Monday, July 30, 2007

DLSE's 3-card monte with taxpayer-paid state vehicles: who cares because the taxpayer's paying the bill & DLSE doesn't change until a court orders it

The Los Angeles office of the DLSE cannot do their job because they are too busy crying about which car is assigned to them. Asst. Chief Greg Rupp dislikes his new "E" plate car, so he gives that one to gal pal Abigael Calva: Rupp acquires new car with undercover plates. The DLSE never stops bending over the taxpayer and giving them the shank. Those two nitwits rarely slither out of their caves, so to justify giving them cars is very weak. To give them new cars is just them laughing at what they can do to the taxpayer. Asst. Chief Rupp doesn't need a car with undercover license plates; who does he think he is, Frank Cannon? The biggest difference being that Frank Cannon actually did work and closed cases, but I digress.
So we have Regional Manager Abby Calva all pimped out in her brand-new Impala, but the real mystery is where her old car went. Did it go back to the state's Dept. of General Services? Nope. Abby's old gold Stratus went to her gal pal supervisor Diana Chen. What that means is that we now have a state vehicle issued to Wage Claims and going to the Bureau of Field Enforcement. What did Diana Chen do with that car? She gave it to subordinate Andy Kim, because he's been crying about not getting a new car for a long time; besides, she didn't like the color! Diana Chen has this subordinate, Ricardo Mejia, who drove around in a semi-new lavender car. She likes the color of that car, so she just takes it. She then takes the state vehicle issued to Carlos Lopez and gives it to Mr. Mejia. Mr. Lopez no longer needs a car, as he is leaving the DLSE to work for California's Dept. of Health Services.
Asst. Chief Greg Rupp's new state vehicle sits at his house while he recovers from knee problems...funny how management has no problem brow-beating the rank & file employees into submitting their state vehicles for general use should any of these rank & file types be away from their duties for more than a week! Nice double standard there; let's see Angela fix that. Based on the action & inaction I've seen in the first 30 days, I don't think new Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet will do much at her new job. What I don't understand is why she left a big law firm (pro-employer/anti-employee litigation) to take a cut in pay to work at DLSE. If she's going to use this job as a resume builder for political greener pastures, then one might assume that she'll need to do well here.
Currently, she's having Abigael Calva and Lupe Almaraz figure out how to solve her Corrales problem. Angela can start by not thinking that the problem makers are really problem solvers in disguise...they're (still) problem makers. Angela should have them solve the taxpayer-paid state vehicle ethics problem before giving them a California Supreme Court problem like Corrales deadlines to solve.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Rupp & his flunkies caused Corrales yet no one questioned Rupp's action. Does she know that her same staff trying to...

assist her in solving her Corrales problem is the same staff that got her into this quicksand? Based on their previous (& proven!) problem solving success, she might as well assign her task to 3rd graders. This is the same staff that bent over while Asst. Chief Greg Rupp shoved it right up the backside of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution? I'm no lawyer, but I think those involved with wage claims (in Corrales) had a right to Due Process: something that Greg Rupp considers optional and up to him.
When Abigael Calva rec'd Greg Rupp's order (to hold in abeyance those wage claims), do you think she questioned its legitimacy? Hell, no! Greg Rupp's her buddy! He gets her a brand new car to drive!
When Lupe Almaraz rec'd Greg Rupp's order (to hold in abeyance those wages claims), do you think he voiced any concerns over its legality? Hell, no! He was looking to get promoted, so he volunteered to be bent over in hopes of getting the promotion. Besides, a good little Nazi DLSE Manager never questions authority, no matter how stupid or illegal the policy/order/memo that comes from upper management.
Now that you have the California Supreme Court stating that what Greg Rupp & Jose Millan did was wrong, what will happen to current DLSE employee Greg Rupp? Does it really make sense to go after the blogger for merely typing words when the DLSE's not going to discipline Assistant Chief Greg Rupp for having conspired with Jose Millan to violate the US Constitution? Here's a helpful hint: dump Rupp. Not only is he a cop that's held to a higher standard (like not violating the US Constitution), but he's also a huge liability that only gets the DLSE sued. Take a look a Rowene's workers comp./retaliation lawsuit...I think Mr. Modesto was her lawyer/husband. If Commissioner Bradstreet refuses to discipline Rupp, then she indirectly condones his actions, and this will be relevant at her senate confirmation hearing.
My point is this. The managers under Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet are a bunch of idiot sheep that provide no help to those they purportedly serve; they just blindly accept whatever is handed down to them. Jose Millan & Greg Rupp fcuk the DLSE with those actions contained within Corrales (as well as a bunch of other idiot management decisions), and Abigael Calva & the rest of her accomplices accepted it. Well, not on my watch: some DLSE managers have proven to be professional mutes who sit on their lazy asses, stay below the radar, and allow the California Bear to crap in their bank account once a month.
Every order, whether spoken or written, will be questioned, examined, and criticized. If DLSE management only changes course as a result of Supreme Court rulings, then I will be there to do it for them. I D I O T S

