Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Blogger's trial postponed until October because fiduciary cranial-rectal inversion. Justice delayed = justice denied. Jorge Gomez has a 90-day...

delay before blogger's attorney cross-examines him.I'm not sure if the fat-monkey-with-a-law-degree Anthony Mischel understands the Latin phrase res judicada, which means the blog has been dealt with already...idiot. DIRt's OD Legal team of monkeys even typed the question, "...did the blog show a potential for disruption...?" The judge said no. DIRt appealed her decision, then they withdrew their appeal, then fired me. It's already been decided, and good luck having some other judge try to over-ride Judge Fell's decision.
If the SPB decides to give me some idiot "I'm gonna protect the Dept. of Industrial Retaliation" Gov Gropenator boot-licker, then we'll be there for the appeal. I only hope that the SPB's gonna be smart enough to give me & DIRt someone who's fair and who will not give my attorney the grounds for a winning appeal. If this is their battle plan, then it's just another delaying tactic to get us to file a Writ. I can wait for that, too.
I plan on filing the writ anyway, since the last ALJ at SPB was a total nitwit who thought he was above res juducada.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much money has been spent to defeat the blogger...... maybe some of the funds should be used to check other state departments and their employee abuse of time... i.e. time=money......
Certain DGS employee who is a supervisor (Andre shall remain nameless) has spent countless hours in the past carrying on an affair with a woman in his Santa Ana building. 100's of emails back and forth using state email account and state paid time as well as meeting in stair ways to carry on sorrid affair during all different times of the day. Was caught by his wife, had to end that but now spends work time checking his facebook account and planning meetings with his "men's group" trying to become a new and changed man. Talk about a huge waste in the tax payers money..... maybe the state bloodhounds should leave the blogger alone and start checking other departments to find the fraud, waste and abuse!!!

7/06/2010 4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now if GAS has his way, state workers will be paid FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE!!

It really doesn't seem right to punish all state workers for the legislators' inability to pass a budget...is it a surprise to them that there is a new budget due every July 1st???

Isn't state government great??

7/07/2010 5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

state gov't is run by the 3-Is principle:


thus, someone down in the totem pole gets the shaft, aka short end of the stick (like, 200,000 workers being shorted down to min. wage!), LIKE WHY CAN'T GAS CUT DOWN vEnessa IMA WHORETON's & anGORILla BADstreet's HIGHLY INEPT/INEFFICIENT/INCOMPETENT SALARIES before cutting down their subordinates????

talk about C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N in state gov't, eh? the richly undeserved enabling those stinkin' skanks at the high-ranked roles 'cuz they could blow-n-blow to their way to the top & continue to blow till the cows come home?

7/07/2010 7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got to go with publish in popular news. Name names and get the electorate involved; big time. Get the current and past perpetrators to receive a full accounting to discourage similar activities in the future; got to break this wide open and leave a big fat fissure of a legal scar, kid. Go for big buck then a crim prosecution; without mercy for any single offender.

7/28/2010 10:50 AM  

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