Friday, January 15, 2010

All the comments with the adjectives.....(see below post & comments)

I neither care about one's sexual preference nor their religious affiliation...unless they are muslim extremists and/or their personal preferences makes them biased in their ability to properly function in their official state capacity.
That being said, it's a shame that people still sleep/blow their way to the middle...not even to the top. Whether there is a Susan Kennedy/Angela Bradstreet "connection," or a Susan Nakagama/pick-any-Labor-Commissioner "connection," the public still has been screwed by DIRt/DLSE. This pro-Terminator agenda has come to screw over the majority of Californians.
When someone like Victoria Bradshaw selects horrible people like Greg Rupp, Jose Millan, Angela Bradstreet and Robert Jones to run California into the ground, then it is the majority of Californians who are victims of Victoria Bradshaw's political agenda-set forth by Arnold Schwarzenegger, her only boss.
Here's how it typically plays: Big corporations like Brinker pay a lotta money for people like Arnold instead of Grey Davis. Once Arnold's in, he installs puppets like Jose & Victoria to carry out agendas that favor Brinker. Everyday people don't contribute $$$$$ so no one listens to them-this is how it works in a current Democracy.Where do you think the money went for that $10,000,000 abortion called CMS? Private contracters that made a lotta money off the backs of the taxpayers. The last time I checked, Brinker was not a proper representative of the "People of California;" they are a minority, unlike the common taxpayer within California, who are the majority.
Instead, Arnold's puppets represent special interests with $$$ so the majority of Californians are screwed. People who make noise about this within DIRt/DLSE walls are harassed and terminated; that's what I did, and I did it on my own time. Their day of accountability is coming, every day brings me one more day closer to becoming reinstated and I only hope that one day a jury see fit to take Angela Bradstreet's million+ house in Marin County and donate it to the homeless.