Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blogger rec'd this from anonymous source...quoted below

"It has come to my attention that since a Hearing Officer in the Santa Ana office haas filed a grievance based on gender discrimination as well as filing a complaint with EEOC, he has ben harassed and retaliated against. The Department has now made a 35-year employee with a spotless record appear to be the worst employee ever hired. The retaliation is relentless in that he has now been issued warnings concerning attendance, lateness, and long lunch hours. Furthermore, every time he refuses to settle the matter with the Department he is further disciplined. The first time he refused to settle, he was issued an attendance warning, the second time he refused settlement he was given another disciplinary day off without pay. What is the union doing in trying to resolve these discriminatory and retaliatory acts. The answer is that they are trying to coerce the employee in accepting a settlement offer that favors the department rather than putting an end to these discriminatory acts. It is public knowledge that "CASE" has never won a grievance against this department and they will do anything to settle rather than going to a hearing or God help us, court."
Blogger's comment: let me address two issues,
1) the employee's union, CASE, has so much money and so little talent-it is embarrassing. For example, let's say that there are 400 DLC Is and DLC IIs paying $45/month in dues. CASE takes in $18,000 a month-just from the DLSE employees! $18,000 a month! Who the heck knows that they do with that money because CASE receives a lot of money from DLSE just to lose their grievances! CASE representative Monica Miner is a better breast-feeder than legal representative. She should go back to being a full-time mother because this way, only one human being is effed up under her watch instead of the DLSE employees that must suffer under her representation.
2) DLSE's history has been to intimidate with their lawyers and investigations until they get the desired result. All one needs to do is to take them to court, a real court, not their in-house Civil Rights Office (CRO) and certainly not the State Personnel Board (SPB). The CRO is there to protect the DLSE, to whitewash any management improprieties and the hammer any employee deemed undesirable. The SPB is here to protect the Governor's interest, which means that the DLSE must be protected. Since it was management that initiated these adverse actions against the employee, the SPB must now find a way to legally justify DLSE's incompetence, lack of policies & procedures, double standards, retaliation, and discrimination.
DLSE ambulance chaser Tony Mischel will probably win his SPB case against me, but I'm not going to stop will go to a Writ of Mandate in Superior Court, and if the SPB judge intentionally shows bias towards the DLSE, then the state bar can handle that complaint. I'll pit my attorney against Tony Mischel on any day of the week, even my attorney's worst day and Tony Mischel's best day. Tony's nothing unless he has home court advantage. Put Tony in a real courtroom and he's just another fat old man with a law degree, no talent and certainly nothing special-that's why he's a lowly hatchet-man for a 3rd-rate agency like the DLSE.
In a few years, his fat-encrusted heart will either seize up, he'll have a stroke from all that smoking, or maybe he's already a Type II Diabetic because of all those chocolates. In any event, his body fat content, the girth of his waist, his smoke-filled lungs only play to my favor. Tony Mischel is a lazy glutton, whether it's a cigarette, a sausage, or a caramel. He has no internal discipline, and that makes him the best kind of adversary: a lazy moron whose daily hell is getting out of bed and trying to fit into his own elastic pants. The sooner my attorney wins, the sooner I can laugh harder and louder.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Received from anonymous below...the DLSE should be eliminated by the Governor to save billions in the California budget

"Sex discrimination still runs rampant throughout the Division. A pattern has developed over the past (5) years that the vast majority of promotions are now given to female employees. This pattern of discrimination is well documented if someone wishes to file a sex discrimination claim and subpoena the hiring records for the past (5) years. Also the EEOC stats would indicate that the majority of professionals in the Division are now female. A comparison of these stats with EEOC stats (5) years ago would prove this pattern. Men, it is time to step forward and put a stop to this discriminatory practice. Could the answer possible be that female Labor Commissioners have reigned over the Department for the past (5) years. It is further public knowledge that the present female Labor Commissioner is especially fond of females. Men, you don't stand a chance in this Department if you are looking for a promotion. Just look at the present chain of command!"
Blogger's comment-Vicky Bradshaw, Angela Bradstreet, Susan Kennedy, Denise Padres, Abby Calva, and Susan Nakagama have wrecked havoc with the DLSE. What Gov. Terminator should do is just eliminate the DLSE and give every Wage Claimant a Right-to-Sue letter, exactly what the DFEH does with their claimants. Gov. Terminator could eliminate a wasteful, anti-Republican DLSE, save gazillions of dollars in the California budget, and leave the poor & uneducated to fend for themselves.
Instead of having 30 Deputy Labor Commissioners, you could hire a part-time clerk (with no benefits) to issue Right-To-Sue letters for unpaid wages and penalties, simultaneously passing the buck and inundating the court system with legal battles that the DLSE should not be resolving anyway (Hearing Officers are not lawyers, yet are practicing law without a license).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

DLSE Wage Claim stats for the Santa Ana office as of today

BB: 457 open cases/99 of those to hearing (21.6%)
SP: 523 open cases/44 of those to hearing (8.4%...she's sitting on them!!!)
KV: 451 open cases/222 of those to hearing (49.2%...don't settle-just go straight to hearing)
LM: 458 open cases/103 of those to hearing (22.4%)
KB: 141 open cases/78 to hearing (55.3%...she's new & hand-picked by Jorge Gomez)
So this is the latest-Labor Commish is all pissed off about the backlog of wage claims that Regional Manager Abby "I'm not like my sister" Calva had to spend all day with Jorge to try and solve this puzzle! Labor Commish wants Jorge to go thru every single open wage claim to try and figure out what the slow-down is. I already know the answer but they don't! It's probably all those telephonic settlement phone calls that the Wage Claim peeps aren't making! That's it! If they would just do what Labor Commish (thinks) is the solution, then all of DLSE Santa Ana's problem would go away! WRONG! They have Jorge chasing his tail with case reviews (like that ever worked in the past), DumbBar calls in sick almost every time he's required to hold hearings, no one's working on Mondays, they are still trying to break it off in Jim Jackson's backside (no friend there!), and what else???
Oh yeah, everyone in the office hates Jorge and they go out of their way to slow things down. Some are so motivated to make him look bad...Lenora, Kim, DumbBar (especially), but it will take the Labor Commish, Abby Calva, and Jorge Gomez years to figure out that they've made enemies of the workers in the trenches! Keep up the great work with the stats! Susanita's got the highest caseload, she should be getting an award for her public service!