Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April, 2009 update of the Santa Ana DLSE office (names were deliberately changed to protect the innocent)

I had lunch with Jorge Gomez and Robert Jones, both of them looked horrible-Jorge had his bad hair dye job as he hates being a grandfather, and Robert's knees still hurt from all of his attempts at getting confirmed by the California Senate for some do-nothing state job that pays $150k/year, but moving on....
Apparently, Denise Padres decided to promote a boatload of girlfriends to the position of IRR, thus positioning them to rapidly advance as DLCs-since that's the next step up from IRR. You go girl!
Jorge has been systematically retaliating against his only Hearing Officer that actually writes up the hearing's decision in a timely manner. Jorge doesn't give a rat's ass about DumbBar's 100+ backlog, as DumbBar is writing up decisions on hearings held in December...By the way, DumbBar was Gomez's personal selection for the Vicky Tamoush hearing officer vacancy. Just goes to show, urinal water seeks its own level. As for the other hearing officer, she's about 15+ hearings behind in her decision write ups, and it doesn't matter because Jorge has an altogether different mission: retaliating against the one hearing officer that asked for and was denied telecommuting. DLSE officially stated that there is no telecommuting policy, as they have been very busy terminating & retaliating against other employees to do any productive work that would reduce their liability.
The union representing the hearing officer, CASE, is about as dumb as they are slow. If they could make the hearing officer's adverse action disappear, then they could get back into bed with DLSE management, but DLSE management is so dysfunctional that CASE actually might win this one, but not because of their talent...even a broken clock is right twice a day. The hearing officer has a very strong case for discrimination, since DLSE management apparently forgot to discipline all of the other females involved with the email adverse action suffered by the male hearing officer!
Is Vanessa Holton a special-needs attorney, as well as her minions? How did these legal rejects think that they could discipline a male DLSE employee but not the female DLSE employees (PLURAL)? Just as they were trying to settle the case with the hearing officer, these idiots kick Jorge Gomez in the butt to start harrassing the hearing officer, thus adding to the hearing officer's retaliation...can't wait for DFEH and EEOC to weigh-in on this once the dust settles.