Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Civil Rights lawsuit filed against Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet, Regional Manager Abigael Calva and Supervisor Jorge Gomez for

First Cause of Action
Damages and Injunctive Relief under 42 U.S.C. ยง1983
Second Cause of Action
Violation of Rights Under State Law
Third Cause of Action
Violation of Fair Employment and Housing Act
Fourth Cause of Action
It's a real shame that the Labor Commissioner took a course of action that resulted in the filing of this lawsuit. It's a real shame that Abigael Calva and Jorge Gomez will spend their remaining years (before retiring) in depositions and their futile attempt to explain and justify what they did to me.
Here's a little hint for the morons....wait until we take a look at how they vigorously protected Vicky Tamoush versus how they secretly turned over every paper clip to justify their job actions against me. Those statistics that are being generated for Jackson's upcoming personnel action...we'll see those same gender-bending stats again in due time (75% of all hires & promotions in the last two years at DLSE were women, 25% men...3 to 1...not really EEO/DEFH compliance, huh?).
We have all the time in the world to get those stats lined up for the judge. Since the violations have already occurred, it will be incredibly hard for them to whitewash those stats, stats that will corroborate what I've been whistleblowing about all along.