Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gov. A-hole thumping chest about state vehicle abuse. How about Gov. A-hole starts with Abigael Calva's car, or do rich females

get to use taxpayer-paid cars because it's a rich girl's world when Angela Badstreet's in charge at DLSE!
This is a 09.18.09 Los Angeles Times article about Gov. A-hole's half-hearted attempted to reign in spending like a drunken sailor. GAS can stop California's circling the drain by firing all of his half-wit advisers @ $150,000+/yr. When the sex-for-promotion state employees are no longer in a position of LWDA/DIR/DLSE control, then we can begin to clean it up.
Vanessa Holton, Abigael Calva, Denise Padres, Susan Nakagama, and Victoria Bradshaw can resign, turn in their taxpayer-paid vehicles, and make room for those that can do the job (with a minimum of taxpayer-paid waste).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogger's case is continued, Jorge Gomez & Abigael Calva personally-named in Whistleblower Retaliation suit-plus-secret leak of DLSE sickout memo

DIRt attorney Tony Mischel, while comfortable on the 6th floor, might not want to get too comfortable. The sooner the case is removed from the umbrella of Governor Gropenator, the sooner I can get a fair shake. Tony Mischel totally downplayed & minimized the whistleblower claims of CMS (fraud, waste, abuse) and the attempt to falsify the SPB's own Language Survey.
Unless DIRt is gonna promise Tony Mischel liposuction and a flabby-skin ectomy, I don't know why he'd do anything more than half-ass his legal work when Governor Grope-My-Breasts is jamming him with furloughs & pay reductions. Let Jorge Gomez & Abby Calva hire their own lawyers...unless they got their orders from hire up the food chain, their actions seemed very personal. Were they acting under orders-thus making DLSE liable, or did they go off the reservation and do their own thing?
Here's the memo that just came out...DLSE's afraid of a sickout on Wednesday, July 15th. Isn't Culbeaux the same clown that's responsible for the $10,000,000+ CMS computer software abortion? With regards to comments...please send the names of DIR employees who have knowledge of CMS' true cost overrun, payoffs, etcetera so we can prove up the financial abuse of those who have a responsible charge to the taxpayers...thanks