Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DIR employee Olga H. Garau finally rec'd justice: DIRt morons Tony Mischelle & Vanessa Whore-ton still can't get it right!

If Vanessa Whore-ton's legal acuity was as good as her fellatio skills....oh wait - they are not! If I was LLoyd Aubrey, I'd kick that skank to the curb...worthless, good for nothing and stupid.
State of California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Four, Case # B210335. Olga Garau v. SPB and DIRt...the gist of here to print
10/12/05: Garau hired as a DIRt lawyer
04/05/06: DIRt puts Garau on admin leave, intending to reject her probation
04/11/06: DIRt screws up their final deadline date, prompting appeal
The ALJ who heard the case sustained Vanessa Whore-ton's rejection...big shock there that the ALJ whore themselves to the Department they're protecting
09/04/07: SPB rejects the ALJ decision and immediately reinstates Garau
DIRt appeals too late (no date specified-shocking!)
01/08/08: SPB denies DIRt's rehearing request
02/22/08: DIRt files Writ of Mandate
03/11/08: Garau files cross-petition
05/29/08: Hearing held, court intends to side with DIRt!
06/26/08: 2nd hearing decided & judgment entered, against Garau & for DIRt!
Garau files timely appeal
10/19/09: Appellate Court overturns court decision, reinstates Garau and states that the triel court erred when "starting from scratch" Garau's entire employment with the state.
DISCUSSION: these a-holes at the Dept. of Industrial Relations - Anthony Mischel, Venessa "Ima Whore" Holton, Angela Bradstreet, Victoria Bradshaw, the entire Feces 10 are just the tip of the poo-poo iceberg at DIRt. The SPB ordered Garau reinstated and DIRt refused to comply with that order, a direct violation of Government Code Section 18710. Not only that, but Garau requested immediate reinstaement no less than four times...only to be ignored by DIRt. Once again, these douchebags think that they are above the law, that they can do anything they want whenever they want and that they are accountable to no one.
These DIRt lawyers...ha! They cannot figure out the final day for a rejection from probation you really think that they can handle Mark Rosen? He's a very skilled litigator with a great case. Unless the Blogger gets run over by a CalTrans truck....they gonna lose hard...they got no case and they got no skills! Congrats to Olga Garau for representing herself, going the entire distance (from 2005 to 2009), and having the courage to face the entire DIRty crew of whores, cheats, liars and thieves. Vanessa Holton makes Angela Bradstreet look like Victoria Bradshaw! Tony Mischel still just looks like an older, fatter, straighter version of Dean Fryer...just as dumb, just as icky!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DIRt management keeps pissing off the taxpayers...this only proves that my serving the public and not DLSE ass-clowns was right & true: I will win

This was a comment posted earlier, so I thought I would cut & paste it and let the general public read it. If DIRt/DLSE cannot comply with the simplest of tasks, then those morons should be terminated and replaced immediately. 'Tards like Jorge Gomez, Angela Badstreet, Abby Calva, Vanessa Holton, and Vick "the dick" Bradshaw have not only proven themselves to be unfit for public service but also have proven themselves to be self-serving bureaucrats that only enrich themselves and their careers.
In short this is my admitted “venting” to DLSE/DIR hypocrisy, where they have proven time and time again that they have no respect for any rational argument - in this case in regard to fundamental due process and the California Public Records Act. It is addressed to DIR Chief Deputy Director David Rowan. For a complete copy of my fax to this degenerate public clown, please email me at
“In regard to my PRA requests and your conclusions that somehow the hearing recording gaps have been explained; how can we explain this 27 minute first afternoon hearing record gap? DLSE Padres’ reasoning about this stated that the disc recordings ran out of time with the disc’s limitations and HO Murphy failed to change to a new disc in time, correct? How can Padres and you explain that the first morning recording is 80 minutes long and the first afternoon recording stops abruptly at 53 minutes? The 27 minute gap must also be the time lapse between your active brain cells if you accept such an unfounded conclusion as you tacitly have by not addressing its absurdity. In fact you stated that it was “plausible explanations for the discrepancies in the hearing recordings”, which I interpret as your big fat lie. What could have been the motivation by Padres’ wonderfully short-sighted theory? She wouldn’t just make this leaky theory up and you accept it because you both want to kiss the status quo’s big kahuna butt? We must all admit that self-preservation is the law of the jungle and must be the prime motivator of all the denizens on the DLSE and DIR turf equally as I’ve observed in scaling its hierarchy. I guess this is the closest you’ll ever come to a democratic entity, acting in unison as a herd species in blind, stupid agreement. And in regard to these DLSE and DIR purposeful nonactions that are perniciously designed not to enforce the labor laws or observe due process while steadfastly refusing to weigh any evidence to the contrary, I’m reminded of the powerful metaphor in Orwell’s Animal Farm: “Four legs good, two legs bad”, where the pigs eventually act like their masters. Which in your case translates to the engine that was intended to protect laborers, now exploits them. This hypocrisy begets the worst kind of cronyism where everyone’s motive is fear of exposing this cynicism and a compulsion to watch out for everyone else’s butt at the expense of what was suppose to be a functioning, humane institution. If you don’t believe me take a look at the “DLSE/Dir(t)” graffiti that your own employees have desperately resorted to at
In summary, I can understand the evolutionary process behind say a dung beetle on dung patrol. At least his efforts might benefit the dung beetle colony. While at the DIR/DLSE the shit only mucks up the works for those honest, hard-working Californians like me who have sought justice at these state agencies. I, like many others, have been ripped off by abysmally corrupt imposters like you who pretend to uphold the labor laws and maintain due process. The DLSE and DIR have proved themselves a disgrace and should be confined to the histories of the Third Reich, witch burnings and other abhorrent anachronisms that have obstructed the path of human progress.”

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The latest, but it may be dated....

So the morons at DLSE: Jorge Gomez, Angie Badstreet, and Abby Calva are not gonna be having fun in about a year and a half. If they keep hoping that I'll get hit by a bus or a car & thus avoid losing litigation, then they might want to think about settling and giving me my job back, because I will be coming back since those 'tards cannot & will not have the authority to settle this, especially given California's financial 'tardation.
Congrats to Susanita Parker for having the largest caseload in the shortest amount of time while employed as a DLC I! This will come back to bite Jorge Gomez in the ass during his deposition as well as Abby Calva because they're constantly looking at the monthly stats! I cannot wait for jorge to be all-nervous and then pretend memory loss! You know what they say...moron at deposition, moron at trial!
I have heard that Kimchi Vu is nothing more than a Hearing Scheduler and her conferences are bullsh*t. In light of the furlogh, she spends half of her time on the 4th floor where her only Vietnamese friends hang, Jorge knows she disappears and does nothing. All Kim does is set her stuff to hearing, and she has all three hearing Officers working for her. Exactly, what the hell is California paying her for, since she does not settle wage claims? How much should the taxpayer pay for some desk jockey to process paperwork that my blind monkey can process? Moving on....
DLSE tells one of their Hearing Officers to reduce the 1,000+ hours of accrued vacation in some systematic plan, only to rescind the order because that actually means that the hearing Officer will be gone for hundreds of hours....hand to God, these morons could not find their butthole with a funnel.