Friday, October 24, 2008

BSA slams DIRt in their report (click pic to enlarge)

BSA sa

The Bureau of State Audits recently audited DLSE's Apprenticeship Standards...they found no standards but a whole sh*tload of excuses, what a shock.
BSA did manage to accomplish to hide the taxpayer dollar amount from its report because state agencies take care of each other...just like the State Personnel Board.
The division suspended apprenticeship program audits in 2004 and did not follow up on corrective action related to audits it had started. Until the division resumes its audits and ensures that the apprenticeship committees correct any weaknesses identified, it will have difficulty measuring the success of the programs and the quality of the training apprentices receive. The division has not resolved apprentice complaints in a timely manner, taking over four years in some cases to investigate the facts of complaints.
The division has not adequately monitored the apprentice recruitment and selection process, making it nearly impossible to determine whether committees are adhering to equal opportunity requirements or to identify potential barriers to women and minorities.Division field offices could improve their oversight of committees through improved attendance at committee meetings, establishing a formal process for tracking the resolution of issues or questions, and maintaining an up to date list of programs.
While the division’s staffing levels have not increased in step with legal obligations, the division has failed to document priorities for meeting these obligations for existing staff, which would help maximize the use of existing staff and identify additional staffing needs.The division does not adequately track and disseminate information to the Legislature, thus missing the opportunity to make it aware of programs and gain valuable feedback.
The department is slow to distribute apprenticeship training contribution funds. It has only distributed as grants $1.1 million of the roughly $15.1 million that had been deposited into the training fund as of June 30, 2005. The division does not properly maintain its data on the status of apprentices. This data, if accurate, could be used to oversee programs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Republicans enrich themselves, just like DIRt/DLSE enriching those that do not need their help...CMS, WalMart, Brinker, Kenneth Cole, etc.

Governor's wishes are passed down to those that can implement his directives (but really the big corporations' desire). He wants meal & rest periods evaporated because his financial backers want to keep screwing their employees, then word is passed down to the likes of Jose Millan, Greg Rupp, Donna Dell, Robert Jones, Victoria Bradshaw, John Rea, John Duncan, and Angela Bradstreet. Regulations are circumvented, "emergency" rules are attempted, and policies are changed. State government is about serving the people, not the corporations.
Nowadays, Republicans (and I am registered to vote as a Republican) help those that do not need help. Brinker Restaurants does not need help, WalMart does not need help, Kenneth Cole does not need help, Hansen does not need help, Unisys does not need help, yet each of these corporations received a direct benefit from the DIRt/DLSE in the way of financial contracts, policy changes, regulation re-vamping, and overt refusal to investigate violations of state law. In DIRt/DLSE's world, the rich only help the rich. The poor has no voice and certainly not in the DLSE. If you want the DLSE's help, you had better have money, you should have already contributed to Governor Steroid's campaign, and you better know other rich people.
To hit this point further, yesterday's newsbreak of the Republican National Committee (RNC) paying $150,000.00 for republican VP candidate Sara Palin's clothes will not be covered by the major news agencies because guess who owns the news agencies? That's right, rich people. Sara Palin's gonna work for regular America, because regular America can spend $18,000/week on clothes just like Sara Palin. Our economy is in the toilet, "Maverick" McCain says he hates waste, and his own RNC spends $150,000 on buying more of Palin's skirts, heels, and purses. This just in: VP candidate Joe Biden just got a $100 gift certificate from Men's Wearhouse.

Friday, October 10, 2008

VP candidate Sarah Palin violated ethics in Troopergate probe, but there's good news: today, there WASN'T a 500-pt. drop in the stock market ralley!

Can you believe that a governor would abuse her authority? (click this to all 4,000 google links) Can you believe that the nation's Vice-Presidential candidate has been found guilty of abusing her power while serving as Alaska's governor?
Who would think that such a person would abuse their position and authority? That being said, I'm sure The California Governator never used steroids, never groped women, never appointed morons into positions of trust, and never traded lobbyist influence for weakened regulations solely benefitting corporations.
On the lighter side, there was no 500-point drop in the stock market today! Yay! Let's put her in office so she can put her "hell hath no fury" brain to fix the Main St. and Wall St. Better yet, let's put her in the VP office so she can breach more ethical duties, and with greater intensity.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

We should privatize social security, so we can have the government invest in Bear Sterns, Lehman Bros., Washington Mutual, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,

Wachovia, AIG, and whatever else comes down the pipe. McCain voted to privatize Social Security three times, and you know who endorsed John McCain? Governor Steroid!
You know who appointed Vicky Bradshaw and Angela Bradstreet? Governor Steriod!
Who was in charge during the $10,000,000+ taxpayer-paid CMS abortion? Governor Steriod!
Let's take all that money in Social Security and invest it in companies where our rich, white friends can make billions, let them run the companies into the ground, give them diamond parachutes (golden parachutes are for losers), and add this mistake to the Iraq war bill and the $1 trillion dollar bailout. Hell's bells, they've done such a great job with their fiduciary duties so far, let's give them more money (that's not theirs) to vaporize.
On the California economy, there is good news for DLSE: caseloads will be reduced in the future since no one's employed to file a wage claim! Caseloads will be reduced, but not because of any DLSE executive thinking, it's because there are no employees working in California.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

DLSE eunuch mgr. Jorge Gomez has highest DLC caseload in state: 500+ with a goal of 750 open cases per conference holder!

Jorge Gomez is NUMBER ONE!  His office has the highest caseload per conference holder (IRR, MST, DLC).  As an example of his genius, some guy performed labor in London, England and wanted to file a wage claim, so off it went to a Santa Ana conference deputy.
The deputy, having many years of experience, said there was no claim.  It didn't end there!  Jorge Gomez had to get involved, and then he involved DLSE legal, who then had to waste their time to codify their opinion, since Jorge Gomez hasn't learned anything in his 30+ years of experience and was too afraid to offer any opinion because eunuchs don't offer opinions.  What was legal's opinion?  The same as the conference deputy's opinion, but all that time had to be wasted.
What should have taken five minutes took three (3) different levels of government and hours.  Jorge The Eunuch? he still didn't have an opinion: just sit there and collect your paycheck, Jorge. They pay deputies a lot of money to make decisions, but then don't want them making decisions.  They do the same for managers. but DLSE managers make a lot more money to just sit there, professionally constipated.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

File this one under, "I'm not surprised..."

The Number One Flunkie under Governor Terminator finally got another promotion! Click pic to enlarge and read. She's done Arnold's bidding as well as a great job for lobbyists and employers...basically, anyone with a wad of cash.
The workers of California, the ones who are abused by the employment and labor law violators? They can go kick rocks, as they have no money, ergo they have no voice.
Basically, anyone remotely connected to the $10,000,000+ CMS fiasco gets promoted under The Governator:
B R A V O !