process wage claims, just like Abigael Calva squawked in her email.
Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet can thank Regional Manager Abigael Calva for this photo, as it is a true reflection of proper and efficient service to the taxpayers.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

with Jorge Gomez, the conference deputies always get screwed over by him, and when staff suffers, the public inevitably suffers because of Jorge Gomez

When Jorge Gomez lost the following clerks: Daniel Jimenez, Ivette Dominguez, and Veronica Gutierrez (what a coincidence that all of their surnames in "Z"), it was the settlement conference staff that suffered.
When Jorge Gomez lost the following settlement conference personnel: Linda Fox, Nita Chopra, and Mary Tokar, it was the settlement conference staff that suffered.
The settlement conference staff must share printers while the hearing officers and the clerks have their own. Jorge Gomez pawns everything off on the settlement conference staff. Whenever Jorge Gomez needs to make an excuse, the duties fall upon the settlement conference staff.
Whenever Jorge Gomez decides to play musical chairs with the duties of the clerical staff, the settlement conference staff must try to figure out which person does what.
This affects our service to the public because we have a failure in charge of the busiest office in California and he has no idea what's going on. His primary job is to suck up to the bosses, and they reward him with failing him on the DLC IV exam. This failure's been on the job forever and he cannot pass the DLC IV exam, but he's more than happy to continue to sucking up to the bosses that rejected him. If he has all these years of experience, then why doesn't he have the skillset to (at least) make the DLC IV list?
He doesn't know how to take care of the office because he's so busy with trying to take care of Abigael Calva, and that's why the public suffers. When the public experiences the dysfunction of the Santa Ana office, it's because Jorge Gomez lacks the leadership, lacks the skillsets, and lacks the teamwork to get the job done in a competent and efficient manner.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

forever first level supervisor Jorge Gomez: Level 2?

1. Gomez rats out JJ to Bob Brock/Personnel when VT says that he's taking grafts from translators. Status: unsubstantiated & meritless.
2. Gomez rats out CL to Greg Rupp when a crazy lady signed a settlement agreement then tried to screw the defendant again. Status: unsubstantiated & meritless.
3. Gomez rats out JJ to the Holly Hayashida/Civil Rights Office when VT hears that JJ might have asked about the kind of car she drives. Status: unsubstantiated & meritless.
4. Gomez rats out CL to Richard Munoz/OD Legal when a Claimant lies about his claim, Cl dismisses the claim & informs GOMEZ THE LIAR, who approves of the dismissal. Then Gomez says he has CRS disease (Can't Remember Shit) to Bob Brock. Status: unsubstantiated & meritless.
5. GOMEZ THE LIAR protects & will protect Vicki Tamoush to his last lying breath. Every lawyer that has complained about Tamoush has been givin the brush off by GOMEZ THE LIAR.
6. Tamoush's performance evaluation will mention NOTHING about the legal complaints made against her, against the dozens of Spanish claims she delayed when she used her friend Mindy to translate, and it will mention NOTHING about how she calls off sick on days she holds hearings, thus screwing over the DLSE again and burdening the taxpayers with more waste, fraud, and abuse.
GOMEZ THE LIAR does whatever he wants because that's the DLSE standard: do whatever you want to whomever you want!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

permanent 1st-level supervisor Jorge Gomez destroys morale with his annual performance evaluations: way to go, moron!

This guy cannot give pay raises and cannot give promotions, so the least thing he could do is to give credit for a job well done. Instead, he wants to be an ass and show everyone how NOT to keep office flow positive. This jackass will, given enough time, tell his staff how he appreciates everyone's hard work we do for the public. This fake appreciation will never reflect in the formal evaluation, but that isn't the real kick in the grapes.
The DLSE has no standards, so this idiot Jorge Gomez is using his own set of standards, much like the way Victor Jurado tried to invoke his own play book with Armida Corral in Long Beach. At that DPA hearing, Regional Manger Abigael Calva was made aware of this; it's not the supervisor's office, it's the state's office, so a supervisor cannot make their own regulations.
Abigael Calva does whatever she wants, Jorge Gomez does whatever he wants, so it seems perfectly natural for the next cascade of the rank & file to do whatever they want. After all, there are no standards, no policies, no procedures. If anyone has a problem with the way that things are getting done in Santa Ana, then tell them we are imitating our "do whatever we want" bosses.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Taxpayers pay supervisor Jorge Gomez $80,000.00/year and all he's capable of doing is calling Abigael Calva; it's like she's his mom!

