Friday, May 30, 2008

DLSE lost Murphy 0 to 7, now they lost Jones 0 to 5, and they will lose to Miles Locker...arrogant a-holes are on a losing streak!

Wow, there is a God.
I was starting to lose faith that every DLSE/DIR/LWDA jerk appointed to public service will continue to butt-rape the California taxpayer.  Deputy butt-lick Secretary Robert Jones is gone, click pics to enlarge and read.  You know the DLSE management 'tards will click these pics, because that's what 'tards do, they read the news while true leaders make the news.
Perata made news today, and Miles Locker will make news soon enough.  What realy sux is that the DLSE/DIR/LWDA management FECES will probably find a nice cushy job for Robert Jones-*sshole, only this time it might be a non-political appointment for $125,000+ per year. If they're dumb enough to hurt the taxpayer to do this (keep having him collect a state paycheck), then I will have no mercy on them and they will see a postcard & letter writing campaign that they have never seen.
Victoria Bradshaw is an evil idiot for rubbing stamping this moron for appointment, and Governor Schwarzenegger is a bigger idiot for listening to Vicky Bradshaw...isn't it time for her fat ass to go live in her Italian villa where she can try and squeeze her Size 12 boats into some Size 7 Gucci pumps?  Victoria Bradshaw is a big, fat loser.  John Rea is a big, fat loser.  Robert Jones is a big, fat loser moron.
Robert Jones: don't go away mad, just go have no choice, bye-bye, a-hole!  Make sure you regale your grandkids with how proud you were to screw over the working Californian.  Great life you've made for yourself, jerk.

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LWDA Secretary Victoria Bradshaw's loser career highlights:

1) Bradshaw's the same loser that lost the US Supreme Court case Livadas v. Bradshaw, right?
2) Bradshaw hired Jose Millan, the same guy that lost Cuadra v. Millan, right?
3) Bradshaw ended up making Millan leave his LWDA Deputy Secretary position because of his meal & rest period games, right?
4) Bradshaw then picked Robert Jones to replace that loser Jose Millan, right?
5) Robert Jones, after he thoroughly f*cks the DLSE, is selected by Bradshaw as Deputy Secretary to continue the work of Jose Millan, right?
6) Robert Jones fails to receive one pinche vote for his senate confirmation, right?
7) Bradshaw used her position & personnel to terminate Miles Locker, via Robert Jones, John Rea, and Anthony Mischel, right?
8) Victoria Bradshaw, appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is so stupid that she doesn't know what a meal and a rest period is; furthermore, the jackass morons she hires are also so stupid that they can't figure it out for her, right?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vicky Bradshaw's whore-Robert Jones-to be bent over (again) on Wednesday, May 21st at 1:30pm

After watching the Senate confirmation of Robert Jones on, I cannot wait for them to finish him off.  This snake doesn't deserve to be anywhere near public service; in fact, he should be in jail for what he has done/tried to do to the workers of California as well as the workers of those that enforce our labor laws, the DLSE.
This is classic Robert Jones: he issued a no-speak gag order on his own DLSE attorneys, so a DLSE attorney goes to ACLU for help (she cannot go to Jones, obviously). She has a kid and there are health complications with the kid, so she requests unpaid leave, and he tells her no f*cking way.  Retaliation for going to the ACLU? You bet.  Who keeps Jones in check?  That other jackass, Victoria Bradshaw, who was personally appointed by Girlie Man GAS to head the new agency & taxpayer black hole, the LWDA.  Robert Jones eventually makes nice with the ACLU, and 4 days after making nice with the ACLU, he terminates Miles Locker for the same reasons (supposedly) reconciled with the ACLU.  So not only is Robert Jones a stinking pile of feces, but he's a lying, stinking pile of feces.  In 02/07, he told me to either settle with him or I'll be fired; needless to say, I'll be here and he'll be going.  Miles Locker will be coming back!
It turns out that Jones sharpened his horns on Miles Locker after only 1 month of being hired, so who was really behind the assassination of Miles Locker's career?  Victoria Bradshaw, John Rea, and Anthony Mischel.  These three douchebags were Robert Jones' pimps, and Robert Jones whored himself for personal gain.  Vicky Bradshaw & John Rea didn't have the balls to do it themselves, so they outsourced it to Robert Jones and Tony Mischel.  Tony Mischel is one of the biggest pieces of feces collecting a paycheck from the taxpayers, but in the end, Victoria Bradshaw and John Rea should be held responsible for the actions of Robert Jones and Anthony Mischel.  Vicky Bradshaw's so stupid, it's a wonder why she hasn't figured out why Tony Mischel is a 3rd-rate lawyer in a 3rd-rate state agency.  She and John Rea gave him the job of getting rid of Miles, and she's about as successful at that as making meal & rest periods a penalty...LOSER!
GAS brought Vicky Bradshaw back into public service-who's a Pete Wilson flunkie, and 3 days after her hiring, she dragged Miles Locker into her office and demanded to know who decided meal & rest periods were wages and not penalties.  Make no mistake, this meal & rest period thing is HUGE in California, it's in the hundred of millions of dollars, and shitty employers need Vicky Bradshaw to get rid of Miles Locker so illegitimate employers can abuse labor laws/workers.  Legitimate employers don't care because they follow the law; it's the illegitimate employers whose special interest are served by GAS, Victoria Bradshaw, John Rea, Anthony Mischel, and Robert Jones.
Oh Happy Days when Bradshaw, Rea, Mischel, and Jones no longer collect a paycheck from the taxpayers of California.  The taxpayers deserve better than these fecal piles.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why is Susan Nakagama not holding 98a hearings? Only 1 debarrment in Public Works last year? What were her & Lauro Cons doing to collect their check?

