Thursday, November 29, 2007

DIR & Lupe Almaraz lose: they violated the United States Constitution and they screwed over the taxpayers they purportedly serve

These morons have caused a large amount of money to be taken away from the taxpayers. If Angela Bradstreet thinks that this will not surface during her senate confirmation hearings, then she's higher than a kite. I offered her a chance to fix this, and she thumbed her nose at the taxpayer, just like she thumbed her nose at the taxpayer with her stupid CMS "keep the faith" memo and her stupid Let's-email-stuff-to-Defendants Corrales memo.
Bradstreet's a moron, and what's even worse...the people (she listens to) are morons. In order for her not be labled as stupid, she's gotta decide & act on something that doesn't (inevitably) butt-rape the taxpayer in the process. Potted plants do much less damage to the taxpayer.

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with MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars at her disposal, why is Bradstreet screwing the taxpayer with her decisions?

The DLSE has millions of dollars to waste spend. Angela Bradstreet is the DLSE's puppet-head Labor Commissioner.
With the millions of taxpayer dollars she's directing to that CMS abortion, why can't she allocate funds to pay for overtime so she can fix that Corrales nightmare?
With the millions of taxpayer dollars she's directing to that CMS abortion, why can't she direct some of those funds to hire staff to adequately contain the Corrales nightmare?
Why is it that Wage Claim staff are still wasting time with counter duty, even though the Corrales decision hangs over the Wage Claim staff? Why isn't BOFE absorbing the counter duties so that DLSE can get a handle on Corrales?
Why does that jackass Governator keep installing morons that continue to butt-rape the taxpayer?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blogger's dragged back into court on November 21st

So this is how it played out; the judge issued a proposed decision. The money-wasting, court-clogging turds at OD-Legal decided to cry & whine about it like the babies that they are. They could have let the decision stand and later appeal it, but that would take legal smarts. These retards cannot (even) figure out how to count for a summary judgement deadline, so I shouldn't be surprised that these ass-clowns cried about an uninvolved 3rd party not seeing it their way.
In a way, I hope these morons give me the opportunity to be heard at the appeals court; it only gives me another chance to fight &'d think these morons would stop sticking their hand in the fire, but dumbasses never learn. That's why they are dumbasses.
Though word's been sent to Dudley-Do-Right, if they want to stop losing, here's the offer (in order of preference):
1. Pay legal fees and leave me alone to serve the public
2. Pay legal fees and place me on 18-month paid admin leave (this is nothing compared to the waste of the multi-million dollar abortion called CMS)
3. Continue to violate my rights and continue to lose
Youth, drive, and assets go a long way. If they really wanted to show good faith, they could terminate DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp and DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz for their consitutional retardation and divert the money saved in their salaries to those that have suffered from their lawlessness.
They've had every opportunity to get rid of this; all they had to do was pay the legal fees and to leave me alone. It is they who continue this battle, and it is they who choose to waste the court's time.

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Lupe Almaraz retires, DLC III exam in LA, Supervisor's retreat meeting in Nor Cal, info request on Culbeaux & Baker

DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz sent Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet his resignation letter; he's set to go away on 12/31/2007. At the end of the day, he did nothing for this department except spike his retirement paycheck...once again, screwing over the taxpayers! After Lupe's gone, ain't nobody named to be in charge of Wage Claims. It would be nice to see Nance Steffen come back as the Wage Claim Assistant Chief, but she's only going to get the blessing of staff by removing Regional Manager Abigael Calva's taxpayer-paid commute vehicle from Calva's possession.
The taxpayers don't need to pay for Calva's commute. CASE IN POINT: her lazy ass, having a state vehicle assigned to her, made Deputy Labor Commissioner Bruce Broadwater drive from Santa Ana to Los Angeles to discuss an item of importance. He had to use his car & his mileage even though the state gives her a vehicle of her own. Normally, if state auditors would ask WTF(?) she does with her car, she'd tell them that as Regional Manager, she's responsible for all these offices in So bullsh*t. Her lazy ass goes nowhere and makes her staff come to her. Typical, lazy, bureaucratic, cow.
The recent Deputy Labor Commissioner III (DLC 3) exam came down to So Cal. Here's my prediction: they will pass & pick whoever they want to pass & pick because these assholes do not know how to keep themselves in check. Ferchrist, the State Personnel Board provides no oversight, and even when the California Supreme Court provides their oversight in their Corrales decision, Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet does nothing to Greg Rupp-the whore (at the time) for Jose Millan who screwed over all those wage claimants & violated their due process. These douchebags cannot self-regulate, and we're supposed to think that they'll righteously promote someone from a merit-based exam? They can't (even) follow laws, much less policies.
Last but not least, the desk donkies wasting money from the taxpayer's bank accounts opened the spigot for the supervisor's meeting in Nor Cal (11/04-06/2007). Now, these money wasters justified expeditures like video conferencing in offices so that they can hold meetings via video conferences. Why must they waste more money on airline tickets, lodging, meals, and time? We need computer software like Adobe Acrobat and scanners, but these money wasters sit around for three days, butt-kiss, and bray like an old goat about how to make the system worse. Bend over taxpayer, and try to exhale gently.
I have a contact who's looking into CMS, and I need the names of people who have details about Culbeaux, Baker, et al. Specifically, I need names and phone numbers because that's what the reporter needs. Mail it to: T. Zatori, PO Box 26212, Austin, TX 78755. Copies of anything can be sent here, and I will scan them and post them for all to see (like the examination fraud investigation). It will be forwarded to me. I don't want the names posted here, as they will be targeted for retaliation. If you want the truth to come out about CMS, computer contracting, Culbeaux, and Baker, then this is your opportunity to point truth-seekers in the right direction.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Heard of the $6 Million Dollar Man? Here's the $2 Trillion Dollar idiot; reminds me of CMS & our a-holes that refuse to prevent this taxpayer waste

