Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OD-Legal attorney Richard Munoz: just a 2nd-rate lawyer in a 3rd-rate think tank

I don't know if this guy is just an idiot that assumes the position of prison wife every time he's given a directive, or if he truly believes that his crap smells like roses. In any event, he's either a total imbecile or a retarded bagman.
This is how his after-work conversation went with his wife (or life partner): "Hi honey. I had to go to Santa Ana because of that dumb blogger's attorney fees. Before I went, I filed a brief that argued about a $30.00 subpoena served on DLSE supervisor Lauro Cons. I feel really good about myself, not only as a person but also as a lawyer/officer of the court, for trying to decrease the department's costs by $30, even though it cost the department $200+ for me to draft the paragraph, revise the paragraph, and finalize the paragraph. Yeah, it sucks that the judge ruled against me on that, but I'm used to it. I've gotten so accustomed to having a judge rule against me that I use Preparation H every time I drive to a real court house."
Like I said, he's a 2nd-rate lawyer in a 3rd-rate think tank. This retard used hundreds of taxpayer dollars [remember, we're a general-fund department] in state's wages to argue, unsuccesfully, about a $30 subpoena that they don't want to pay. Think of the bigger retards that authorized this retard to spend state time & resources on this one issue.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

During this governor's budget crisis, the legal team of the DIR rec'd approval to appeal the judge's decision in blogger's constitutional protections

My lawyer just rec'd the appeal paperwork today, which means that the turds at OD-Legal received financial approval to continue this fight. More intentional taxpayer waste, more taxpayer-paid abuse & misuse of state time, resources, and money. Judge Fell allowed everything they (basically) wanted into court record, and the babies are still crying to have their appeal.
I don't want to hear about Governor Schwarzenegger's financial woes when he's appointing constitutional violators like Lupe Almaraz to a do-nothing position at $132,000+ per year, nor do I want to hear about our agency whining about unfilled positions due to budget woes.
These fiscal retards created the budget mess, these political turds decided to violate the US Constitution, and these bureaucratic jackasses couldn't resolve their way out of a paper bag.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Regional Manager Abigael Calva: good for nothing, except wasting taxpayer funds

I don't know who would be proud of her accomplishments. I don't know all of the facts surrounding her work when Lloyd Aubrey was Labor Commissioner, just as I don't know Vanessa Holton's work during Lloyd Aubrey's stint as Labor Commissioner. I don't even know if Abigael Calva and Vanessa Holton ever shared a DLSE training session together, but there's one thing that taxpayers should know: Regional Manager Abigael Calva doesn't require a taxpayer-paid state car & gas to commute from South Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles.
Even if she crawls out from under her Los Angeles rock, she could always use her own car and expense the mileage, or she could use a car from DLSE's fleet. In any event, her own internal ethics should know when to say when. Her abuse of authority, whether she's trying to fire Armida Corral, discriminating against Anne Lee, or using taxpayer-paid resources as her personal commute is shameful. I don't think her sister would have been proud of how she's served the People of California. At the end of the day, she might receive a shiny trinket for her thirty years of service: she can pass that down to her kids...err, I mean...she can donate her shiny trinket to the DLSE museum.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Violate the United States Constitution, and Governor Schwarzenegger promotes you in his administration: now it's Lupe Almaraz

(click pic to enlarge) I don't think that Governor Schwarzenegger would make a very good President; he promotes and appoints people who cannot follow the United States Constitution. Whenever a court says that they violated the US Constitution, they get promoted in a Schwarzenegger government. Schwarzenegger doesn't give two sh*ts about the People of California; otherwise, his little acting brain and his little idiot advisors would do much better than Pete Wilson flunkies.
Recently, Lupe Almaraz, the guy who tried to violate the blogger's constitutional rights, recently moved up the food chain (and I quote), "Guadalupe Almaraz, 55, of Bakersfield, has been appointed chair of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. He has worked for California state government for more than 30 years. Since 2005, Almaraz has served as deputy chief labor commissioner for the division of labor standards enforcement for the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). He previously worked in various capacities for the division of labor standards enforcement for DIR from 1981 to 2005 and 1977 to 1980 including senior deputy labor commissioner, hearing officer and deputy labor commissioner I. Prior to that, Almaraz served as a consultant for the Department of Fair Employment and Housing from 1980 to 1981. This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $132,179. Almaraz is a Democrat."
This constitution-violating turd (just like Vicky Bradshaw's Livadas constitutional violation) just received a political appointment as a promotion for being Vicki Bradshaw's cabana boy, or was maybe he only did Robert Jones' bidding. Well, the turd never fulfilled his promise: he said that I would be fired if I didn't accept his & Jones' bullsh*t settlement back in February, 2007. I'm still here, turds. Kilo-Mike-Alpha Michael-Foxtrot

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hearing Officer Vicki Tamoush refuses counsel into 98a hearing because there wasn't a chair. Rgnl. Mgr. Abigael Calva still does nothing!

