Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jorge "Post-it Note" Gomez returns! Who said he wasn't potty-trained at gunpoint?

This clown cannot get out of his own way.  The minute he has just a  little bit of breathing room, he resorts back to his old bad habits...habits that got him into hot water in the first place.  "Anal retentive" is a fitting phrase for Mr. Gomez, as he cannot let anything go.  To give you an example, Mr. Broadwater submitted a wage claim for a hearing and Jorge Gomez rejected it because the word "overtime" was hyphenated.  Jorge had his little Post-it Note for Bruce on the claim, directing Bruce to correct it.  So Bruce corrected it, and then the claim sat on Jorge's desk for almost two months.  Funny, I couldn't find that policy (or the procedure) for Post-it Notes and delayed wage claims.
At the DLSE Santa Ana office, it goes something like this:
Gomez reviewing a wage claim...2 minutes
Gomez  finding a comma out of place...1 minute
Gomez writing his discovered error on a Post-it Note...1 minute
Gomez returning the claim to the deputy...1 minute
Gomez's feeling of satisfaction by being "the boss".....PRICELESS...oh wait,
The claim being delayed because of an immaterial comma....TWO MONTHS
Jorge Gomez is at it again with the Post-it Notes.  Yesterday, one employee got 5 claims returned and another employee got 2 claims returned.  The employee who rec'd the 5 claims rejected is new, so I wonder why Gomez didn't provide the training that was needed to prevent a rejected claim?  How come Gomez isn't so anal retentive with training new employees as he is with rejecting claims?  Now, none of these Post-it Notes show any real problems (if they were, Gomez would have listed it in the 900 Notes), so we're talking about minutia...little issues that only ruffle Gomez's feathers, like commas out of place, hyphens, and colons.
In a normal world, Liquid Paper would fix the problem in 5 seconds.  In Gomez's fiefdom, he needs to feel special, he needs to feel worthy and needed.  In his little brain, he actually feels like he's doing the right thing.  In reality, he's delaying wage claims and taking a big dump on the Corrales decision over minutia.  He's clueless as to how to make things easier in the Santa Ana office.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez cannot get anything right: counter duty assignments, wage claim commissions, transmittals, you name it

I can't imagine anything sadder than Abby Calva helping Jorge Gomez with the 540 transmittals (the last form approved before a wage claim is scheduled for a hearing).  That's  like Vicki Tamoush helping Ivette Dominguez with the DLSE 530.
It does tell me one thing: they don't like this blog, and when the photo of Jorge Gomez's box of waiting transmittals was published, Abby came down to take care of business.
In another famous Jorge Gomez critical thinking endeavor, he's not changing the counter duty assignments until the safety barrier is complete.  I'm not sure that one is linked to the other, but they are in Gomez's brain; he should probably wait until Tamoush comes back so he has 1 extra deputy for the rotation.
Jorge Gomez is also keping commission claims from certain staff, just his way of playing favorites.  I'm sure he'll spin it with lies and half-truths because that's how he rolls: in secrets, never fully forthcoming. He'll play the idiot card before he plays the liar card.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The state doesn't do more with less; the state does less with less...just ask Jorge Gomez

Jorge Gomez does less with less!  When the bosses tell him to go after the blogger, then he has no time to process wage claims; it got so bad that Regional Manager Abigael Calva reviewed and approved thrity-two (32) wage claims for formal 98a hearings!  Georgie Porgie, pudding & pie, blew off the transmittals and made the wage claimants cry!  Will this lack of prioritization with Jorge Gomez reflect in his performance evaluation?  He's an EXEMPT employee, so why isn't he staying late to finish the job?  Why can't he effectively manage his time?  Can't he find the time to secretly pursue the blogger AND process wage claims?
If I hadn't seen the 900 Notes themselves, then I would have never believed that Abigael Calva helped Jorge Gomez process transmittals for hearing!  There are almost 33,000 records in the Santa Ana database...guess how many transmittals have been approved by Abby Calva?  That's right!  I'm sure it's just a coincidence, though!
Maybe she can start holding conferences and hearings...Santa Ana's getting backed up because Jorge is letting his favorite employees avoid the commission claims!

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If Jorge Gomez does secret file reviews of the asian deputies, then does he protect himself by (then) doing case file reviews of the white deputies?

