Saturday, June 30, 2007

Secret pic of DLSE's new superhero?

There's a big "F" on her chest, because that stands for "FAIL." The DLSE has so many failures that maybe it was important for her to start fixing those failures. The DLSE's failed to:
1) install the Santa Ana safety barrier
2) unf*ck that multi-million dollar abortion called CMS
3) keep Greg Rupp in check
4) keep Susan Nakagama in check
5) keep Anthony Mischel in check
6) keep Lupe Almaraz in check
7) keep Robert Jones in check
8) keep John Rea in check
9) unf*ck the latest DLC III exam results
10) unf*ck the latest DLC IV exam results
11) decrease the public complaints against Vicki Tamoush
12) provide standard operating procedures for all offices
13) serve the public in an efficient and proper manner
I don't know the identity of this hero, but she has a better chance at fixing DLSE's problems than the current power structure. After all, the power structure created these failures.

Friday, June 29, 2007

How stupid are OD-Legal attorneys Richard Munoz & Steve McGinty?

They are so stupid, they actually believed that they were going to be allowed to parade all of their witnesses in front of the judge. When the judge told them no, they had to totally re-vamp their witch hunt. Everybody else 'got it' except McGinty and Munoz, but then again, McGinty & Munoz take their directions from a bigger idiot, Robert Jones.
While Munoz and McGinty have probably made a career out of brown-nosing and boot-licking, no amount of ass-kissing will compensate for a lack of intelligence, and this is where their game plan fails. Being as dumb as they are/were/will be, they couldn't (even) figure out the question, so their answers were doomed. I'm prepared to lose this case against Lupe Almaraz demanding to see my diaries and the identities of my confidential sources, but then I'll appeal it. I believe in this case, and I believe that Lupe f*cked up and abused his color of authority. His idiot lawyers thought that parading a bunch of people thru the trial was a winning nexus to Lupe violating the US Constitution.
I'm sure that DLSE Regional Manager and Statewide Idiot Susan Nakagama will send an email to Greg Rupp, complaining that this pic is sexist, as girls are excluded. She'll also complain that this pic advocates (though she won't use that word because it's outside her vocabulary) the use of violence because of the whole 'rock' thing. For all who read this, please do not pick up rocks and throw them at stoopid people: just point, laugh, and openly mock their stupidity.
Just remember, Susan Nakagama got booted from the Bureau of Field Enforcement and given a do-nothing job-she didn't ask for it, and it wasn't a promotion. She's keeping the same title and making the same money until she retires. It keeps her from filing a lawsuit against the DLSE...there are no concrete damages she can claim.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CMS, DLSE's screw-the-taxpayer software program, ownership change from Hansen to whoever bought out Hansen? WTF?

From what I've been told, Hansen has been bought out by some other company. Hansen, if you remember, is the company that gave us CMS, the multi-million dollar disaster that still can't work. CMS will soon approach its 2-year anniversary of impotency, but I'm sure that the players who made the money off the backs of the taxpayers are laughing themselves to the bank.
Thanks to newly-promoted LWDA Deputy Secretary Robert Jones, Deputy Chief Cheerleader Lupe Almaraz, and a host of other jackasses that brought CMS to the public's door, we are now stuck with this POS (piece of sh*t) that does nothing more than crank out a minor's entertainment work permit is less than 30 minutes (when it previously took less than 4 minutes).

Victoria Bradshaw's newest lapdog, newly promoted LWDA Deputy Secretary Robert Jones, still giving staff the Santa Ana DLSE safety barrier hand job