While the hearing was taking place, an attorney discussed her concerns (about being refused entry into the hearing) with Jorge Gomez. She's also afraid that Vicki Tamoush will tank the case once Vicki's temporarily yanked from the hearing and given a tongue-lashing by Jorge. So anyways, Jorge pulls Vicki out of the hearing to "talk," and wouldn't you know it...the attorney is quickly ushered into the hearing.
One day after an attorney voiced concerns to supervisor Jorge Gomez about this "chair" incident, her office still looks like a wanna-be court...someone should tell her that she's not a judge! Two chairs for the Plaintiff, two chairs for the Defendant, and tables to make it look like a court-room...how pompous.
It's the classic, "I'm supervisor Jorge Gomez and I let Vicki Tamoush do whatever she wants." Personally, I can comfortably fit 6 people in my office, but hell's gonna freeze over before Jorge Gomez tells Vicki to change her office...and here's the real kick in the sack; he won't do it. Vicki Tamoush treats the public with such contempt; it's unbelieveable that she's allowed to do what she does, but that just Jorge allowing her in having the arrogance to tell an attorney that they are not allowed to participate in their client's hearing becuase of a chair. Nice service to the public.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

DLSE Hearing Officer Vicki Tamoush takes a dump on the taxpayers, and the bosses do nothing...what will it take for them to act?

The DLSE's blatant discrimination:
1) Vicki Tamoush screws that taxpayers with delaying Spanish wage claims & hooking up her gal pal Mindy, and Regional Manager Abigael Calva does nothing.
2) Labor Attorney Stephen Afgani makes a formal complaint against Vicki Tamoush, and Regional Manager Abigael Calva does nothing (except to make sure that all Stephen Afgani cases go to Maria Valdez or Jim Jackson).
3) The big taxpaying corporation Boeing makes a complaint against Vicki Tamoush, and Regional Manager Abigael Calva does nothing except to sweep the complaint under the rug.
4) Tamoush plays games with taxpayer money and translator payments, and Regional Manager Abigael Calva does nothing
When Vicki Tamoush complains that someone asked about the make & model of her car, the DIR's Civil Rights Office is involved within 24 hours!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hearing Officer Vicki Tamoush screwing over the taxpayer and DLSE does NOTHING! Mgr. Abby Calva just sits there...

Friday, December 28th: Santa Ana DLSE secretary calls all Plaintiffs and Defendants to inform them that their December 31st hearings with Vicki Tamoush are cancelled. Why Vicki Tamoush decided to cancel all her caseload on New Year's Eve is bullshit, but since there's no policy on internal cancellations, she can screw over the taxpayers with apparently, complete freedom.
Monday, December 31st: one of the Plaintiffs didn't get the voicemail and flew all the way from North Carolina. You think the DLSE is gonna reimburese him for Vicki Tamoush's actions? You think anything's going to happen to that sow of a public servant? Regional Assclown Abigael Calva, if the past is any indication of the future, will probably try to explain the cover up as business as usual. Abigael Calva will protect Vicki Tamoush to Vicki's last Twinkie, and if there is any suffering or unprofessionalism, it will be felt by the taxpayer. The DLSE doesn't give a rat's ass about the public because they allow Vicki Tamoush to act with impunity.
Abigael Calva has known about the problems with Tamoush for years & Abigael Calva won't do sh*t about them. If you get the chance, ask DLSE Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet and DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva about private attorney Stephen Afgani and where his compaints against Vicki Tamoush went. Maybe Abigael Calva considers Vicki Tamoush to be the daughter she never had...

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another complaint made against Hearing Officer Vicky Tamoush, another whitewash/cover-up in DLSE's future

This time, the complaint's been made by Boeing against Vicki Tamoush. Nothing will be done because: a) snitches are protected by the likes of Regional Manager Abigael Calva, and b) suck-ups are protected by the likes of Abigael Calva. What confuses me is that Vicki Tamoush generates more complaints & heartburn for this agency, in comparison to the dirt she dishes the the desk donkies. When she does her counter duty, she purposely sits her fat ass behind a partition, hiding herself from the public, so the public (at the counter) wait longer until her fat ass leaves her chair and acknowledges them. If Regional Dumbshit Abigael Calva has a problem with my description of "fat ass," then she can commence to using a very long tape measure and a Body Mass index for factual accuracy.
For the DLSE, "taking care" of the public is nothing more than a handjob without the happy ending. Actions speak louder than words, and if they refuse to take action against Vicki Tamoush, then they are not serious about providing good, positive customer service to our public. I can bet that the female Labor Commissioner will not send down Bob Brock and Eric Rood to Santa Ana to interrogate the female Vicki Tamoush...that special treatment is saved for DLSE males.

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