Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin's "sky is falling" interview, US financial mess explained in 2 minutes, and GAS's 85 days late budget...

America's financial mess explained in less than 2 minutes with stick figures: click here.
Sarah Palin's interview with CBS: to summarize - scare people into a panic.  Keep Americans in a chronic state of fear so they're kept busy.  Interview/transcript, click may disappear, so click, download, and print.
Leader of the Free World candidate John Mc Same said the economy was fundamentally strong only days ago, but now it's so bad he's postponed campaigning to deal with the worst financial American disaster since the great Depression.  This is what normal people call "whiplash" language, one end of the seesaw to the other, a complete 180-degree turnaround.
If you're wondering why there's no DLSE news, it's because the DLSE have chilled employees from talking.  They've seen a positive reaction from firing me & Miles, and people don't want to be associated with those on their hit list.  I'll list items from time to time, but it depends upon who wants to talk.  I will say this: the State of Utah invoked a 4-10 workweek for all of its state employees, citing reduced costs to the taxpayers but same service.  Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet wanted eliminate the 4-10 workweek and only wanted banker's hours, but more on that later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anyone who needs Spanish in Santa Ana will continue to be screwed, but CMS got their $10,000,000+ taxpayer funds

How is it that the DLSE Santa Ana office cannot afford translators, but they can throw away TEN MILLION DOLLARS to that piece-of-crap computer software contract called CMS? Jorge Gomez has bilingual clerks doing the translating for the informal conferences, and I've been told that the formal hearings are either being done by DLSE secretaries or those hearings are being continued until such bills can be paid.
This must be Jorge Gomez, partying because he has clerks translating instead of doing clerical work. Once again, Labor Standards has no Labor Standards: they have $10,000,000+ for CMS contract payoffs but they don't have $100 for a Spanish translator. Don't expect Jorge Gomez to stand up and cry foul: he's too busy bending over for his bosses.

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Privatized Profit, Socialized Loss: the $1 Trillion dollar bailout, but John McCain says that US economy fundamentally strong...HA!

How sweet is this? The federal government takes over the losses while simultaneously allowing the profits to stay with the corporations! The assholes that ran these corporations into the ground still get their golden parachutes while the taxpayer continues to get screwed.
This capitalistic meltdown is so complicated that no one can explain it. We've become a nation who only manufactures & buys debt: we build nothing, we outsource everything. This is the most serious financial crisis since the mother f*cking DEPRESSION! How in the hell did America's leaders get to here, even after the bulsh*t smoke & mirrors called the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? If America is going to nationalize corporations, then can we nationalize profitable ones like Exxon instead of loser ones like AIG?
Now I understand that most people (sheep) either do not care or do not understand these fiscal tidalwaves, but the tidalwave is out there, and those who need to fix this have no room for error, or else we will see a tailspin like nothing we've seen before. This is their last bullet in the gun, and if they don't hit the bullseye, then we are finished.
That moron John McCain (and I'm a registered Republican) said that our economy is fundamentally strong...I'd like to smoke what he's smoking. This is the same moron who thinks earning $5,000,000/year is middle class. This is the same moron who doesn't know how many houses he owns. This is the same moron who wants to de-regulate the Heathcare Industry in the same manner that he de-regulated the Banking's that working for us so far, America?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dow Jones drops more than 500 points, but John McCain says that the economy is strong...

Lehman Brothers, Merril Lynch, AIG, Washington Mutual are all big companies; these are not, pinkdog, and eHarmony. Why is our economy going down the toilet? Because the Republican administration has allowed the rich to rape the taxpayers.
This Bush Adminstration had had 8 years, 8 YEARS, to un-f*ck this nightmare, and McSame & Palin are touting that they're different? It's the Maverick and the MILF! Palin could not answer a single serious question from Charlie Gibson's interview. McSame doensn't know how many homes he has: is he already in dementia, or is he just a f*ckin liar? Palin's a sneeze away from becoming the Leader of the Free World First, it's sad that McSame thinks he can play the gender card, like all women will automatically vote for him because a woman is on the ticket. Second, McShame so much as acquires a cough, and she's large and in-charge!
Governor Steroid is the same ticket: screw everyone but the rich, and only help those rich enough to send The Steroid checks. Based upon the assholes & douchebags that have been politically appointed in DIRt/DLSE during The Steroid's reign, there is no qualitative difference between Steroid, Bush, and McSame. Steroid, Angela Bradstreet, Vicky Bradshaw, John Rea, John Duncan, Vanessa Holton, Abby Calva, & Robert Jones won't truly be happy until meal & rest periods are obiliterated, secret CMS payoffs will stay secret, and anyone with the balls to say otherwise will be harassed & fired.
Are YOU better off than you were 8 years ago? I didn't think so.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The $80,000+ taxpayer waste is the tip of the iceberg: how much wasted in state salaries??????