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

DLSE Wage Claims Managers, desk jockeys by nature (unlike field enforcement), so why does Abigael Calva get a state vehicle, gas, & state parking?

DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva doesn't need a taxpayer-paid car, she doesn't need the taxpayer to pay for her parking spot, and she doesn't need the taxpayer to pay for her gas to commute from Pasadena to Los Angeles.
I'm sure that things are so tough on her bank account that she desperately needs the taxpayer to pay for her gas to commute from home to work and vice versa. She needs the taxpayer to pay for a state car, and she needs the taxpayer to pay for her gas.
Here's the real kick in the sack...she doesn't go anywhere! Wanna prove it? Do a Public Records Act request and ask for all mileage logs (it's state form 273) under her care & control. The DLSE monkeys (above her paygrade) will spin it by saying that as a Regional Manager, she's responsible for a bunch of offices. That's a bunch of crap: she never goes anywhere unless she's forced to leave her cave in Los Angeles.
The DLSE has 3 other options instead of raping the taxpayer as bad as they are now:
1) have the lazy manager carpool with another
2) have the lazy manager borrow another DLSE employee vehicle
3) have the lazy manager use her own car and expense the mileage
She doesn't need a vehicle, the state forms will demonstrate her lack of use (except for taxpayer-paid commute miles!), and worst of all...I highly doubt that she's in compliance with the Home Storage permit as well as the Personal Use of State Vehicle form (where she's charged $3 per day [reported as income for tax purposes] if the vehicle is used only for commute purposes).
This just goes to her failure as a manager; if she cannot be trusted with taxpayer funds, if she cannot be trusted with completing the mandated forms, then in my world she is deemed worthless, incompetent, stupid, inefficient, and she is providing a disservice to the People of California. Just like Greg Rupp, she's grinding out the clock to retirement. She knows what she's doing isn't right; she's just insecure and wants to feel like an important somebody. She's so insecure that she sits with the DLSE attorneys instead of her own staff...too bad none of it rubbed off. Nonetheless, it's a nice non-verbal message to communicate to those who work under her...or if you ask her, "beneath" her.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Welcome to the toilet called DLSE...same bowl, different poo-poo (click pic to enlarge)

Deputy Chief Labor Commissioner Lupe Almaraz is no stranger to licking boots, brown-nosing, butt-kissing, etc; I assume he's done it for most of his working life. There are those that live their lives standing up, and then there are those that live on their knees.
Lupe's job is not to determine another's defamation nor its parameters, and it's not Lupe's job to violate one's right to speak freely.
It's bad enough that he's shoving CMS down the throats of the taxpayer and DLSE.
It's bad enough that he cannot provide his staff with much needed Standards of Performance and Duty Statement (the two are separate, but don't expect Lupe to figure it out).
It's bad enough that he's not earning his taxpayer-paid wages on improving the DLSE. You know what this joke-of-a-manager does? He likes to play grown-up with his Blackberry, He makes no attempt to provide his staff with direction via Performance Standards, he (pathetically) cheerleads a multi-million dollar software system that doesn't work [CMS], and he spends his day not doing the job that he's paid to do. Oh yeah, sometimes he's gets to play DEFENDANT because two judges have already concluded that what he did was wrong.
You see, he can pull the wool over the eyes of Lauro Cons, Alma Venable, Susan Nakagama, Maria Juarez-Aceves, Abigael Calva, and Vicki Tamoush because they are not that smart to remove the wool and see things for what they are. Judges aren't stupid, and for Lupe (and his lawyers) to treat the current judge as stupid really goes to Lupe's competence, qualifications, and IQ.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The dishonor and discredit of DLSE Asst. Chief Greg Rupp, Part 2 (click photo to enlarge)

