Thursday, July 31, 2008

DIRt's OD Legal and Labor Commissioner douchebags finally got their wish, they get to beat up the blogger in the SPB, DIRt's ass-coverage agency

The State Personnel Board (SPB) is the same f*cked up department that said DLSE's previous DLC III exam was A-okay, 4 people got one score, 21 people got another score: the same score for all 21 candidates!
Make no mistake that the SPB is there to protect DIRt if it can, and they will use every trick in the book to protect them. For example, the SPB issues a list of judges and each party is allowed to strike out 1 judge. If I strike out a judge, then that strike constitutes a waiver of time, so that means the SPB can take 3+ years to dick around with the case. If DIRt strikes out a judge, then nothing happens...they get to knock out a judge and we can't. Does that sound fair, judicious, and equal? Nope. That's why the SPB isn't a real court; it's a kangaroo court, but I'm forced to play in it.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

DLSE did it: Blogger's been terminated by Angela Bradstreet

Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet reviewed, approved, and signed the adverse action. It will be appealed to the State Personnel Board. Officially, I'm separated August 6th.
More documents to follow....stay tuned.


Friday, July 25, 2008

DLSE Police Officers Frank Capetillo and Lee Pearson trespass on private property to serve paid administrative leave notice

So DLSE peace officers Frank Capetillo and Lee Pearson get kicked by someone higher up the food chain to serve this, so what else is new? I'm sure I can find it in the DLSE PPM (Policy & Procedures Manual) that peace officers serve administrative actions like this all the time. It's normal, right?
I'm sure Lee didn't want to wake up at 4am in Temecula (and Frank at 5am in Alhambra), but that's no excuse (to lay in wait) for a vehicle to trigger entry into a gated community and illegally trespass. That's what the DLSE cops did; they broke the law to personally serve a paid administrative leave notice? I forgot, DLSE cops break the law to intimidate, because there was no other way to serve this notice. What was the sense of urgency, again? Whore-hay Gomez could not stand to ignore another email where non-existent policies and procedures were requested?
What a shock that the DLSE continues to give Judge Fell the middle finger by ignoring her court order, what a shock that DLSE cops trespass on private property, and what a shock that they retaliated against the blogger.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jorge Gomez approves alternative work schedules for women but not for men. Female managers approve of such sexism?

This is the latest. Even though Gov. Schwarzenegger wants telework and alternative work schedules (AWS), Whore-hay Gomez only doles out the AWS to women.
Labor Standards has no Labor Standards. Whore-hay allows his female staff to "cherry-pick" case files because easy case files are easy closures for stats. Most of Whore-hay's life has been managed by women: 1 wife, 3 daughters, 3 female bosses, and 9 female subordinates.
What Gomez doesn't understand, as well as Calva, Bradstreet, Bradshaw, Jones, Mischel, Munoz, McGinty & Holton don't understand is that they are not fixing the problem. The DLSE f*cked up and violated my civil rights, and the ones who screwed up are the ones that gotta make it right; it ain't up to me to make it right. If someone gotta extend the olive branch, it's the DLSE that must do it first.
You'd think that these monkeys would only want me in the office four days a week instead of five days a week, but I guess Jorge and his idiot bosses want me reporting his idiocy five days a week...maybe I'd ease off the throttle with these *ssholes if they would just stop constantly trying to sh*t on my career every step of the way. They got me boxed into a corner where I got nothing to lose (no hope of promotion, no AWS, no telework, constantly being f*cked with, etc.).
Instead of giving me the stick, they should try the carrot

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Current update: CMS still screwed the taxpayers for $10-million plus, and not one DLSE douchebag has been charged with this felony

Pro-management ass-sucks can hate on me all they want with their anti-blogger comments (I'll keep deleting only those), and yeah-some of my colorful adjectives are juvenile.
It doesn't change the fact that the assholes responsible for the $10-million+ abortion called CMS never got so much as a f*cking counseling memo for such taxpayer waste, but they have all the time in the world to harass me and to give the collective middle finger to the Judge Fell and the judge's order.
In their desperate attempt to get rid of me, they tried to intimidate me with OD-Legal investigations, and that didn't work. Then, they tried to solicit complaints by members of the public, and that didn't work. Then, they order Jorge Gomez to give me a bullshit performance evaluation after doing a solid job for him for two years, and that didn't work. Currently, they are secretly reviewing case files and trying to find anything to sink their teeth into. There's nothing there because I do the job. They can keep harassing me: Duncan and Rosen have the timeline.
Jorge Gomez couldn't investigate his way out of a paper bag, yet the management ass-hats are telling him to find something, and it's placing him in a stressful situation; he's going balder by the minute. That's why he took the 90 days of "whatever" after the Rowene Diaz lawsuit. He makes problems worse.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Supervisor Whore-hay Gomez moved Hearing Officer Jim Jackson's office so Whore-hay could have the biggest office in Santa Ana...go Whore-hay!

This is how arrogant, dim-witted, and short-sighted DLSE supervisor Jorge "Whore-hay' Gomez is as well as why Gomez has no friends in the Santa Ana office. Hearing Officer Jackson needs a big office so he can accomodate Plaintiffs, Defendants, and their representatives in the wage claim formal hearings. DLSE Assistant Chief Nance Steffen understood this, which is why Gomez had a smaller office. As a professional and personal "fcuk you" to Nance Steffen, Gomez moved Jackson once Steffen was no longer part of Gomez's chain of command. As an office reference, Regional Manager Abigael Calva has the smallest office in Los Angeles, and she is Gomez's boss.
Gomez doesn't need an office that big because he doesn't have clusters of people congregating there all at once, but his ego does need an office that big. It's one of the ways a very small person feels bigger. Gomez doesn't give a crap about the public because the DLSE Santa Ana office is all about Gomez and his arrogance. He will tell the public, "my deputy will do this, my deputy will do that," etc. These are not his deputies; he doesn't pay our salaries. His job is to direct our work, and we are not his employees.
RM Calva lets him get away with this because Calva doesn't give a sh*t; she's just here to collect a check until she seems that every DLSE manager over 50 is here just to sit on their ass and to collect a free check, nothing gets dones around this shithole to really help people, and it starts with letting *ssholes like Gomez take the biggest office in Santa Ana just because his ego wants it.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whore-hay Gomez keeps ramming the Santa Ana office into the taxpayer's backside

Whore-hay Gomez does it again to the taxpayer! Instead of pulling the settlement deputy commissioner (with the highest caseload) out of rotation to fix his Mary Tokar caseload problems, he goes in the other direction. His Mary Tokar problem should have already been fixed because he pulled a hearing officer out of rotation (for months) to hold Tokar's conferences, but that wasn't enough to screw over the taxpayer" now another employee's gotta fix Whore-hay's problems.
Whore-hay Gomez massages the monthly "stats" and he jams another employee out of $7 in parking expenses; Whore-hay doesn't so much as lift a finger to fix the $7 employee expense problem, so the employee now wants the $400+ worked in overtime. This is the same crap we see from employers...What could have been a $7 taxpayer problem is now a $400+ taxpayer problem, all because of Whore-hay Gomez and his inability to generate independent thought (Whore-hay Gomez cannot take a dump without first calling his boss, Regional Manager Abigael Calva). Abby Calva must be proud of her non-DNA/wanna-be son; Whore-hay scrapes his knee and he cries to momma Calva.
Whore-hay Gomez is a joke, and Labor Standards still has no Labor Standards.

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