How in the hell did Robert Jones get promoted to LWDA Deputy Secretary? This monkey couldn't find his way around a proper meal & rest period wage interpretation, and Victoria Bradshaw takes a collective dump on the working Californian by moving him up the bureaucratic/political appointment ladder from Acting Labor Commissioner to LWDA Deputy Secretary?
Well, he's long on (pathetic) excuses and short on results, but I guess that's what Victoria Bradshaw looks for in a resume...maybe that's why John Rea has been her lackey (Acting Director-Dept. of Industrial Retaliation) for so long. The top do-nothings (Victoria Bradshaw, Robert Jones, and John Rea) still cannot deliver a safety barrier to the Santa Ana office. How much do you want to bet that their lazy asses are behind a safety barrier? Let them eat cake.
On a side note, it's sorta nice to see John Rea get punked out like some prison wife when Vicky Bradshaw announced Robert Jones' promotion to LWDA Deputy Secretary. By my math, LWDA Deputy Secretary out-ranks some lame-ass Acting Director of DIR who doesn't have the grapes to go before the senate. Oh wait, that's what Jones did when he was Acting Labor Commissioner. The two deserve each other, but the people of California don't deserve either of them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Secret photograph taken of CMS* software programmer

*CMS = multi million dollar disaster shoved up the collective backsides of every California taxpayer

Every time I see this pic, I'm reminded of DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp and his consistent level of 30+ years of service to the public

The public deserves better than Greg Rupp, but we cannot get rid of him; he's here to stay until he retires; that's what sux about keeping an ineffective public servant on a taxpayer-paid payroll.
There's also a very good chance that DLSE Regional Manager Susan Nakagama will complain that this pic is racist, and that bunny rabbits or toilets should not be portrayed in such a desensitized manner...if one listens to her banter, the mere picture of bunny rabbits and toilets have rights.

The trial is now OVER: written closing arguments, rebuttals, then the judge's decision.

The lawyers at OD-Legal Unit certainly took their sweet-ass time in delays, running out the clock, and introducing a sh*tload of irrelevant evidence. They never missed an opportunity to beat their dead horse that the judge (repeatedly told them that she) didn't want to hear. They truly acted as if they were in a State Personnel Board hearing, where the rules don't apply to them. Unfortunately for them, they had to make their case in a real court of law, where rules apply.
What was really interesting was that Greg Rupp, if I recall correctly, testified that he didn't investigate any of the concerns raised in the blog...he just investigated the blogger. That's nice.
Never mind the multi-million dollar fcuk-up called CMS,
never mind Victor Jurado boozing it up with subordinates,
never mind Victor Jurado using a state-issued parking card for his own free private parking,
never mind Vicki Tamoush hookin' up her translator/friend with tons of contract work,
never mind all of the attorney complaints made against Vicki Tamoush,
never mind that bullshit called the DLC III exam results,
never mind the bullshit called the DLC IV exam results,
never mind the DLSE's whitewash of a US mail-disposal investigation,
never mind the thousands of dollars spent fcuking with that idiot blogger,
never mind Greg Rupp's jerk-off blogger complaint-solicitation investigation via Lee Pearson,
never mind Greg Rupp's blackballing of Bruce Broadwater,
never mind the worker's comp retaliation investigation whitewash involving Susan Nakagama & Lauro Cons,
never mind Robert Jones' promotion to LWDA Deputy Secretary after destroying the career of Miles Locker,
never mind Robert Jones' inability to correctly label meal & rest periods as wages (and then this idiot gets promoted? WTF?),
never mind how an ass-monkey like Greg Rupp continues to remain on state payroll,
and never mind that these assholes can do whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want.
If you believe Asst. Chief Rupp, none of this matters, just the elimination of the blogger; according to Rupp's actions (or inaction), this is exactly the customer service that the taxpayer deserves. Oh yeah, no one had to testify except management witnesses Greg Rupp, Lupe Almaraz, Reynaldo Rivera, King Cheung, Diana Chen, Abigael Calva, & Maria Juarez-Aceves. You're not going to be notified from that pea-brain Rupp; you probably heard it here first. Oh yeah, I wish that I could attend Michael Medrano's retirement luncheon tomorrow. He's one of the good guys.