It's hard to summarize all of Greg Rupp's acts of dishonor without having a video camera on his every waking, working hour at the DLSE. If the past is the window to the future, then we can count on Greg Rupp to bend over for anyone above his pay grade, the working Californian be damned.
The problem with Greg Rupp is that he wears a badge and he's supposed to conduct himself in a manner that's the direct opposite of contempt.
Even after the California Supreme Court called him out by name (in the Corrales decision), nothing will hapen to him. It seems that guys at this level are untouchable. Jose Millan doesn't get in trouble for this, they just make him Vice Chancellor at kiddie kollege so he can continue making $100,000+ per year. Vicky Bradshaw still collects her paycheck, and all of this happened under her watch. Miles Locker, the only guy to call it correct, gets sacked. Justice? That's for the lobbyists and the political appointees; the working Californian just suffers.
Prison-raping the California taxpayer, one DLSE policy at a time.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Doe DLSE Asst. Chief abuse his badge? Yes. Does he abuse his authority? Yes yes. Will DLSE do anything about it? Probably not (click photo to enlarge)

Greg Rupp, a sworn California peace officer (and DLSE Assistant Chief), has brought discredit upon the DLSE and has disgraced the badge that he wears.
Greg Rupp obstructed the investigation against the blogger, parts to an investigation were intentionally deleted, and he initiated the entire 'meal & rest period' avalanche of lawsuits when previously assigned as Acting Deputy Chief Labor Commissioner.
In an earlier investigation, Billabong (the surfwear company) corroborated statements made that Ramin Pirsaheli (labor law violator and sweatshop owner of I & J Sportswear, now no longer operating & breaking the law) was lying. This didn't fit into Greg's world of retaliation, so this information 'disappeared,' and Greg Rupp re-assigned the investigation to Lauro Cons, who then obstructed justice and conducted a negligent investigation on Greg's behalf.
When Rupp's not busy tarnishing his badge, he's either retaliating against Deputy Labor Commissioner Armida Corral (with his punitive transfer of her from Los Angeles to Long Beach), or he's retaliating against Deputy Labor Commissioner Bruce Broadwater. Rupp tried to have Broadwater fired years ago (and failed), so he's made sure he's never been promoted since. An honorable cop does not do this; these are the actions of a dishonorable cop.
Assistant Chief Greg Rupp does not deserve a badge; he deserves an FBI investigation into a corrupt state law enforcement officer who has done nothing less than bring shame to the DLSE.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why is the taxpayer paying for Regional Manager Abigael Calva's transportation?

She works in Los Angeles, she lives in South Pasdena. She has a state-issued car that she uses to go to & from Pasadena to Los Angeles. Unless there's something seriously wrong that would cause her to extricate herself from her chair in Los Angeles, she mainly just sits in her office and spends her day not making decisions. Why do the taxpayers need to pay for her car and for her gas? Why does Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz permit this fraud, waste, and abuse?
Anyone above the rank of Hearing Officer (DLC 2) care about the taxpayer & how much money the DLSE wastes?
Similar abuse of the taxpayers' money is not strange to DLSE. Someone was a friend to Regional Manager Susan Nakagama. Regional Manager Susan Nakagama gave her friend a taxpayer-paid vehicle so her friend could also commute. Of course, if anyone looked, it had to (at least) appear legitimate, so Susan gave her friend a BoFE (Bureau of Field Enforcement) investigation to conduct; otherwise, it would appear as a fraud committed upon the taxpayer. Susan knows how to work the system to her benefit, not the taxpayer's.
DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva's fraud upon the taxpayer is not any different: a Regional Manager is just a fancy title for someone who sits on their ass and does nothing. The state building where she works reserves a parking space for Abigael Calva. They pay for her commute from South Pasadena. Meanwhile, the people who actually do DLSE work don't have parking paid for by the taxpayer and don't have their commute paid for by the taxpayer. Somehow, they get the job done without bending over the taxpayer.
Don't ask Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz to lift a finger; it seems that he enjoys hookin' up management with free perks like free parking, a car, and gas...courtesy of the taxpayer of course. Just another taxpayer fraud, waste & abuse day at DLSE: move along, there's nothing to see here.

