Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Women completely protected at DLSE: Lenora Lewis, Angel David, etc. didn't get suspended like that man the Denise Padres suspended for those emails!

DLSE Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet does love her women at DLSE; I mean, she really loves them!!!! Denise Padres suspends a man for two weeks for receiving & forwarding inappropriate emails, then does nothing to the women that sent him those emails! I bet that no investigations were initiated on those women because under woman-lover Angela Bradstreet, women get promoted and men get suspended!
Once these pro-woman/anti-men discovered how many discriminations laws they violated, they had that moron supervisor Jorge Gomez call the man's home (on a Thursday night) to inform him that his suspension is now one week instead of two, and that he's to serve the second week of suspension sometime before March 29th. Who had ever heard of such unprofessional conduct by Jorge Gomez? Why was this man's suspension revised, who reviewed and approved the 2-week suspension, and who decided to revise it (orally, not in writing, and at the 11th hour)? Labor Standards has no labor standards.
To sum it up, these female managers at DLSE (pretty much) violated every rule in the supervisor's handbook regarding retaliation & discrimination, but they don't care because they are untouchable-free from any sort of accountability.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

DLSE employee files grievance against Deputy Chief Denise Padres, then Padres suspends employee for using emails about telework/union activities!

Is there anything Denise Padres will not bend over for? Victor Jurado off-duty? Angela Bradstreet on-duty?
Padres suspended this DLSE employee, who has had an unblemished thirty (30)+ years in state service, for two (2) weeks. Padres put this employee on the beach because telework was requested, DLSE refused it, a subsequent grievance was filed, emails were exchanged, and then WHAM! DLSE employee suspended for union activity using the state's email system.
How come DLSE cannot apply that same type of discipline with the email exchanges of Vanessa Holton and Lloyd Aubrey? Labor Standards has no labor standards: unfair, uneven, unrepentant all the time...welcome to DLSE.

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