DSLE management is all about "after the fact," meaning that once their brains are activated, they then decide to go into the wrong's the same with CMS, it's the same with their meal & rest period cluster bombs, and it's the same with anything of importance.
With the blogger, DLSE was very insistent upon payback for losing the lawsuit, so they began looking for anything in hopes of putting some stink on the blogger.  In their infinite wisdom, they came up with case closings.  They decided that despite no performance standards and no priorities, they evaluated the blogger as "needs improvement" with regards to case closings.  In response, the blogger closed 140 cases in April and 103 cases in May.
This infuriated management, because this was not the desired response.  How dare the blogger improve performance once management, bullshit or not, communicated it.  Management was now desperate to find anything, so management conducted secret case file reviews of the blogger.  This time, they were finally hoping to finally find something worthy enough to dispatch the blogger.
Unfortunately (again), there was nothing to be found.  Of course the files weren't perfect, but when a state employee is assigned almost 2,000 cases in just over two years by managers with no standards, no policies, no procedures, no regulations, and no priorities, perfection is unattainable.
But now the cat's outta the bag, and the blogger wants to know why secret case file reviews were ordered, so Jorge Gomez responds by secretly reviewing case files of another deputy.  According to that dumbshit Gomez, there is no harassment or discrimination because it was his plan (all along) to conduct secret case file reviews, and it's just a coincidence that in all of Gomez's years that he started this secret case file review in 2008, it's just a coincidence that Gomez started with the blogger, and it's just a coincidence that Gomez used the very same harassment technique to get rid of Mary  Tokar in 2007 (but not secret--he put her on Counter Duty after he reviewed her files).
So let's re-cap: the blogger's survived all of their harassment, all of their discrimination, and all of their retaliation.  That sonofabitch blogger is still breathing DLSE air, and they've played their last card.  So unless that dumb blogger starts walking around the halls naked, they might want to use their time in drafting a policies & procedures manual (PPM), they might want to rank their list of priorities, and they might want to start looking at their own ineptitude before hunting down a deputy that's assigned almost 2,000 cases...and working them.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DLSE Santa Ana supervisor Jorge Gomez reportedly cannot keep his stories straight, just like his monthly stats reporting

So Jorge Gomez doesn't have a clue as to what's going on at DLSE.  Someone asks about a 4/10/40 work schedule, and he tells them that the Labor  Commissioner is going to do away with all alternative work schedules--state wide.
Naturally, his credibility is in the toilet as nothing he says can be believed, so the employee says that they'll believe it when Angela Bradstreet issues the statewide memo via email and removes everyone from the 4/10/40 and 9/8/80 work schedules.  I'm sure this attitude of Gomez's does wonders for morale and it's a direct contradiction to what Governor Schwarzenegger wants, but f*ck the Governator, right?
DLSE does things their way, and they don't need no stinking Governor telling DLSE how to run their ship, eh?  DLSE is fighting the telework grievances like there's no tomorrow.  That's the DLSE: fight & lose, convert millions of taxpayer dollars into CMS fertilizer and not one bureaucrat receives so much as a counseling memo.  I want to pee on the d-l-s-e!

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Santa Ana DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez screws up the monthly statistics, doesn't know or doesn't care enough to fact-check

With Santa Ana DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez, you are guaranteed some sort of bullsh*t excuse as to why things are all screwed up.  His arrogance will not allow him to say, "I screwed up, sorry, won't happen again."
This management jackass cannot submit the same performance statistics on two different forms.  Take a real good look at the numbers; they are not the same.
Now this clown isn't an idiot; he's been doing the job for almost thrity (30) years.  He's secretive and will use incompetence (I didn't know, I'm not sure, I don't remember) instead of intent (I screwed up-I apologize).  Regional Manager Abigael Calva prefers this.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez cancels staff meeting less than 24 hours before it starts: unable to fill hours with hearings & conferences