Friday, July 20, 2007

$80,000/yr. DLC 2 & $65,000.00/yr. DLC 1 workers cannot focus on job because they're mandated to issue kiddie work permits to future Paris Hiltons

The entire management food chain: Lupe Almaraz (DLC VI), Nance Steffen (DLC V), Abigael Calva, (DLC IV) Greg Rupp (DLC V), and Susan Nakagama (DLC IV) do such a public disservice that they have NEVER come up with a plan to effectively deal with work permits and concurrently maximize the work of the DLC I and DLC II staff. Most of this blame should go to Greg Rupp, because he is most politically connected to OD-Legal and Victoria Bradshaw, so he currently carries the most amount of juice. Susan had it for awhile when Art Lujan was Labor Commish, and Abby had it for awhile when Lloyd Aubrey was Labor Commissioner. That torch has now passed to Greg.
Out of these five desk monkeys, it is Greg Rupp who has caused the most DLSE self-destruction. He is a bureaucratic cancer that only makes the problem worse. Newly-installed Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet should ask him what recent Asst. Chief ideas he's implemented to better serve the taxpayers. You know what he'll say? He tried to attack and intimidate the blogger, he issued a Daily Activity Report memo, he stuck Susan Nakagama in that do-nothing corner called Public Works, and he sits in front of his computer and reads email when he's not napping. Yeah, that's quite the stellar resume for an Assistant Chief! It is now his time to be stuck in the same corner that they stuck Susan Nakagama. Put him out to pasture, let him collect his paycheck, but get this guy away from public service...have Rupp supervise the work permit unit in Van Nuys and nothing else. His past is a mirror to his future; stop him from further infecting efficient service to the public.
By the way, please explain to Susan Nakagama the artistic creativity of computer software like Adobe Photoshop. She's not that smart, and it would be a shame if she used a state computer to complain to Greg Rupp about kittens being eaten like corn on the cob...and she's a DLSE Regional Manager! I have a dream that one day DLSE management will (each) have triple-digit IQs.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

DLSE allowed Lupe Almaraz to be named as a Defendant, failed to settle, and left him to twist in the wind...

DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz was a team player for his masters: he led the cheerleading for that horrible, taxpayer-paid multi-million dollar disaster called CMS, pleased his masters by violating the civil rights of a fellow state employee, and has done everything possible to ensure that his masters would pass him on his Deputy Chief probation. He (even) gave intimidating speeches to those employees who might pose a threat to him (at trial) and tampered chatted with potential court witnesses. At no time did he tell his masters "No, I won't do that." In his arrogance, he "outed" the blogger and publicly named the blogger in hopes of instigating a hostile work environment.
He did everything he could to obtain the identities of those confidential sources...and why? Because as soon as he was done with me, he was going to go after those who dared to move their lips. Deputy Chief Almaraz never bothered to review First Amendment case law because arrogant bureaucrats never feel the need to obey's their authority that should be obeyed.
I'm prepared to lose, I'm prepared for them to lose, I'm prepared for them to wrongfully terminate me, but I'm not prepared for them to start behaving professionally and within the confines of the law. That would be unpredictability shocking!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Labor Commissioner Bradstreet to meet & greet with supervisors & staff in Los Angeles today