It seems that Jorge Gomez cannot wipe his behind, wipe his nose, or make a DLSE Santa Ana wage claim decision without calling his DLSE momma, Regional Manager Abigael Calva. I'm not sure when this euphemistic breast-feeding will stop, but I think 15 years is enough, don'tcha think?
How about this: we save the taxpayers $80,000+ in salary and benefits by getting rid of Jorge Gomez and just calling Abigael Calva ourselves?
Earlier today, Jorge Gomez spent almost the entire day on the phone with his DLSE mommie. DLC Lotts caused Jorge Gomez to be ineffectual & indecisive, and then DLC Jackson caused Jorge Gomez to be ineffectual & indecisive.
After all, this is the DLSE standard of what an $80,000/year bureaucrat does for the taxpayer: constipate the decision making process. He boasts of being the boss, like his life goal was to be some 3rd-rate low level manager, but when it really comes down to it, he can't pick his nose without picking up the phone to call Abigael Calva.
Everything, I mean everything, bottlenecks when you bring anything to that clown for a decision. That's why staff don't go to him unless it's absolutely necessary.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

seems that DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez cannot burp without asking his boss Abigael Calva, but what do you expect after almost 30 years on the job...

DLSE Santa Ana supervisor Jorge Gomez has almost 30 years on the job, and he's still as useless as a Day One newbie, but let me explain. Santa Ana is suffering a staff shortage, so he takes a vacation for a week. During that time, he puts a Deputy Labor Commissioner II in charge, who makes the command call to hold all entertainment work permits so that the 1 clerk (Santa Ana has) can work on wage claims. The smart plan is to ship them off to Van Nuys, because that's where the new work permit bureau will be.
Jorge comes back, and instead of shipping them to Van Nuys, he instead calls Abigael Calva and asks for permission to mail them to Van Nuys. You know what she tells him, right? Can anyone guess?
I can hire someone to teach a monkey sign language, and then I can train that monkey to ask about mailing a package. Jorge Gomez makes $80,000.00 a year, and all this monkey can do is pick up the phone and ask another monkey what to do.
The one good thing about Jorge Gomez is that he doesn't fling poo like a monkey, so the Santa Ana office has that going for it. Other than that, the Santa Ana office is trapped in layers of incompetence, inefficiency, and supervised by someone that can only pass the DLC III exam...of which he's been (weakly) doing the job for decades.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Regional Manager Abigael Calva gives the big middle finger to Commissioner Bradstreet's desire to fix wage claims; Calva's useless to the taxpayers

On April 10th, some little league dad enters the Santa Ana office in hopes of getting an Entertainment Work Permit (EWP) for his kid that wants to work in some (probably) dog food commercial. He doesn't want to wait, so he wants to cut in line and obtain his work permit before all of those who have been (effectively) standing in line in front of him. DLC Jorge Martinez, of the Los Angeles office, tells him to just go down to Santa Ana and he can get the work permit for his kid. When it's explainted to the parent that Jorge Martinez cannot and does not speak on behalf of Santa Ana, the parent becomes upset. When it's further explained to the parent that EWPs are not at the top of the Labor Commissioner's priority/mission, he becomes more upset. Wage Claims are the priority for DLSE, but daddy-O doesn't care; he wants his EWP right now. Santa Ana tells him that he can leave his EWP application but will not guarantee that it will be completed to his deadline.

Very upset, he calls and cries to Abigael Calva, who then sends an email & demands that Santa Ana must issue the EWP to the little league dad ASAP. Those who are involved with processing wage claims (scheduling, docketing, etc.) must now stop what they are doing so that the EWP can be issued.

