Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Santa Ana DLSE office/Wage Claims just as inefficient as ever...for JUNE

Jim Jackson, eighteen (18) hearings
Maria Valdez, three (3) hearings
Danny Dumbar, one (1) hearing
Danny Dumbar has perfected the art of Touch-your-desk-and-leave.
The DLSE Los Angeles office is required to send a Hearing Officer to try and reduce their workload because Jorge Gomez cannot effectively manage the Santa Ana office and Abigael Calva cannot effectively manage Jorge Gomez.
After all of their collective years of managerial service, Abigael & Jorge can only scratch their heads and shrug their shoulders in confusion as to why the Santa Ana office is so inefficient...don't worry, it will go on the record soon enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not surprising...nothing ever changes at DIRt does it??

Ineffective management leads to inefficient employees.

The sad thing is that these three employees probably all get paid the same amount of money. Guess which of these three would make it in the real world??

6/11/2010 7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

N-O-N-E!!! like, doh! and, ho-ho-ho in madam chief CLOWNsel, aka vEnessa IMA WHOREton & her retarded cronies, aka the blind leading the blind.

6/14/2010 11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much money has been spent to defeat the blogger...... maybe some of the funds should be used to check other state departments and their employee abuse of time... i.e. time=money......
Certain DGS employee who is a supervisor (Andre shall remain nameless) has spent countless hours in the past carrying on an affair with a woman in his Santa Ana building. 100's of emails back and forth using state email account and state paid time as well as meeting in stair wells to carry on sorrid affair during all different times of the day. Was caught by his wife, had to end that but now spends work time checking his facebook account and planning meetings with his "men's group" trying to become a new and changed man. Talk about a huge waste in the tax payers money..... maybe the state bloodhounds should leave the blogger alone and start checking other departments to find the fraud, waste and abuse!!!

6/17/2010 4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angela Bradstreet is an idiot.

6/17/2010 9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ALL these skanky ho's know how to do is MESS with anything to do w/ the law itself, like doh! They slept their ways to the top spot, so how the heck would they even bother to adhere to them? Like, ALL that madam chief CLOWNsel, aka vEnessa IMA WHORETON & anGORILla BADstreet know what to do is blow-n-huff... Talk about inept, ineffective & incompetent way to run a dept., eh? Corruption is so much worse at State now that these crazy skanks are running them, making real bad rap for any other bona fide female attorneys overall. So sad, if it weren't so friggin' pathetic!

6/24/2010 10:27 AM  
Anonymous Steve said...

I sent you a letter 10 June re a pending DLSE case on which I could use some input. The letter was returned. I would appreciate contact with you. It's not a small case, and has been dragging on for over 18 months.
Thank you.

6/25/2010 3:59 PM  
Blogger publius said...

Myself and an associate have been supplying dozens and dozens of supporting docs for a claim since March 2009. Not a single response from this office. Despite letters and calls to both Jurado and Padres, no one has responded and the claim continues to linger. In fact, no one has even bothered to verify any of the information supplied. The level of arrogance at this agency is amazing. Sadly, the FED DOL responded within 3 weeks; we're now going on 18 months and not so much as a phone call. Incredible. I now understand that writing these two bo-bos is pointless since they will cover for each other. I got that from your blog and (off-the-record) from people with the organization.

7/02/2010 11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

state gov't is run by the 3-Is principle:


thus, someone down in the totem pole gets the shaft, aka short end of the stick (like, 200,000 workers being shorted down to min. wage!), LIKE WHY CAN'T GAS CUT DOWN vEnessa IMA WHORETON's & anGORILla BADstreet's HIGHLY INEPT/INEFFICIENT/INCOMPETENT SALARIES before cutting down their subordinates????

talk about C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N in state gov't, eh? the richly undeserved enabling those stinkin' skanks at the high-ranked roles 'cuz they could blow-n-blow to their way to the top & continue to blow till the cows come home?

7/07/2010 7:45 PM  

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