Angela Bradstreet, DLSE's newest Labor Commissioner, is in Los Angeles today. Earlier, she sent an email expressing her concern over the judge's lashing out at DLSE's practices in Corrales v. Bradstreet.
She wants DLSE to stay within the time guidelines for wages claims: from docketing to conference to hearing to decision. There's only three possible ways that will happen: 1) authorize overtime and get these cases heard, 2) hire the staff to stabilize caseload, and 3) re-prioritize our division. Let's assume that overtime and staffing will be a no-go. That leaves her re-prioritizing this division. Where does she start with transforming a division from micromanaging and dysfunctional to a lean & mean public efficiency unit?
First, she needs to give (statewide) DLC Is equal caseload as well as (statewide) DLC IIs. After all, same classifications make the same pay, but a DLC I in Santa Barbara has a substantially unequal caseload than a DLC I in Los Angeles. The same goes for a DLC II in Redding with having an unequal caseload than a DLC II in Santa Ana. There are no Standards of Performance for DLC Is and DLC IIs in this agency. The current DLSE managers have consistently ignored this problem and none of them have stepped up to fix it. If this cannot be fixed, unequal and unfair distribution of wage claim caseloads only makes the problem worse, and Commissioner Bradstreet will be unable to stop this hemorrhaging. A band-aid is not enough.
The next problem is the cancer called CMS, and I'm only discussing the cancer titled "entertainment work permits." Currently, there is no court mandate that the DLSE issue work permits within 2-3 days. If Commissioner Bradstreet wants to succeed in complying with Corrales deadlines, then something's gotta give, and work permits should be the first to be delayed. Wasting fifteen minutes on a work permit that normally takes 2 minutes is a huge issue when multiplied by 10-25 permits. You want more cases heard? Then eliminate the junk that does nothing to fulfill our core mission.
Compliance with Corrales will only be achieved when extraneous duties are eliminated, and work permits are a good start. After that, then we can find a way to get rid of counter duty and phone duty. I didn't sign up for this job to answer phones for six hours a week, and I didn't sign up for this job to spend 3 hours with entertainment work permits. If you cannot find the money for overtime or staffing, then internal priorities must change. There's only 40 hours in a workweek; I get paid the same if I issue permits, hold hearings, or answer the phone. Do you want me helping you comply with Corrales, or do you want Little Johnny in his Taco Bell commerical? If you want to succeed, then you must motivate the rank and file to help you because the current management (in play) is lazy, apathetic, and unintelligent. In short, they caused the problem you gotta fix, so what does that tell you about their IQ?
This division is currently zero and four: DLSE lost Livadas, DLSE lost Cuadra, DLSE lost Murphy (indirectly), and DLSE lost Corrales. Once Miles Locker returns from his wrongful termination, the DLSE will be zero and five. Once the blogger wins his lawsuit against DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz, the DLSE will be zero and six. There's one pattern here: DLSE management is filled with losers. Don't let them infect you with their loser virus; it will not bode well for your senate confirmation hearing. What you do (or do not do) in the next sixty days is critical to your success. Good luck.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CMS is a disaster: a taxpayer-paid, multi-million dollar disaster---courtesy of the highest ranks of DLSE management

Words cannot describe how bad CMS is, and I'm confining that to the part that barely works: the minor Entertainment Work Permit. I'd really like to see these morons explain to the Bureau of State Audits and the California Assembly & Senate how they (the DLSE management morons) thought this was a great tool for everyone but the morons (the DLSE management morons don't use it, so it 'works' for them).
What the heck is an "AC" number and why does CMS require that, in addition to the license number?
Why must we input the letter "C" for Hansen's Customer with every data entry? Can't the program be tweaked to do this automatically?
Why is there so much repetitive data being entered?
Why are there so many screens to navigate?

CMS memo asking the troops for ideas...just don't request that they throw CMS away & burn it or they'll burn you

This is what kills me, and more importantly, what should be killing the taxpayer: CMS, the taxpayer-paid multi-million dollar abortion, and those who implemented it are (finally?) asking the rank-n-file for ideas.
After their one meeting with staff in Van Nuys, the biggest change they made was to expand the "parent" box by 50 characters. They actually needed to hold meetings and ask others before making such a decision and then executing the decision.
Any moron could have expanded the "parent" box, but the morons in charge of CMS couldn't actually do it until they held meetings. These CMS people are professionally constipated/disabled: decisions are not executed until everyone agrees it's a great idea.
The quintessential bureaucrat: do nothing unless absolutely necessary, and then make sure everyone agrees. Can we please fire & retire those morons that cannot generate and execute ideas?
These morons operate at the highest levels in DLSE, which is why this agency is so screwed. We can't fix our own problems, so how in the heck can we fix the problems of the working Californian?

CMS taxi, after the taxpayers paid millions of dollars for their futuristic vehicle

CMS-designed bicycle for DLSE staff to serve the public

Monday, July 16, 2007

This is how it's played at the Division of Labor Double Standards Enforcement...