1) Abigael Calva failed to support her office by over-ruling the decision Santa Ana made, and hereby undermined Santa Ana office operations, in determining when this guy got his permit for his kid.
2) The Van Nuys DLSE section to process work permits exclusively should have been already established to handle nothing but Entertainment Work Permits, but that operational failure is still not functional; what a surprise.
3) Santa Ana's clerk, Veronica Gutierrez, quit. That leaves only one person in Santa Ana to handle wage claim processing & functions AND issuing entertainment work permits. The one clerk left at Santa Ana, MZ, is so backlogged in docketing that Abigael Calva thinks nothing of halting & impeding Corrales so that this guy can cut in line and get his permit because baby daddy needed it now.
4) DLSE has known about Veronica's resignation for months, but do you think Calva's done anything to assist in the wage claim backlog? That's Abigael Calva's responsibility, and she's done NOTHING to help Bradstreet alleviate the ills associated with Corrales. Calva is an obstruction to success; she's the reason why everything is wrong with this division. All these years of working as Regional Manager and it's more dysfunctional than ever.
5) Regional Manager Abigael Calva has failed to initiate a priority system within DLSE, yet the DLSE states that wage claims are the highest priority. Calva also failed in establishing a Policy & Procedures regarding the issuance of Entertainment Work Permits, even after communicating such policy & procedural malfeasance to her and her bosses.

Calva's a joke of a manager whose time has come. She should retire at the same time Rupp retires. She should give up her taxpayer-paid gas/car and stop using it as a commute vehicle from South Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles. She should initiate a priority system that we can photocopy to the taxpayers and communicate to them what we process and in what order. She should allow us to fix Corrales and she should not stand in the way of efficient service to the taxpayers. Santa Ana office operations should not be interrupted because one individual wants a work permit for his kid, just because he couldn't apply for the permit in a timely manner and mail it like everyone else.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wage Claim screw-ups, Part 612

Recently, a taxpayer wanted a copy of the audio of a hearing. Turns out, we lost it. So some news agency contacts DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez, who tells them that he cannot discuss the lost CD-rom and directs them to contact HQ. So they call HQ, and now sh*t rolls downhill back to Jorge! I guess Jorge can't get out of his own way, because I'm sure Regional Manager Abigael Calva was thrilled to hear about another Santa Ana screw-up.
DLSE managers are nothing but morons, idiots, and jackasses. Do you know how easy it is to back up a CD-rom? Takes about 5 minutes. You burn the CD-rom to the hard drive, and then you can make tons of copies from the hard drive, but not one idiot manager figured this out during any one of their idiot manager meetings. There should be no excuse for this kind of malfeasance, and heads should roll. Instead, the taxpayer will get screwed, the news agency will get the brush off, and the managers will protect themselves.
DLSE serving the taxpayer, ONE ENEMA AT A TIME!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Disturb the asbestos during working hours, put scotch tape around the doors, and call it fixed

They have this form outside the elevator, so I made a copy and put my own notes on it, only AFTER recent events.
They don't bother telling us that the counter duty area has asbestos issues, which caused a several-day delay.
They don't bother telling us that they'll do a half-ass job removing/cleaning it during normal work hours (instead of the weekend where less people are apt to breathe the disturbed air).
They don't bother telling us what, exactly, is the extent of the asbestos contamination, yet they have the nerve to wonder why we ask the tough questions they don't want to answer.
Their behavior to their staff is the same as to the taxpayer, which I call the DLSE Mushroom Plan: feed 'em sh*t and keep them in the dark. Angela Bradstreet should discuss extensively (this practice) at her senate confirmation hearing.

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Bradstreet and Duncan 2 B confirmed within the week, Jones is delayed until May (click pic to enlarge Senate Rules Committee members)

I've been told that Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet and DIRt Director John Duncan are going up for senate confirmation. If you have anything to tell the Senate Rules Committee, then you had better do it soon. Here's their contact website:

I have complete lack of faith in the judiciary process that the Senate Rules Committee members will not ask about CMS, her letter regarding Brinker, the judge slamming her in Corrales, and the total failure of her leadership in giving us a simple Policies & Procedures Manual for our Wage Claim Adjuducation bureau. She will be confirmed, and then the screwing really starts. She's a republican in democratic clothing, as that's what GAS wanted when he appointed her.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

The comments below the Bradstreet post are the highest on record...much anger at this regime