In a typical move by DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez, he cancels his staff meeting at the last minute, so those who want to hold conferences and hearings are unable to schedule & slot them into these vacant hours.  File this under FRAUD, WASTE, and ABUSE.
Jorge Gomez isn't some brand-new noob with no experience, and this isn't the first time he's canceled a staff meeting at the last minute.  He almost always cancels at the last minute, which shows how well he manages his time, his priorities, and his  service to the public.
As long as Princess Gomez can cancel whenever he wants, he's happy.  He thinks nothing of the public he serves, he thinks nothing of the staff that have reserved such time for him, and he thinks nothing of his operational efficiency to both public and staff.  At other more professional state departments like Dept. of Justice and Dept. of Insurance, staff meetings are canceled because of operational needs, like serving a search warrant or something that takes precedent like an exigent circumstance.
At the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, supervisor Jorge Gomez cancels 'cause he feels  like it!  Labor Standards has no labor standards, and both the public and staff suffer for the inefficiency, unprofessional conduct & discourteous treatment of Mr. Gomez.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Vicki Bradshaw screws over the taxpayers with another Robert Jones appointment...if she moves dogsh*t enough times, it stinks less with each move?

The FECES 10 have done it again. Robert Jones is feeding from the public trough. Can't this loser find a job as a greeter for Wal Mart?
Although it seems that they intentionally kept info out of the press release, like "...Robert Jones is a whore for Vicki Bradshaw, who's pimped by GAS in screwing over the working Californian with meal & rest periods. Robert Jones only works for employers and makes life miserable for those that work under his org. chart. Robert Jones is the quintessential douche who will stop it nothing to keep getting a free paycheck from the taxpayers. Vicki Bradshaw's dumb ass couldn't get him confirmed by the Senate, so now she's gotta stick him in a position where no one can remove him. No one holds Robert Jones accountable because no one holds Vicky Bradshaw accountable. By the way, we are a joke of an agency that consistently rapes the taxpayers with our legal precedents."
I'm not surprised. CMS f*cked taxpayers for $10,000,000+, so who (in authority in public service) really gives a rat's ass if this douchebag continues to collect his taxpayer-paid annual salary for $144,000+?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DLSE manager continues to harass blogger, continues to delay wage claims, and continues to thumb his nose at the Corrales decision...

DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez has nothing but time to harass the blogger, despite the fifty-eight (58) wage claims that need his signature for 98a wage claim hearings. This picture was taken on my own time, using my own equipment, and I physically counted each and every DLSE 540 (otherwise known as the transmittal), the last step before Jorge Gomez approves it for a 98a hearing. Here these wage claims collect dust while Jorge Gomez tries to rub some stink on the blogger.
Instead of processing the very claims that got DLSE into trouble with the Corrales decision, he secretly reviewed twenty (20) wage claim case files assigned to the blogger. You know what Gomez discovered during his secret review? That the blogger was doing the job. A huge waste of time on the part of Jorge Gomez, time he (supposedly) doesn't have. The blogger will continue to document how Jorge Gomez spends his day, and the blogger will continue to broadcast the harassment and the inefficient service to the taxpayer.
Jorge Gomez is a documented failure: he can't process wage claims in a timely manner, he couldn't bring Mary Tokar to an acceptable level of performance, he couldn't bring Vicki Tamoush to an acceptable level of performance, he cannot bring his office to an acceptable level of staffing to efficiently serve the public, and he lets his office favorites cherry-pick the easy wage claims. It seems that the only thing he knows how to do is to secretly review the case files of the only state employee who dared to question & broadcast their wrongdoing.
Denise Padres, Angela Bradstreet, John Duncan, Richard Munoz, Vanessa Holton, and Steve McSquinty: I took the photo, not on state time and not using state equipment. Don't waste my time & the taxpayers money by forcing me to attend another 9-minute internal affairs investigation in Los Angeles. You jackasses have this information, so stop wasting funds that are not yours to waste. Why don't you losers stop harassing me and take a decisive course of action, one way or the other? California Supreme Court Justice Kennard praised Angela Bradstreet for her ability to mediate & resolve disputes; so far, Kennard seems ignorant of this issue occurring on Bradstreet's watch.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What has Victoria Bradshaw done with Robert Jones? The way he dumped on DLSE lawyers, the way he whored himself for Vick Bradshaw, his insensitivity,