In almost every sexual harassment claim, it is the person in power/manager doing the harassment, not the secretary or mail clerk.
In almost every discrimination claim, it is the person in power/manager discriminating against the subordinate: not the other way around.
In court, the DIR retards OD-Legal team would like everyone to believe that this idiot blogger is somehow capable of striking a blow against the desk donkeys of Lupe Almaraz, Greg Rupp, and Robert Jones.
Let's review of how these powerful public servants have harassed those below them while collecting their taxpayer-paid paycheck:
1. The CMS date-rape upon DLSE staff and the taxpayer ($-millions).
2. The unrelated-DLSE mission/legal battle with the blogger ($-hundreds of thousands).
3. The meal & rest period misinterpretation ($-hundreds of millions).
4. The recent illegal precedent decision ($-millions or hundreds of thousands?).
5. Promoting favorites with their discriminatory Deputy Labor Comissioner III and Deputy Labor Commissioner IV promotional exams ($-hundreds of thousands).
6. DLSE Assistant Greg Rupp's involvement with Rowene's workers comp/retaliation claim against the DLSE and its subsequent secret settlement ($-hundreds of thousands?)
7. Robert Jones's proverbial hand-job (without the happy ending) upon the Santa Ana DLSE office by promising to deliver a safety barrier and breaking his promise.
On the other hand, these morons could spin it a different way: they saved the taxpayers money by not investigating Hearing Officer/translator kickbacks, by not investigating (the many) allegations brought to Greg Rupp's attention, by not investigating improper examination procedures, by not investigating racist hiring practices, and by not installing protective safety barriers.
The bottom line at DLSE is that those in power make the decisions, those in power do the retaliating & harassing, and those in power decide where & how to spend the taxpayer's money, and those in power at DLSE do the screwing. Once the new labor commissioner starts acquiring the facts of this dysfunctional division, she'll have 2 options: changes its ways or do nothing.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I wonder if Greg Rupp, Anthony Mischel, Richard Munoz, and Lupe Almaraz share the same brain?

Between the four of them, I'm surprised that either of them can tie their shoes...maybe that's why they wear loafers. In their loser minds, a losing plan is better than no plan.
From the beginning, all of their decisions are fatally flawed because they're using the same loser brain. A losing brain produces loser ideas, loser decisions, and ultimately, loser results.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

DLSE loses another one: it's not the fault of the new Commish, Angela can blame Jose Millan, Greg Rupp, and Donna Dell. click to view

It's 55 pages, and essentially says this: DLSE Precedential Decisions are illegal.
If it wasn't for its illegality, it would have been quite creative. Now I'm no lawyer, but from what I've been told...these Governor Schwarzenegger political appointees cherry-picked the specific wage claim, the location, the hearing, and the hearing officer, then they made it a precedential decision. But let's back up for a moment. Before they acquired the precedential decision, a certain, special political appointee I won't mention Jose Millan's name put current wage claims (involving meal & rest periods) in abeyance...meaning that it was not allowed to move forward. Those claims only began to move forward (meaning that the abeyance was lifted) after the precedential decision (meal & rest period statute is 1-year) came out! All of this heavy-handedness to move meal & rest periods to penalities (1-year statute) instead of a wage (3-year statute).
This kind of political & legal thievery was in the hundreds of millions of dollars, but the major players never made it in front of a judge. Once Donna Dell made the meal & rest periods a Precedential Decision, they threw away the abeyance, pushed all those wage claims through, and only gave them the 1-year statute. Eventually, the Murphy decision settled it once and for all: meal & rest periods are a wage and can go back 3 years. needless to say, the business that violate this law are upset. Labor law violators would rather take two-thirds off the sticker price.
This loss, just another in a series of losses, only goes to show that our leaders only dance to one pied-piper and not the people. Special interests, politics, and lobbyists...the pimps of the DLSE whores appointees. Maybe they would have won a legal appeal if they didn't have OD-Legal retards attorneys Steve McGinty and Richard Munoz (and who really knows how many behind-the-scene resources/lawyers have been squandered) spending the state's time, money, resources, and equipment on trying to get rid of the blogger. Here's another clue, morons: try to win a DLSE mission-related case (especially if the political appointees want you to win) instead of playing hide the salami with the blogger.
Just another day in the Division of Labor DOUBLE Standards Enforcement

Friday, July 13, 2007

Did I forget to mention DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp as a member of Team Sphincter Team Anti-Blogger?