Angela Bradstreet, Dean Fryer, Jim Culbeaux, CMS, Tony Mischel, Robert Jones, Victoria Bradshaw, Greg Rupp, Vanessa Holton, Steve McGinty, Richard Munoz, John Rea, Lupe Almaraz, Jose Millan are merely tools of a corrupt regime. These are the same people that fired Miles Locker, have attacked the blogger, pumped millions into that CMS software abortion, kept hearing officer Vicki Tamoush employed, and promoted pimped out for Hartwig decision Denise Padres from a DLC II to DLC VI (Deputy Chief).
I'm sure there are more boot-lickers, whose sole focus is never the job they're paid to do, but to suck up and get promoted to the next job, more power, more prestige, more power, more prestige.Vicki Bradshaw won the battle over meal & rest periods; her idiot boss bent over for the special interests, and they were going to win the battle permanently until the California Supreme Court stepped in.
They could easily stop fighting Miles and return him to public service, but these public servants don't do their job, they spend time targeting people. Vicki, John, Robert all wanted Miles gone, so what happened? Miles went. These public servants serve out their private vendettas using public funds and no one cares. The Bureau of State Audits ( doesn't do anything, the Attorney General's office won't do squat, so no one's really interested in justice.
And these people could not be any dumber. Our very own Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet wanted DLC Mary Tokar fired immediately, but someone had to tell Bradstreet that public sector is different than private sector, and there are rules. Our own Labor Commissioner didn't know how her own game is played, yet these are the morons who are appointed. Spring time is coming up; let's hope that someone prints out a couple pages of this blog to give to the senators who are in charge of her political appointment.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Angela Bradstreet: even with her IQ, JD, and bank account, is she merely a mid-level flunkie for GAS and Vicky Bradshaw?

If the DLSE wanted to pull back their action against Miles Locker, then they could. Much like a court, the prosecution can withdraw their complaint as long as it has not been decided (either by a judge or a jury). This February, the taxpayers of California celebrated their 2-year anniversary of Miles Locker being terminated from public service. What ever happened to the douchebags that fired him? Vicky Bradshaw is still employed, John Rea is on her left udder, Robert Jones is on her right udder, and Anthony Mischel is still collecting his paycheck. DIRt lead grifter lawyer Vanessa Holton is still there, ever the collective mess that she is.
Like any tool (blunt instrument), she's only guided by whoever's handling her: Susan Kennedy, Wal Mart, Boeing, etc? As far as I can tell, her bigshot law degree, her fat bank account, and her big IQ have amounted to nothing at DLSE: she's yet to decide anything on her own. Morons tell her that phone calls will fix that Corrales abortion, so she tells conference deputies to make phone calls. Morons tell her not to settle with the blogger, so she doesn't settle (and the DLSE subsequently loses in court..again). Morons tell her to support that taxpayer-paid, multi-million dollar abortion called CMS, and she does what a good ho's supposed to do: please her pimps.
I'm sure Morons are telling her not to deal with Miles Locker, but she'd be real smart not to listen to those Morons; those are the same Morons that are constantly putting her in a trick-box. Yeah, she's so smart, she can't even tell when she's getting played. This is the big difference between street smarts and book smarts. She went to Berkeley law School and she can't keep from getting played?
Here's a small list of why Angela Bradstreet should not be confirmed by the Senate as Labor Commissioner:
1) She continues to waste millions of taxpayers dollars on CMS
2) Through her two (2) page "excuse" letter about the yet-to-be-built Santa Ana safety barrier, her professional snubbing of Assembly Member Van Tran discredits this agency
3) She's a corporate shill for Brinker Restaurant Corp.
4) She (chief state labor law enforcement officer) offers biased opinions on private litigation
5) She's too incompetent to currently fix the problems identified in the Corrales lawsuit
6) She promoted Denise Padres (hearing officer of Hartwig/precedent decision on meal & rest period [penalty v. wage]) to Deputy Chief
7) She continues to protect Hearing Officer Vicki Tamoush, even after Boeing's seven (7) page complaint against Tamoush
and finally,
8) Outside of Wal Mart & Brinker, Angela Bradstreet has done nothing to improve either this agency or how it serves the employee & employer; she's a waste of taxpayer-paid public service
She doesn't deserve the job because the taxpayers of California deserve better than her. The Senate confirmation committee owes this much to the taxpayers.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Vicki Tamoush complaint, DLSE cover-up, part 1 of 3 (click pic to enlarge & print)