Last Tuesday, the Orange County Superior Court was so full that criminal trials had to wait for a courtroom and there were jurors everywhere

You know what OD-Legal was doing? Busy missing the point of this trial. They're explaining to the judge what (they think) my motive is, but's it's quite sad that they've steered clear of their method (the how) and their motive (the why). The DIR's Office of the Director-Legal Unit clogged up Orange County Superior Court with this theory and that theory, except for the explanation of why Lupe Almaraz demanded my private diaries and for the identities of confidential sources. It's deliberate that they have steadfastly refused to testify as to why they demanded private diaries and the identities of confidential sources. I think their answers would only beg more questions.
By now those talking monkeys should call it Office of the Acting Director-Legal Unit, because they don't have the grapes to put DIR narcissist John Rea in front of the senate confirmation hearings-he's only been "acting" for over 2 years.
"We don't give a sh*t about the senate confirmation rules and process because we're busy using up all of our resources in fighting the blogger. We don't give a flying fcuk about the taxpayer-paid million dollar disaster called CMS because that blogger keeps typing. We have no idea what we're doing, so we're gonna waste as much time as we can at the trial, introduce irrelevant evidence and even toss in some exhibits that were crafted AFTER the start of the trial. We're really stoopid state lawyers and have no clue in how to litigate in a real court, but we can't go on record with that argument. Please let us bring the blogger back to our internal kangaroo court so we can get rid of him."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What it costs to stop Lupe Almaraz, as a government agent, to stop demanding identities of confidential sources & prevent access to my private diaries

This is the ongoing cost of one blogger's quest for justice, and it ain't finished yet.
What OD-Legal's doing is a waste: a waste of time, a waste of money, and a waste of resources. They are wasting the court's time, and they are wasting the state's time. These inefficient lawyers (Richard Munoz, Steve McGinty, Anthony Mischel, Vanessa Holton, etc.) from OD-Legal could have been spending their time by furthering the DIR's mission and sue the crap out of the multi-million dollar CMS players (because that's who is currently who's fcuking the taxpayer).
Instead, the state's Dept. of Industrial Relations, Office of the Director's Legal Unit has been brought down upon the blogger. The state is attempting to crush the blogger. David versus Goliath; let's hope justice prevails.

June, 2006: $3,400.00
July, 2006: $5,778.00
August, 2006: $4,050.00
September, 2006: $ 675.00
October, 2006: $ 500.00
November, 2006: $2,350.00
January, 2007: $ 620.00
February, 2007: $1,950.00
March, 2007: $1,125.00
April, 2007: $4,454.81
May, 2007: $9,549.57
June, 2007:$????????
July, 2007:$????????

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Which DLSE management desk-jockey decided to abolish the DLC II promotion list and make a new promotional list while qualified candidates remain?

Details to follow: awaiting the end of the trial...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What this elephant thinks of DLSE's ODA (Order of Decision or Award) Settlement issues concerning an employer's stop payment on checks to employees

Details to follow: awaiting trial's end.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lack of DLSE policies create confusion for Entertainment Work Permits: management refuses to enact standard operating procedures-reducing productivity

Details to follow, awaiting trial's conclusion

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sac Bee article about California's Dept. of Corrections (CDC): from blowing whistle to calling the shots (click this title to hyperlink)

By Andy Furillo, "...When Richard Krupp refused to fudge the numbers on sick leave and overtime costs, he found himself shuffled off by management into a nothing job in a nothing corner of the state prison system. In 1999, Krupp found himself in the middle of a conflict between his correctional bosses and the California state auditor that derailed his career. Next thing Krupp knew, he was taken off the response project, removed from his job as the personnel automation boss and reassigned to the research bureau with a new title: staff services manager II. His new job: reviewing student requests to interview inmates. Cal Terhune was the corrections director at the time Krupp was moved into his obscure post. Terhune denied that the department retaliated against Krupp. 'I was trying to get the guy promoted,' he said. Krupp was awarded $500,000 in October 2004 when the state agreed to settle his whistle-blower retaliation lawsuit and other legal claims..."
Blogger comment: how this relates to DLSE. The typical employee, when faced with the decision to speak up or remain silent, chooses the later for fear of reprisial. In a system that is currently broken, those who seek to repair it should be commended for their action. To see someone who is more concerned with doing what's right put into a top job rather then the self aggrandizing boobs that have been the darlings of the department for so long is an action long overdue. An observation I made many years ago about management was that no one left their job until they found someone dumber than they were to take their place...that way the newbie wouldn't be able to tell how bad they were at it. In recent years it had become nearly impossible to find the next lower level of dummy for these jobs.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogger v. Lupe Almaraz trial has 9am-12pm on 6/19 and 9am-12pm on 6/26 to conclude, then closing arguments will be written and submitted

