Sunday, December 14, 2003

Charles Bukowski, one who inspried me to write

I picked up my first Charles Bukowski book while staying at a log cabin in Angels Camp in 1990. There are about a handful of those who have inspired me to improve...none of them are from the DLSE. Those are manager techniques that are saved for other state agencies.
Richard Feynman was the one who investigated the space shuttle Challenger crash, and he had this talent for being able to explain complex physics to a layman.
Jeffrey Weigand was the whistleblower that blew the doors off Big Tobacco and exposed the world, among other things, that the chemicals assimilated into cigarettes were more addictive than heroin. This was also the piece on 60 Minutes where they caved to a potential lawsuit and delayed the broadcast of Wiegand's interview. The movie, The Insider, was their portrayal of Wiegand.