So the five OD-legal wizards: Vanessa Holton, Anthony Mischel, Richard Munoz, Steve McGinty, and unknown asian female did what they could to ensure a proper legal loss at the blogger's winning trial. Defendant Lupe Almaraz, hometown Bakersfield but based in San Francisco's HQ, rec'd $$$ per diem, free lodging, and free airplane tickets to attend the blogger's winning trial.
How much do you think that state wasted paying these idiots their salary on something completely unrelated to the DLSE's mission of labor law enforcement? How many man hours wasted on a losing legal battle called off-duty free speech? What's the ballpark estimate? $150,000.00? $250,000.00? What about the costs of depositions? What about the paralegals and paralawyers who processed the paperwork for all this mess? How much was paid to them in state wages to lose this court case?
If I had to guess, then I'd estimate it at a minimum of $300,000.00 for 9+ DLSE professionals' wages, logistical expenses, lodging, airline, and perdiem, etc. Not that these douchebags would ever provide a proper & exact accounting for the time wasted on this loser case: honesty, accountability, and integrity is just not their style. Now, fast forward to the trial of Miles Locker. Money stolen from the taxpayers so Vicky Bradshaw's assholes like Robert Jones can exercise their personal vendettas is well over a million dollars in state wages.
Those man hours could have gone to proper labor law enforcement, but whores like Vicky Bradshaw bend over for Governor Steroid, which is why I support the Prison Guard's union in recalling the Governor. Personal vendettas have no place in paid state service, and the millions of dollars paid to keep Miles and me out of state service is a disservice to the taxpayers of California; they deserve better than these politically-appointed douchebags.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

What cost the taxpayers $80,000+ that could have cost them nothing?

I am legally allowed to type whatever I want to type when I'm not working. If I want to sit naked, put a red ball on my nose, and type about how DLSE supervisor Diana Chen is a pro-Chinese racist and it is this racsism that hurts DLSE's service to the public, then that's what I'll do.
Lupe Almaraz, John Duncan, Angela Bradstreet, Anthony Mischel, Victoria Bradshaw, Denise Padres, and Robert Jones have ZERO legal recourse to prevent me from exposing their rascism, fraud, waste, and abuse. But of course, you cannot tell an arrogant, piece-of-crap attorney like Duncan or Bradshaw what they can & cannot do, because they know it all and they are not playing with their money; they are playing with the taxpayer's money.
In their legal wisdom, they fired me after the judge's decision. My attorney is personally-naming Jorge Gomez, Denise Padres, and Angela Bradstreet in the whistleblowing and retaliation lawsuit because they should have never fired me. Unfortunately for the taxpayers, who are concurrently suffering from the state budget crisis, they will need to endure more fiduciary irresponsibility from DLSE attorneys.
The Feces 10 has proven to the courts that they cannot fix their own problems, they have proven to the public that they are dumber than most labor law violators, and they will give me yet another opportunity to show them for who they truly are.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Years later and Santa Ana DLSE still has no safety barrier...

What's the dipshit excuse now, no budget? Can't these spincter muscles find a way to get something done instead of providing excuses for consistent failures, blown deadlines, and fiduciary malfeasance? This is DLSE Supervisor Jorge Gomez, partying because the entire California COURT OF APPEALS building will be built before the DLSE has their ribbon-cutting ceremony on that new counter/reception area/safety barrier.
One friggin' office to be built versus an entire building. Does the entire DIRt/DLSE desk jockeys suffer from asswholeitis?
Congrats to latest Santa Ana hire DLSE Deputy Commissioner Susanita Parker on receiving two separate complaints for job performance, but she won't receive the same treatment as the blogger because they only want to discriminate, harass, and retaliate against the blogger. Five years after being placed on formal notice that the DLSE lacks a specific policy, and the DLSE still has no internal complaint investigations policy...just personal vendettas.

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