Thank goodness that someone from DLSE-HQ mailed this to T. Zatori in Austin, TX. It took long enough for it to finally reach its destination. There's a spy in San Francisco, and more documents to certain to arrive at the PO Box in Austin, Texas.
Regional Moron Manager Abigael Calva came to Santa Ana on Firday, 01/18/08, to chew the fat with the ladies working at the Santa Ana office. This also includes supervisor Jorge Gomez, not really a woman. She's very busy bending over for Angela Bradstreet, as it was Angela that told Abigael Calva to re-schedule this hearing.
Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet has been sitting on her lazy ass doing nothing about this complaint made against Vicki Tamoush. Read all 6 pages. They itemize, with specificity, the unprofessionalism and discourteous treatment that has plagued virtually everyone that has entered Vicki Tamoush's door. Vicki Tamoush is a fat, fat, cancer who has tarnished DLSE's professionalism and has turned Jorge Gomez into a workplace eunuch. All of this is happening under Regional Manager Abigael Calva, who will work very hard to bury it, sweep it under the rug, and pretend that nobody complained. The trouble is, the State Personnel Board terminated Robert Watson
for the same issues (click the link to read the .pdf file). It's time to Abigael Calva to retire, and it's time to bring Vicki Tamoush to justice. Anything less than that warrants the immediate removal of Abigael Calva and Angela Bradstreet.
Attention Angela Bradstreet: your complaint investigations are unfit & gender-biased (protect the asses of women, but send complaints about males to the DIR's Office of the Director-Legal Unit), your managers are unfit, and you need to return to private practice as you are unfit to serve the public.

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Vicki Tamoush complaint, DLSE cover-up, part 2 of 3 (click pic to enlarge & print)

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Vicki Tamoush complaint, DLSE cover-up, part 3 of 3 (click pic to enlarge & print)

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

A huge step in DLSE/DIRt intimidation is to violate their target's right to privacy: thanks to Greg Rupp, Lupe Almaraz, and Richard Munoz

Back when DIRt attorney Richard Munoz was in the Los Angeles DLSE office intimidating witnesses, they made no bones about who the blogger was. The DLSE issued memos that identified who the blogger was, and that the blogger was involved in litigation with the DLSE.
What they forgot to include in their memo was that the DLSE violated the United States Constitution, and the blogger only had the court to tell the the DLSE to "stop." Honestly, what court is going to say that the DLSE can command an employee to submit private diaries and confidential sources? If anyone looked seriously at the legal issues, it's not really about the blog; it's what they tried to demand. Why did they demand the diaries and confidential sources? Because DIRt wants to harass, intimidate, and retaliate against those who dared to speak freely.
Can you imagine if Regional Manager Susan Nakagama filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Art Lujan, or Assistant Chief Greg Rupp filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Dean Fryer, and then the DLSE commenced to issuing memos, informing & educating state employees of such litigation? Because it was the blogger, someone seemed to think that violating the blogger's privacy was/is perfectly acceptable. Yes, litigation is a matter of public record, and yes, the DLSE, as a state agency, had a duty to protect the state employee's privacy. Litigation does not absolve them from their duty to keep personnel matters confidential; furthermore, their actions forced me to litigate their violations.
This is the California agency charged with protecting employees from employer abuses, so if this is how they treat their own, then how much do you think they care about protecting outsiders?

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Voiced by a jackass, heard by an idiot

So Santa Ana is in the throes of the safety barrier being installed, and construction was halted because of possible asbestos issues. Nice, huh? Spend millions on CMS and keep the slaves working near potentially undisturbed asbestos. During this construction, some offices have been moved. One of these changed offices was soon-to-be Veronica Gutierrez, who switched it with a break room connected to Vicky Tamoush's courtroom. So Vicky, being up Jorge Gomez's ass for most of her career, tells Jorge that the next clerk he should hire (who will be adjoining Vicky's court room) should be more like Tess Morales or Ha Lee, so that the next secretary doesn't get the attention from the "boys" in the office like Veronica and Maribel.
What did I tell you about Vicky Tamoush not liking attractive females? Not only does Jorge entertain such racists & geriatric statements (Vicky advising Jorge to hire old Asian grandmothers as opposed to young Hispanic females), but Jorge entertains Vicky's vomit of bullsh*t. There's a reason why Jorge has only 3 men in his office (versus 11 females): he's a gender-centric, weak manager that cannot manage.
Vicky has a lock on her door because that's what Jorge wants: Bruce doesn't have a lock on the door because that's what Jorge wants. Vicky has her hearing office set up like a court room because that's what Jorge wants. Vicky doesn't get investigated for treating the attorneys of Boeing like dirt because that's what Jorge wants. Jorge has cherrywood furniture while everyone else has prison-made oak because that's what Jorge wants. Jorge sucks up eats with his boss, but that double standard doesn't exist in his office. On any normal day, Jorge eats with his friends...alone. Almost 30 years on the job and he still eats lunch alone. Sad, but abestos-free.

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