Robert Jones' last day should have been June 6, 2008. Victoria Bradshaw's redundant idiot selection (after Jose Millan) failed his senate confirmation, producing another loss for her administration of morons, losers, and idiots (those defined as intentionally producing fraud, waste, and abuse for the California taxpayer).
Do you know what kind of a check the taxpayers will be writing to Miles Locker because of Robert Jones and Victoria Bradshaw? The two of them should be in jail for such an otherwise white-collar crime (unlawful use of taxpayer funds)...or they can pay Miles out of their own wallets and save the taxpayers from the pain both Bradshaw & Jones have caused.
Is Robert Jones still working? If so, then where did the Big Vick Hick put him? Is he really gone, or did the Big Vick Hick shuffle him to continue collecting his paycheck? I'd like to know, so I can start inundating Senator Perata's office with multiple complaints. Robert Jones should not be allowed to collect another taxpayer-paid paycheck. What this administration and what Robert Jones did to Miles Locker is incomprehensible. Unless Big Hick Vick hires Robert Jones to shine the boots of Miles Locker for a year, there's no real use for Robert Jones: he needs to go chase ambulances.
If you have any information on Robert Jones, then please post it.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

DLSE Employee Retention Guru Jorge Gomez does it again, and again, and again, and again

Currently, DLSE Santa Ana supervisor Jorge Gomez has failed to fill the vacancy created by Office Assistant Veronica Gutierrez's departure. Currently, DLSE Santa Ana supervisor Jorge Gomez has failed to fill the vacancy created by Hearing Officer Vicki Tamoush's departure.
The moron cloud hanging over him continues to darken. Recently, Office Assistant Maribel Zaragoza passed the Office Technician (OT) promotion (congrats). What Dumbo doesn't understand is that she's looking to get promoted: that's why she took the test, it's a combination of ambition and talent. She wants to stay here, so she asks him what he's done about turning her position into an Office Technician position (so she can remain). He tells her that he hasn't done anything, and she needs to do what she needs to do to take care of #1. She tells him that she's had offers, and he basically told her to go somewhere else because he hasn't done squat to keep her as an OT.
If she leaves, that means only 3 DLSE staff speaking Spanish at the counter: Jesus, Esperanza, and Jorge Gomez. Maybe it's his destiny: to drive people out of the office until he's the only Wage Claim Spanish-speaking employee. He has the chance to keep Maribel and he's taking a big, fat dump on retaining a good employee who speaks Spanish.
The one Commenter had it right; DLSE is nothing more than a management fertilizer factory. Dumbshit, after dumbshit, after dumbshit. Jorge Gomez won't be happy until both Spanish-speaking clerks are gone and there's still a vacancy for the 3rd Hearing Officer. Who cares, right? It's only the biggest wage claim office in the state, why bother staffing it? The reason why it's the busiest wage claim office is because the TAXPAYERS made it that way, you friggin' morons!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

GOV Schwarzenegger's support of McCain is like having sex with Kobe Bryant: you can yell and scream all you want, but it's gonna happen...

John McCain is the old, fuddy duddy, drumbeating 9/11 scare the public into giving up their rights, combined with the arrogance of telling women what to do with their bodies and telling gays who they cannot marry. Y A W N.
John McCain is as original as George Bush and as outdated as the Black & White television & 8-track tape. McCain will not win, and GAS will look like a horse's ass if he doesn't step up and support Obama.
McCain, much like Vicki Bradshaw, Jose Millan, John Rea, and Robert Jones represents what's wrong with public servants...they don't serve the public, only their self-serving special interests...just like those involved with that taxpayer-paid $10,000,000+ abortion called CMS...who did that serve except special interests and that lazy, fat ass Bradshaw endorsed such taxpayer waste. Where's the OD-Legal investigation into that fraud, waste, and abuse?

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Out of the only 4 men in the DLSE Santa Ana Wage Claim office, 3 served their country in the US Armed Forces, and their public service continues....

