Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Santa Ana DLSE office/Wage Claims just as inefficient as ever...for JUNE

Jim Jackson, eighteen (18) hearings
Maria Valdez, three (3) hearings
Danny Dumbar, one (1) hearing
Danny Dumbar has perfected the art of Touch-your-desk-and-leave.
The DLSE Los Angeles office is required to send a Hearing Officer to try and reduce their workload because Jorge Gomez cannot effectively manage the Santa Ana office and Abigael Calva cannot effectively manage Jorge Gomez.
After all of their collective years of managerial service, Abigael & Jorge can only scratch their heads and shrug their shoulders in confusion as to why the Santa Ana office is so inefficient...don't worry, it will go on the record soon enough.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

DIRt flunky attorneys need to understand reality a bit better...firstamendmentcenter.org - First Amendment traditions get 21st century tweak

Click here to read link.... This is what it says, for the most part.
A federal appellate judge’s simple solutions in a recent ruling for those confronted with repugnant e-mail messages — engage in debate or hit the delete button on your computer — have deep roots in First Amendment law. They involve the counter-speech doctrine and the “avert your eyes” rationale.
..."granted the defendants qualified immunity because he determined that Kehowski's obnoxious emails did not constitute harassment"
Unmasking anonymous bloggers

The Supreme Court has made clear that anonymous speech deserves First Amendment protection. In Talley v. California, the Court wrote: “Anonymous pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and even books have played an important role in the progress of mankind.” Several Founding Fathers published historic political articles anonymously. James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton wrote the 85 essays in The Federalist Papers under the pen name “Publius.”
For those of you that are intellectually impaired, like Anthony Mischel, Steve McQuinty, Jorge Gomez, Abby Calva, Angie Badstreet, Vanessa Whoreton et al...justice is coming and cannot wait.