Greg Rupp is a failure. He's gone as high as he can go up the proverbial butt of the DLSE career ladder, and his best mediocre days are behind him. He's running out the clock to his retirement and his apathy only seems to be a liability to the DLSE. Only they know how much his actions have truly cost the DLSE. Nobody knows how much it cost the DLSE to settle Rowene's lawsuit. Nobody knows how many lawsuits Greg Rupp's been involved in, but it is something I would love to ask him under oath.
Whether he sold Lupe Almaraz on this blogger witch-hunt is between Lupe and Greg, as they don't talk unless under's that for standing behind their actions?
Greg's a bully to those beneath him and a coward to those above him. I'd love to see this career Assistant Chief become as tough with his bosses as he (thinks he) is with his subordinates, but then again, that ain't ever gonna happen. The one true job he had: he failed. That idiot blogger is still breathing DLSE air.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

DIR's entire game is to outspend the blogger and why this mission screws over the California taxpayer

DIR's actions demonstrate that they are willing to outspend the blogger. Instead of furthering their mission by making California better & helping the workers of California, the DIR is wasting a whole sh*tload of state time, resources, money, and personnel on something that has nothing to do with carrying out the duties of the Dept. of Industrial Retaliation.
The DIR has no less than five OD-Legal attorneys trying to destroy the blogger: Vanessa Holton, Steve McGinty, Anthony Mischel, and Richard Munoz. These five sphincter muscles are wasting time with the blogger when they could be assisting the working Californian. How does this waste of taxpayer funds help the taxpayer? Who is authorizing all of this waste by having these attorneys conduct such an attack upon this blogger?
In June of 2006, the blogger's legal bills were less than $5,000 and all they had to do was leave the blogger alone. Currently, their bullying and intimidation has hurt the taxpayer more than twenty times that amount and OD-Legal shows no signs of slowing down.
Do you know who is the Number One sphincter muscle in DIR? Acting Director John Rea, a cowardly man who's afraid to go before the California senate to be confirmed as a real Director, so his masters assign him the title of Acting Director so everyone involved can give the senate confirmation process the big middle finger.
John Rea's master is LWDA Deputy Secretary Robert Jones, and Robert Jones' master is LWDA Secretary Victoria Bradshaw, and her master is the California governor. As far as the governor calling himself the "governor of the people"...the last time I checked, the governor of the people would make sure that his agencies are held accountable to the people. What would the people think is they knew that five OD-Legal attorneys are wasting time with some blogger instead of making things better for the people?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In the game of DLSE musical chairs, Greg Rupp, Robert Jones, and Anthony Mischel got their chairs, but Lupe Almaraz didn't get his chair

Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz took a big ol' crap in his mess kit towards the end of the blogger's trial. What I'm talking about is how he stepped in it at the trial's finale, and he didn't (even) see it coming. But then again, he had DIR attorneys Steve McGinty, Richard Munoz, and some potted plant (sitting in the bleachers) as his legal team...yikes!
I tried to settle with them, and I made it real simple to the settlement judge: pay the legal fees, leave me alone, and I drop the lawsuit. Real friggin' simple: the judge thought it was reasonable. But you know what they wanted? My resignation. That wasn't on the table, but they kept bullying me into putting it on the table. At every stage of the settlement, they demanded my resignation, and all I wanted was for them to leave me alone and let me do the job I'm paid to do.
These jerkoffs couldn't do it; they couldn't leave me alone. I didn't want to file this lawsuit, but they forced me to do it. If you think I wanted to spend this money for a lawyer, go through depositions & a trial, then you must be nuts (to put it another way ... would you want to do this?). They were going to interrogate me without my lawyer, they demanded to know my confidential sources, and they left me with no choice. You know why they wanted my sources? Because they were going to go after them. They were gonna make time to retaliate against those who talked to the blogger, but they have absolutely no time to un-f*ck that taxpayer-paid, multi-million dollar abortion called CMS.
What I can't believe is that they are rewarding Deputy Chief Commissioner Lupe Almaraz's loyalty by taking the chance on losing, and then Lupe's forever named as the loser Defendant. This is how they take care of their own: they set this guy up to take the fall. This bureaucrat did everything right, he kissed the right amount of ass, he professed love for that taxpayer-paid, multi-million dollar abortion called CMS, and he (even) violated the constitutional rights of a fellow state employee, and they reward him by forcing this to trial with the chance of losing.
DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp, the one who lost the promotion of Deputy Chief to Lupe Almaraz, must be laughing his ass off that Lupe got named as a Defendant. I just didn't think that Lupe would go out like some punk without repaying the favor to Greg. If Greg set up Lupe, and Lupe's too cowardly to deal with that, then the least Lupe should do is send a thank-you note to Greg.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Incompetent & inefficient DLSE managers can have a direct influence on a company's bottom line, but at Labor Standards - they get promoted

