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The judge sided with DLSE in all parts of their case. The judge is paid by the SPB, which is a division of the state. The SPB is there to protect its own; they are the state's Human Resources and if anyone knows anything, Human Resources is there to protect the employer.
The judge never addressed the whistleblowing, which was a solid basis for appeal. I decided to stop throwing away money at a state department that does a disservice to the pubic, a system that promotes career incest, and a system that neither desires transparency nor change.
I make no apologies; I helped those that deserved help, I didn't whore myself out to ascend the career ladder and in the end, my fate was of my own choosing. The People of California got fucked when DIRt terminated Miles Locker & me; self-serving career bureaucrats won.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DLSE is a corrupt organization acting as Labor Unions personnel harassment tool against non-union businesses. Their "attorneys" are liars and scum who's only objective is to win the case by using any deceitful means possible. They are the Unions whores and are driving respectable businesses out of Ca in droves. Businesses that have been unfairly raped by this organization should unit in a class action lawsuit in federal courts against this California farce and hang these bastards as they deserve.

1/04/2012 10:44 PM  
Blogger Author said...

This was the rule when I enforced the DLSE laws: go after the mom & pop businesses and leave the corporations alone. The corporations had all the money/lawyers to fight but the small business owners had nothing, so go after them. You'll never see this in an email or memo, all you gotta do is pick a dateline to see what who got picked apart versus who got accused. The DLSE cannot overcome forensics, only hide, delay & shred.

1/06/2012 8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We performed a Prevailing Wage construction project for a California State Agency who had oversight of our workers tasks and wages paid, and they did not have any issues with our determinations. When the project was completed, a labor organization turned us into the DLSE for allegedly underpaying our workers. To repeat: "A LABOR ORGANIZATION TURNED US IN", even though none of our workers ever filed a complaint. The labor organization performed their "audit" (which was intened to inflict the most pain to our non-union company) and turned it into the DLSE who simply rubber stamped the unions audit, and sent us a $100,000.00 bill. We hired two separate law firms over a six month period to defend ourselves, and finally had to settle because we could not continue to pay the $500.00 per hour attorneys fees. We wrote to our senator and governor who were as worthless as the DLSE was in listening to the facts of the case. We even had one of the employees who was allegedly underpaid testify in our hearing on OUR behalf, who emphatically argued that he had not performed any of the work duties that the DLSE said he had done, and they ignored his testimony as well. They ignored all the facts and nearly put a company out of business that had paid all the wages correctly as outlined in DLSE wage determinations. The DLSE acts in the same fashion as the Nazi SS, by invading the legitimate business practices of companies already struggling to survive in the worst state in the nation to do business in (see: http://chiefexecutive.net/best-worst-states-for-business) so that they can be labor organizations personal henchmen. This while California taxpayers subsidize a labor mafia when the state is trying to dig out of a 9 billion dollar budget deficit caused in part by running businesses out of state and thus destroying the tax base for state revenues. Then our idiotic organized labor installed governor Brown suggests that everybody in the state pay more taxes so he can piss away more money on the dozens of anti-business agencies in this state.

I respect your attempt to bring these criminals to justice, and very strongly believe that a very large movement could be established to correct the crimes that the DLSE is committing. Can you be contacted outside of this public forum?

1/07/2012 11:16 AM  
Anonymous heliocen said...

Upon reflection, I really appreciate this blogger’s website and hope it continues despite my observation that it often gave off more heat than light. (Except for my input, of course-ha ha.) What disappoints me though is that there are so few blogs or websites in general about the DLSE corrupt practices. And this is “curiouser and curiouser” because we all agree what a dung hole we’ve been forced to travel through with this Malice in Wonderland Colonoscopy. But Mad hatter hats off to our host and best of luck!

I have no doubt of the basic truths of anonymous in regard to unions and their potentially corrupting influence at the DLSE. But I can attest to the fact that small businesses can be just as abusive to its employees as any other business entity. And if a lawyer shows up against an employee representing himself then the DLSE will lick the boot of the small business as an involuntary reflex action. I’ve personally witnessed this and it’s revolting. I’ve been screwed by corporations too and the old saw about corporations is certainly true in that they neither have a soul nor a body to incarcerate, so always get off scot-free. I take a Darwinian approach to the DLSE and the rampant American government corruption in general. I think the Big Pimps are certainly the lawyers and as far as I am concerned they run everything like one giant mafia. Think of it, whoever wins or losses, the lawyers, with or without black robes, always run the show and come out with big pay days. And if you have no lawyer you have no rights in America. And I’ve worked for the California State Bar and for good reason no lawyer fears them because when it comes to their own they treat them like babies in their mothers’ arms. Next in the pecking order are corporations who as we know are America lock, stock and barrel. Way down the line I’d put unions, who at least put up a weak if doomed fight against corporations and their lawyers. Almost non-existent are small businesses and non-existent are everyone else.
The DLSE are merely nurse maids cleaning up the big boys’ messes and badly representing the reason why you should not haul off and punch out your bosses.