Bruce Broadwater served in the US Army.
Jim Jackson served in the US Navy.
Christopher Lotts served in the US Marine Corps.
Jorge Gomez moved his entire family to Stockton, CA to take a  labor standards promotion.
Gomez knows next to nothing of Esprit de Corps, camaraderie, honor, integrity, and courage.  Courage isn't bending over for your bosses in hopes of getting the next promotion.  Maybe that's why Gomez only wants women in his office, maybe he has something against ex-military servicemen.  He was certainly shaken when his daughter joined the US Air Force.
Positive and successful office relationships improve service to the public.  During the failed Senate confirmation beat-down of Robert Jones, it was highlighted that Jones destroyed office morale.  The Senate Rules Committee made note of it, so for Regional dipshit Abigael Calva to allow Jorge Gomez to act in a manner that does a disservice to the public being served in Santa Ana is contrary to what Senate Assembly Members desire from state employees.
Calva, for years, allowed and still allows Jorge Gomez to fcuk the Santa Ana office with Mary Tokar's and Vicki Tamoush's continued employment without proper supervision. Tokar retired and Tamoush transferred before Gomez took corrective action, so what does that say about Calva and Gomez?
Gomez is unfit to be a supervisor, as he doesn't supervise, he just bends over, and not for the taxpayer, just for his own self-serving preservation, career, and hopes of being promoted.  He's not smart enough to figure out that he'll never get promoted, as they failed him on the DLC IV exam and passed & promoted that noob Eric Rood, whose about 10 years out of high school.  Someone who's dumb enough not to read the writing that's on the wall is unfit to supervise the busiest wage claim office in California...give him something more his speed, like El Centro or Winterhaven.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Manager orders employee to remove management contact information from emails so public is forced to fend for themselves...

(click pic to enlarge) - Jorge Gomez doesn't take a dump at DLSE without first asking Regional Manager Abby Calva how to proceed; the guy couldn't make independent decisions to save his life, but that's what they promote in the DLSE fertilizer factory: inept managers who are required to pass everything to their bosses for approval and a pat on the head.
Jorge cried to Lotts about DLSE case #68887 because Lotts couldn't remember an email (Lotts sent/rec'd 365+ emails for May, 2008) and Lotts was not required to forward 68887 information to Gomez.  Lotts responds by reminding Gomez that it was Gomez that ordered Lotts to remove contact information about Gomez, Calva, and Padres in his email signature, so the atty. in 68887 could have had the information had Gomez not ordered Lotts to  remove such info.  Instead, Gomez gets the information via snail mail, days later.
It's like the DLSE managers think that email is for their private use and no member of the public should be able to contact them.  These are public officers, who are available to the public from 8am to 5pm, whether it's in person, thru a fax, on the phone, or by email.  Then people wonder why I label them as "FECES."  It's because of crap like this email: DLSE management does not want the public having their contact information: that, will open the floodgates of timelines & memorialization, something very scary to inept managers.
Why doesn't the DLSE have the names, phones, faxes, & emails of specific office management, staff, and support on its website?
Jorge Gomez is the classic DLSE fall-guy, just like Lupe Almaraz, and quite possibly like Denise Padres.  Abby Calva couldn't give a rat's ass, and Angela Bradstreet barely has a handle on what's going on in the offices.  Once she starts making her managers accountable & available to the employees and employers of California, she'll see the results she wants for her career in public service.
The DLSE: sticking it up the taxpayers' butts, one email at a time...

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Monday, June 02, 2008

DLSE milquetoast Jorge Gomez still tries to be a supervisor...

This ass clown, while a group is eating in the lunch room, opens the door and tells Jane-who isn't supervised by him-he tells her to stop swearing.  She used the word "ass."  Jorge Gomez just called her out like that in front of all her peers, and he didn't bother to pull her aside and talk to her privately.  Besides, she was on an unpaid meal period, so what was he doing talking to people on their lunch?
In another instance, he walks by Steve's office and tells Steve to stop swearing.  Yeah, that lasted about a day before Jorge finally quit and gave up: he's been ordered to secretly go after the blogger, and like the little POS that he is, he just bends over and takes every one of their orders like a prison wife.  He secretly removed about 75 case files without updating its DLSE 900 Notes.  One would think he'd put the reason to yank and review the file, but Jorge Gomez hardly puts anything in writing anymore.
Prison Wife Jorge Gomez had a chance to weigh in on the recent McCoy decision because Steve had an issue arise from a wage claim that needed a legal decision.  Instead of Jorge Gomez updating the investigative 900 Notes, he told Steve just to give it to Santa Ana's legal counsel, Johanna Hsu...much like the way Tony Soprano would order a case file sent to legal.  At the end of the day, the DLSE is too cheap to hire lawyers to interpret such laws, so they have DLCs conduct labor law conferences and hearings, all because the DLSE would rather spend $10,000,000+ on CMS and not hire the right people for the right job.

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