If you can believe it, DLSE Regional Manager Susan Nakagama expressed concern/fear for the safety of Baby #1 (wearing tie) but mentioned nothing to DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp about the safety of Baby #2 (smoking and drinking booze)? Could her lack of concern for the safety of Baby #2 be construed as racist? This is the kind of time-wasting crap that Susan Nakagama emails to Greg Rupp.
Before I posted the picture, I was assured that the cigarette was made out of Adobe Photoshop softeware candy and the beer can was filled with fruit punch. I make mention of Susan Nakagama's infantile concern because this is who they promote in state service. This is who they deem qualified to serve the people of California, and this is who they place in a position of responsible charge. This is who makes decisions that affect the people of California. What's even more stoopid was that DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp entertained her emails instead of telling her to do her job and to stop reading the blog on company time and wasting the taxpayer's money; it's easier for Greg to persecute the blogger instead.
You see, when bigger morons are above the rank of Susan's title (like DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp), more things get screwed up, then the public suffers more. When these idiots rise to the rank of Acting Labor Commissioner, then the public really gets bent over & screwed...just ask Robert Jones how many millions of dollars would have been saved if meal & rest period complaints went back 1-year instead of 3-years.
Now think about who's in charge of promoting staff, who's in charge of service exams, who's in charge of installing safety glass for personnel, who's in charge of drafting policies & standards operating procedures, and most important of all...who's in charge of the taxpayer-paid & multi-million dollar abortion called CMS.
Public service, paid for by the taxpayer. Their idiocy reminds me of a herpes virus: it's forever there, and at times it really flares up and hurts.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Give the gift of t-shirts to the following Dept. of Industrial Retaliation despots: Robert Jones, John Rea, Vanessa Holton, Greg Rupp, Anthony Mischel

When does someone (working as a state employee) go from human being to lazy slob? What actions must be bungled to go from lazy slob to moron? When does the state employee advance from moron to ass-clown? When is it appropriate to correctly label a state employee from an ass-clown to an assh*le? Is it possible that there are employees in state service that are assh*les? Are an assh*le and a state employee mutually exclusive?
Logics class for DIR Staff lawyer Richard Munoz: it cannot be both Monday and's got to be one or the other, so they're mutually exclusive.
They have failed to comprehend that the United States Bill of Rights was to protect citizens from government intrusion.
Lupe Almaraz is just the blunt instrument that flew the flag for CMS, got promoted, and was ordered to take down the blogger at all costs. This guy couldn't investigate his way out of a paper bag; it's almost like Lauro Cons gave him his investigative training. His specialty is sucking up to those that got him the promotion, not investigations, and certainly not servicing the public. Being some dopey, low-level manager out of Bakersfield hardly qualifies him to be a crack investigator.
I assume that some idiot DIR flunkie (either Anthony Mischel, John Rea, and/or Robert Jones) typed out the questions for him to ask...a monkey can train a parrot to do what Lupe did, and the parrot's cheaper for the taxpayers...but then again, a parrot cannot kiss ass and cheerlead the multi-million dollar CMS abortion.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

DIR-DLSE-CMS mission statement converted into picture format, thus saving Acting Director John Rea's OD Legal unit from reading it & getting headaches

CMS is the biggest sh*t sandwich that the Dept. of Industrial Relations is forcing the taxpayer to swallow.
OD Legal douchebags attorneys were ordered to f*ck with the idiot blogger instead of really taking care of the taxpayer (by sticking a bore brush up CMS and all involved), because that's what Vanessa Holton and John Rea do...they do whatever the f*ck they want to do. For the most part, this Dept. is one big bunch of butt-kissers without any thought given to the average taxpayer. CMS is a multi-million dollar disater, and OD-Legal's dancing with the blogger. Does anyone else see the fraud, waste, and abuse here? Does anyone else see the blatant misprioritization?
Here's a hint morons: take care of the taxpayers first, and then f*ck with the blogger.