After this trial is over, details will follow. Lilia Ramirez, Susan Nakagama, Maria Juarez-Aceves, Victor Jurado, Lauro Cons were present and expected to testify. Greg Rupp, King Cheung, Abigael Calva, and Reynaldo Rivera finished with their testimony. Diana Chen is almost done...resumes on Tuesday morning, June 19th. So far, I haven't seen the relevance between their testimony and Lupe Almaraz's demand to investigate my private diaries and his demand for me to identify my confidential sources.
For me, the currently-imposed injunction's a very narrow and simple issue: was Deputy Chief Labor Commissioner Lupe Almaraz, as an agent of the state, legally authorized to order me to identify my confidential sources and legally authorized to demand my private journals (absent medical & financial information)?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today should be the last day of Blogger v. Lupe Almaraz trial...details to follow

Friday, June 08, 2007

Robert Jones PROMOTED to Jose Millan's old position as Vicki Bradshaw's LWDA Deputy Secretary-he's got 1-yr. for Senate Confirmation

Click on the image to enlarge.

Blogging will continue after trial of Blogger v. Lupe Lamaraz in Orange County Superior Court, Room C-34. Trial picks up at 1:30pm on Monday.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogging will be postponed during the blogger's trial against DLSE Chief Lupe Almaraz, but here's a little something that came in this week's Newsweek

For the record, I'll be at trial at 9am, but I wanted these sh*t-heads to read the timestamp as 9am (see below). If they think I'm actually blogging this at 9am today, then they should put down the crack pipe.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Quick re-cap of the DLSE's current failures

1. Multi-million dollar CMS software abortion.
2. Failure to install protective barrier at Santa Ana wage claim office.
3. Failure to bring forth Robert Jones in front of the senate confirmation process.
4. Failure to bring forth John Rea in front of the senate confirmation process.
5. Failure to further DLSE's mission by wasting state money, time & resources on blog issues.
6. Failure to take action against Robert Jone's attorney 'gag-order/free speech' memo
7. Failure to take action against Robert Jones for having misinterpreted meal & rest periods
8. Failure to commend Miles locker on correctly interpreting meal & rest periods
9. Failure to properly & competently investigate the last DLC III examination
I need more time for the others...they're coming

Friday, June 01, 2007

DLSE "outs" the blogger, intimidates meets with potential witnesses to intimidate disrupt office (more than) usual

Why should DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz be the only DLSE person to intimidate, harass, and disrupt meet with DLSE employees on the clock? It's totally okay for a Deputy Chief to use taxpayer dollars and fly down to So Cal and spend some quality, uncomfortable, and inappropriate time with Santa Ana staff to discuss the lawsuit, isn't it? Doesn't this further DLSE's mission? Hell's bells, even DIR staff flunkie attorney Richard Munoz is getting in on this action. How many hours was he at the Santa Ana office on Thursday, May 31st?
Lupe could have made the memo shorter by making it less obtuse: "the DLSE hates the blogger, the blogger's suing us, and you had better start hating the blogger, too. You better make the blogger's life miserable so he'll just resign...then he can't claim we created a hostile work environment."

Even the office secretary knew that the Spanish speakers were getting effed by a hearing officer. Click to view full version of ass-coverage memo

Ivette, a former clerk in the Santa Ana wage claim office, slaved for a certain hearing officer. This hearing officer had a knack for collating Spaniah-speaking hearings, coincidentally, during the time of her translator/friend who used Spring, Summer, & Christmas breaks to moonlight (she's a teacher...that's why she can only work when school isn't in session). The command staff has known about this for years, but they sit on their asses and let the Spanish speaking wage claimants get delayed. At least the clerk was smart enough to bust out a cover-your-ass email.
Robert Jones doesn't do sh*t about this actual disruption to public service because he's only after one thing: the blogger for reporting such dirty laundry. What Robert Jones does not comprehend is that the act itself (screwing over the Spanish wage claimant with unnecessary delays) causes the disruption to public service, not the idiot blogger who reports it.