Monday, October 25, 2010

Why the houses of Gomez, Calva & Bradstreet will be subject to liens just like Almaraz when the blogger is returned to work....

1) The SPB is much like a corporate HR department: SPB is to protect the state, ergo the Dept. of Industrial Retaliation, ergo DLSE. The SPB is not there for the state employee, but if they go out of their way to protect DIRt, then the appeal is that much quicker, and the punitive damages greater.
2) These idiots had their chance to settle, they had their chance to put this down with non-disclosure agreements, and now they will experience the very public internet. Forever will public moron servants California Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet, Regional Manager Abigail Calva, and Deputy Labor Commissioner III Jorge Gomez be "googled." Those other idiots, Vanessa 'homewrecker whoreton' Holton, Anthony Mischel & Christopher Frick will just be the 3rd-rate legal paper pushers; it's not like they're gonna go into private practice anytime soon, and after 'googling' their names, what law firm would ever hire them? The other special-needs attorneys, Robert Jones & Richard Muñoz, are already forever googled once their resume pops up. It will be a quick connect between this blog & attorney BAR numbers.
3) The $2 million-dollar lawsuit Rosen filed is still out there, waiting for the SPB to adjudicate this to Superior Court, then Appeals Court, then Supreme Court. Everyday we get closer. Bradstreet was very dumb not to settle this, but she gonna learn the hard way, when I'm forcibly reinstated, just like Olga Garau (who might testify at the blogger's trial...can't wait!). I want my job back and I cannot wait to go back to Jorge Gomez, Abby Calva & Angela Bradstreet!
Why the Blogger will prevail:
A) Case Law
1) Kirchmann v. Lake Elsinore Unified School District
2) Garcetti v. Ceballos
3) Pickering v. Board of Education
4) Desert Palace v. Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins
5) Gordon v. Superior Court
6) Zurcher v. Stanford Daily
7) Connick v. Myers
8) State Board of Chiropractic Examiners v. Superior Court
9) Rojo v. Kliger
10) Miklosky v. Regents
11) Roby v. McKesson Corp.
12) Ruiz v. Campbell
13) O'Grady v. Superior Court
B) Rights under the law:
1) 1st Amendment of the US Constitution
2) 14th Amendment of the US Constitution
3) Article 1, Section 1 of the California Constitution (right of privacy)
4) Article 1, Section 2 of the California Constitution (right of speech)
5) The California Reporter's Shield
6) The Brown Act
7) The California Public Records Act
8) The California Whistleblower Act (Labor Code § 1102.5)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great new revamped website~!!!

like, woohoo~!!!

u even listed ALL the case sites along w/ ALL the amendment, ALL bad evil things have to finally come to a justifiable end, right????

11/06/2010 9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know CL will PREVAIL.
Judges, Senators and City Managers were sent behind bars in recent months, what makes the crooks at DIRt think they will be immune for life from being sent straight to prison for violating so many employment laws and bullying State workers for years and still continue while CL is fighting these criminals?

11/20/2010 9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Various family operated units at DIRt too should be investigated for SIMILAR CRIMES.

Riverside County employees charged with stealing child-care funds
December 3, 2010 | 1:29 pm
Two Riverside County Office of Education employees and five other individuals allegedly involved in a scheme to siphon off more than $500,000 in child-care funds were charged with embezzlement, grand theft and fraud, authorities said Friday.

Riverside County Dist. Atty. Rod Pacheco said the scheme largely was orchestrated by Stephanie Luna Vega, 38, a child-care liaison with the county education agency who allegedly has been illicitly collecting the government funds since 2001.

Between 2001 and 2009, Pacheco said, Vega and the others doctored paperwork to create fake child-care providers and children, diverting state and federal funds to relatives and personal accounts.

Both Vega and school agency employee Esmeralda Garcia Martinez, 37, had the authority to approve and issue checks for the Office of Education child-care program. The program is designed for low-income families and has a lengthy waiting list. Because of the alleged fraud, Pacheco said, some eligible families were unable to receive government assistance to place their children in day care.

The alleged fraud came to light in 2009 when Vega's husband discovered the scheme during the couple's divorce, Pacheco said. He found a bag in their closet with $3,000 and documents containing slight alterations of his name, the district attorney said, and alerted family members, who in turn reported the findings to the Office of Education.

Four of Vega's relatives also were charged with being involved in the alleged scheme: her mother, Sylvia Avila, 61, of San Bernardino; her father, Alberto Lobato Luna, 61, of Riverside; her stepmother, Camilla Wright Luna, 61, of Riverside; and her sister-in-law, Toni Catherine Luna, 39, of Riverside.

Also charged was Brenda Acosta, 31, of Lake Elsinore.

Vega alone illicitly collected $527,940, taking $62,000 to place her son in day care and diverting the remainder to other accounts, officials said.

-- Phil Willon in Riverside

12/03/2010 4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2011 and still no win!?

1/18/2011 10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Special-needs" attorneys? You are an idiot.

1/21/2011 6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey blogger! Did the trial start today? Post an update of the circus when you have a chance. Can we say 'kangaroo court'?

I'm sure the stellar team of DIRt attorneys will do their best to drag this out, wasting more tax payer funds, cuz that's what they do best!

The state is in an economic crisis, but DIRt is diverting their legal resources to your case, rather than going after the countless labor law violators that exist in our state.

2/01/2011 5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can I get contact information for Chris Lotts and Mark Rosen? I would like to talk with them about a class action suit against the DLSE criminals and all the damage they have done against CA businesses wrongfully accused.

2/03/2011 11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this site's way bettaa than Twitter/Facebook:


(1) 415-845-7769 (C)
(2) 415-703-4255 (W)

9/16/2011 12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had a wage claim against my employer in 2001 for 69,000+ for unpaid wages over 3 years, no double time, no 1/2. my employer's lawyer knew the hearing office (also known as the judge).
they did not allow any of the employees to testify against my employers claims that i worked for 20 hours per week, my witnesses where not allowed to testify when my employer lied time after time about actual payroll fraud. i was under the impression that the DIR was a place that you went as an employee when you where owed wages...... my employer also under paid to e.d.d.
after 2 hearing dates, i was able to show my employer payroll did not match and in deed it was on the tape that is used for all hearings....... i was awarded 0.00 dollars ...... i ordered the tapes and they where lost for 2 weeks, when the tapes finally arrived the place where james w jackson says to my employer "your at a disavdantage and your payroll records dont match, i am going to award mr ......." i received nothing........ the tapes had a long beeep covering my winning the case...... corruption. I went back to see mr gomez and he yelled at me and told me to move on with my life, i asked him to give me 70,000 dollars and i would move on with my life.
i settled out of court for 20k thinking i needed to get my money before the state franchise would close down my employers company since they said i would not see a penny when they would finish ..... nothing ever happend because the DIR did not follow procedure and advice EDD and state franchise board of the fraud being done by my employer...... i was alwasy waiting to get a notice with all the moneys my employer stole from me and use to build his million dollar business.... now i have nothing and my employer is enjoying his lifestyle in newport coast.

11/26/2011 8:18 PM  

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