This is the jackass who won't spend anything on children's healthcare (or anything else domestically), but wants $2,000,000,000,000 for his war in Iraq. Is there anyone (still) willing to die for companies like Blackwater, Halliburton, Bechtel, and the like? Are the children of Bush & Cheney fighting this war, or is dying in Iraq reserved only for the poor?
Wasteful & corrupt public officials have no place in this democracy and should be removed from public office, on their own accord or in handcuffs should they be dumb enough not to resign. Anyone connected to the CMS contracts & the taxpayer funding of this abortion should resign immediately; that includes DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp for his violating of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution of those hundreds, if not thousands, of the Corrales wage claimants who got screwed over by him and Jose Millan, then- Deputy Secretary to LWDA Secretary Victoria Bradshaw, the top idiot, moron, and imbecile of this agency.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Taxpayers get dry-humped again; this time in Santa Ana

A Labor Code 98a wage claim hearing was scheduled at 8:30am on 11/07/2007 in Santa Ana with a Hearing Officer. It was cancelled & re-scheduled at the last minute because the hearing officer wanted to take a vacation day. This Hearing Officer also had Counter Duty, and it's the store's policy to have a replacement on counter duty, but not when calling in sick. The people who showed up for the hearing, took time out of their day, and paid for parking? They got the big, fat middle finger from this public agency.
In the end, the state will spend more money on this re-schedule, the case load will be backed up because this case didn't get heard, and nothing will happen to the hearing officer because butt-kissers & snitches are protected in this agency.
Screw the taxpayer, the butt-kissing/snitch hearing officer must be protected. Regional Manager Abigael Calva will do nothing, and neither will Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz. Welcome to Labor Standards.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

DLSE following China, or vice-versa?

Jerry Yang, Yahoo's a-hole top banana, willingly gave the Chinese government internet info and an email address of a Chinese citizen who received a 10-year prison sentence. His crime? Trying to report the news.
Over here at LWDA, DIR, DLSE, whatever the hell you want to call these jerkoff managers (past & present idiots Jose Millan, Donna Dell, Greg Rupp, Abigael Calva, Susan Nakagama, Lupe Almaraz, Robert Jones, John Rea, Angela Bradstreet, Steve McGinty, Anthony Mischel, Vanessa Holton, Richard Munoz, and last [but not least] Vicki Bradshaw) only try to outspend a blogger by clogging the court and using taxpayer funds to screw the civil justice system. How much money will be spent by the DIR to continue their losing battle, using taxpayer funds?
Instead of trying to unfcuk that massive multi-million dollar, taxpayer-paid CMS computer abortion, they're pouring more money into it & outsourcing it to EDD (we're too stoopid at DLSE to fix our own disasters).
Instead of halting their practice of biased, unfair, and unethical promotional selection system, they continue to pass & pick whoever they want to promote.
Instead of giving the Santa Ana office employees a safety barrier, they continue their practice of making excuses and pointing the finger at everyone else who's to blame...that's what 5-year olds do, not executive public officers.
Instead investigating & disciplining Assistant Chief Greg Rupp and Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz for their courtroom-documented violations of the United States Constitution, LWDA/DIR executives pat themselves on the back for a job well done by those two ass-clowns.
These people are absolute disasters in public service, and let me repeat their names in case you missed it: Jose Millan, Donna Dell, Greg Rupp, Abigael Calva, Susan Nakagama, Lupe Almaraz, Robert Jones, John Rea, Vicky Bradshaw, Angela Bradstreet, Steve McGinty, Anthony Mischel, Vanessa Holton, Richard Munoz.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

"America's Sheriff" has a lot of parallels with this agency Greg Rupp...not in a good way

Being a cop takes a lot of responsibility and one must hold themselves to a high degree of accountability. DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp is a sworn peace officer in California, but you'd never know it by his actions. He bends over for his (former) boss Jose Millan and then proceeds to screw every California wage claimant during the time described in the Corrales decision.
But just as in the red flags seen before Mike Carona's downfall, there were red flags in Greg Rupp's history with the DLSE. This peace officer, sworn to uphold the law, went after this clerk named Rowene Diaz. He went after her with such malice that the DLSE decided to settle her lawsuit secretly. After that, the DLSE promoted him.
It seems that the DLSE rewards assholes managers like Greg Rupp because of the frequency that he bends over for them. Loyalty goes a long way in this agency; not only must you leave your fingerprints at the scene, but you must also erase your boss's fingerprints. In any event, the division keeps people like Greg Rupp on the payroll, because it seems that after all, they serve a purpose.
In the end, it is the taxpayers who suffer because it's the taxpayers who got shafted in the monetary lawsuit settlement with Rowene, and it is the taxpayers who got shafted with Corrales.

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