1/18/2012 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim Culbeaux and sista Christine Baker are raping California taxpayer. They belong in jail.

Jerry Brown Oakland Hills resident promotes his neighbors to f_ck the taxayers.

2/04/2012 12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger you did a favor to the taxpayers. Some of the management are dropping like flies, i.e., retiring before they had planned to, with the exception of a few that are still hanging on but hopefully not for long. The new Director should start making the people that have been in management for over 30 years retire and let new blood come in with fresh ideas. As long as the old management is still around, things will not improve.

3/19/2012 6:25 PM  
Blogger Author said...

The horrible people like Susan Nakagama, Abigail Calva, Jorge Gomez, Anthony Michel, Denise Padres, Victor Jurado, et al are nothing more than 3rd-rate tools that will never have real IQs over 99. Sure, Tony can pass the Bar, Abby can bang/cheat on her dentist & Suzy can bang her way to Regional Manager but in the end, I have no business working for these idiots. They see offices are "theirs" and not the taxpayer's.

This is how fvcking stoopid Susan Nakagama is: she hired David Egawa because he was a lawyer & Japanese (like her) and then the pro-Japanese racist (Nakagama) didn't want to hire me because of my Border Patrol experience. Thankfully, Roger Miller over-ruled her on my hire and I was able to clean up a lot of sweatshops. David resigned under a cloud of "batteries for vibrator" workplace comments.

The entrenched bureaucrats groom & promote only those that will be their exact puppets of themselves...I want you to meet New Boss, same as Old Boss. Jorge Gomez, one of the biggest idiots afraid of his own shadow, still works for the very same agency that refuses to promote him-even though he kisses so much ass that Mrs. Calva finds it unnecessary to buy toilet paper.

Instead of abandoning on such a disloyal agency, the frightened, little bureaucrat clocks in & waits to be told what to do: this is a disservice to taxpayers but the people who effect change are driven out, one way or the other.

4/02/2012 12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the people that you mentioned have been forced to retire, except the witch Nakagama, but hopefully the new labor commissioner will see that she too needs to go like the rest of the groupies

4/05/2012 11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I strongly believe the DLSE violated my statutory and civil rights, failed to perform their mandatory duties setforth by law, and as a consequence caused me huge financial damages!!

My issues were sent directly to Christine Baker and Julie Su as of November 2011. To date, Julie Su never responded. Christine Baker didn't respond until March 2012.

Since 2010 I have dealt with Jorge Gomez directly at the DLSE Santa Ana Office. A horrific story!

Is it possible to get the name of the blogger's civil case?

Is it possible to speak with the author of this blog directly?

4/05/2012 7:20 PM  
Anonymous heliocen@hotmail.com said...

Dear DLSE nimrods;
This is my recent response to Gov. Brown, where he moronically stated that it was out of his jurisdiction to make his own DIR Director follow the labar laws and answer my appeal:

Frankly I find your response to my exposure that your Director of Industrial Relations arrogantly refuses to abide by CA labor laws insulting to anyone who cares about the law. And I don't know how far you have to dumb your cognitive faculties down to dish up such mindless tripe that your hands are tied because its out of your “jurisdiction”. What does that mean? Aren't you the Governor of California or just of moonbeams? Do you think that people buy such stupid responses? By extension of this absurd position here's a hypothetical: suppose Duncan decided that instead of just pretending to do his job by not answering appeals as the law requires, he decided instead to make it a policy that the DIR should simply serve employees with labor complaints livers up at mealtime with a fine Chianti and fava beans? And you find out about it. Would you consider that non-jurisdictional as well and just sit on your your hands as you've effectively done here? Do you get how stupid and infuriating that kind of mindless rationale appears?
And I've worked for the CA state bar and am quite familiar of how their hands are tied too. My retaliation case included this same lawyer who committed fraud in my federal cases . The basis of my retaliation claims was that my former employer fired me because they found out about my federal case and stupidly hired that same lawyer to represent them (if the DIR/ DLSE fix wasn't in they would have lost this case dead to rights.) But at the CA state bar I let these lawyers know about these acts of this lawyer who committed fraud in this federal case. And you know what their response was? They imitated the racial harassment gestures at me that were in that complaint. Such was their contempt for this records coordinator that wasn't one of “them”. They also told me that they couldn't accept my evidence because it wasn't somehow co-signed by a judge. What a bunch of contemptuous idiots and I'm definitely getting the same vibe here. And the irony was that I, going pro se, got a large settlement based on this fraud evidence. So it wasn't a lack of intelligence or perspective on my part, but stupid arrogant assholes who don't give a shit about upholding the law. And that vibe is also definitely true in this stupid response.
This is such a travesty.

5/25/2012 10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5/31/2012 1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adios pals; it's been fun but there are new gigs in the horizon and I must stop.

Good luck Christopher; wish the best for the rest of your working career.

Greg Rupp and Susan, go fuck yourselves.

Best wishes to you all.

9/29/2012 9:59 AM  

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