Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comment posted by someone who knows the state, knows DIRt, and knows that DLSE/DIR violated the law

Let me set a few things straight:

1) The blogger was NOT fired (or even close to being fired) from his federal position. He resigned to take a job with the state, a job that required a background investigation. Obviously, he passed.

2) The person accused of fellatio is not a private figure, rather a high ranking State official. The higher up you are in state service, the more public a person you become, especially when you are associated with the agency that employs you (i.e. through legal decisions, press releases etc.) This person most certainly is considered a public person, in regards to the DIR/DLSE.

3) Conversely, a lower level employee is considered more of a private person, because the general public does not associate you with the employing agency. While employed at DIR, the blogger was not a high ranking employee and certainly not associated with DIR by the general public.
These definitions of public vs. private person are from the state's basic supervision course.

4) This blog was published anonymously, and its existence does not make the blogger a public
person. His identity was not known until the DIR 'outed' him, violating his civil rights. He filed suit against DIR and prevailed.

It is clear that you are trying to slam the blogger, but at least have your facts straight. You obviously have little knowledge about the DIR/DLSE and its management, and how state agencies function.

DIR/DLSE is probably one of the worst run state agencies. The joke (made by a long standing DLSE supervisor) was the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement has no labor standards of its own. Pretty sad commentary by its management that the agency tasked to enforce labor law couldn't follow the law.

That's why this blog was started. This agency actually generates revenue, but upper management's mismanagement ultimately wastes money and at the end of the day, negatively impacts the public that relies on its services.

Monday, December 07, 2009

From anonymous comment:
"ATTN: Blogger: Garau had no less than 4 cases against DOSH/DIRt, and she was rejected by asking her inept secty(s) to pull some files for her. Yes, she's a real bonafide LAWYER who didn't play along with the boys/aka STEVE (albino-ugly) McGINTY/aka (fat-assed) TONY MISCHELLE, and she IS real female in power...unlike the fake-n-phoney disgusting-to-female-race white-trash vEnessa IMA WHOREton who had to blow the entire DIRECTOR's staff, starting with the former/current director(s) to date."
Wow. So there exists in DIRt a female that didn't blow her way to the top, then they tried to get rid of her, then they failed, and then they think that their case against the Blogger will prevail? These morons in public service should spend less time attempting to succeed in their failing self-serving vindictiveness and more time serving the public.
What these morons don't understand is that they need just a few competent staff members to keep their hollow statistics the event that some agency or taxpayer starts filing Public Records Act requests. Vanessa Whore-ton doesn't "get it" because she's dumb and used another method to advance her career....gulp!