So after Susan Nakagama and Lauro Cons tried to retaliate against a DLC that filed a workers comp. complaint, they put the two of those jackasses into a corner to limit the amount of destruction Nakagama and her lackey could do to the public.
They figured Public Works, right?  Republican Administration, very few violations to be found, yadda yadda, yadda.  In 365 days, there was only 1 debarrment?  You gotta be kidding me!  Lauro Cons, Julie Tarazon, Gretchen Torregano, and Susan Nakagama should be holding 98a hearings to bring the Corrales decision under control.  Make these civil servants either earn their paycheck or leave...either way, the DLSE and Californians win!
What the Labor Commissioner should do is nail down the dates of when they held that cattle call and ascertain which managers called in sick for those 3 days!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Watch Bradstreet's and Robert Jones' confirmation hearing...Roger Miller was there (did Nakagama fly up to give him his special "hello?")

1) Go to
4) Type "051508" (no quotes), click submit and wait for it to load
5) Go to: SENATE   COMMITTEE   RULES   and click watch
6) Load it up and watch!
Bradstreet's gonna get confirmed, but Robert Jones won't sit down for a month! Ouch!  They ruined him!  I don't think that butthole will get confirmed, so that LWDA dumbass Victoria Bradshaw (or that other idiot Gov. Schwarzenegger) will need to give that butthole another state paycheck that doesn't require confirmation.
What sux is that the butthole Robert Jones collected a state paycheck for almost 3 years (2 years as Acting Labor Commissioner, and 1 year as Deputy Secretary) and almost single handedly ruined labor relations, both internally and externally...all on the taxpayers back.  He grossed almost $400,000 in 3 years and systematically screwing over the working Californian while simultaneously bending over for employer special interests.
Label this one as "Don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass (no offense, Dean Fryer).

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Friday, May 16, 2008

DLSE mgr. Jorge Gomez takes another crap on another employee...this time, Vicky Tamoush is leaving the DLSE. Mr. Gomez should leave, as he has failed.

Santa Ana office supervisor Jorge Gomez lost another substandard public servant, but the worst substandard public servant in Santa Ana still collects a paycheck.  Who?  Jorge Gomez.  Vicky Tamoush would still be here if Jorge had properly supervised her.  When she screwed up, and it was often, all he had to do was to crack the whip and warn her not to do it again.  Instead, he shirked his supervisory duties and chose cowardice over supervision.  Jorge Gomez is a supervisor, and he failed to supervise.  His working title wasn't "coward," though one would think he is paid to avoid issues and concerns.
At the end of the day, his job was to increase Vicky's level of performance to the public.  Jorge Gomez failed as a supervisor because her performance became so substandard that she left the DLSE.  Without detracting from Vicky's faults, there are no bad employees, only bad supervisors.  His job was to monitor and evaluate performance.  His job was to communicate deficiencies.  His job was to take corrective action, if needed.  Jorge Gomez stacked the deck against Vicky Tamoush and probably told her to leave (or else).  Vicky Tamoush didn't turn into shit overnight, and that's why Jorge Gomez is to blame.    In this respect, Jorge Gomez has failed miserably, and this wasn't his first substandard employee.
Based upon my investigation, Jorge Gomez has known about Vicky Tamoush's departure for at least two weeks.  They have failed to schedule her hearings, knowing that she'll be leaving.  She had her custom desk removed from the state building, and Jorge Gomez kept this a secret.  Jorge Gomez is good at keeping secrets, but as with any secret, it eventually leaks.  My secret is that I know how Jorge leaked it.
A similar situation happened to Mary Tokar, who retired before Jorge Gomez could correct her identified deficiencies.  Jorge Gomez had 15 years to bring Mary up to par, and he failed there, too.  15 years and he couldn't get it right.  By my math, DLC Mary Tokar retired and DLC Vicky Tamoush transferred out of the DLSE within the last five months of each other.  It seems that Jorge Gomez does not know how to manage, but it seems that he does know how to be a coward and he does know how to create the worst office morale in any state agency.  Oh yeah, today is his wedding anniversary; at least he's kept that together.

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Is Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet blind? Why does she let her managers throw darts on the wall while Corrales kicks her in the ass???

Does Angela Bradstreet have the slightest clue how to fix Corrales?  Every manager throwing darts at the wall, i.e., DOING NOTHING, can start holding hearings and conferences to reduce the backlog highlighted in the Corrales decision that blamed Bradstreet.
If nothing else, it will get the slow and the stupid managers to retire early.  The last time they did a cattle call, where all managers & lawyers were tasked with holding hearings, Regional Manager Susan Nakagama called in sick for ALL THREE DAYS!  As an example, that dumb moron (Nakagama) is extremely afraid of holding hearings and of speaking/deciding on the record.  If you want her to retire, you have her hold hearings until she either retires or Corrales is fixed.  Same thing with Greg Rupp, Abigael Calva, Lauro Cons, and Eric Rood.
None of these managers do anything with their workday, but you can't fire them because of civil service rules, so instead, you just make them earn their paycheck.  The managers still get paid/collect benefits, the kick-in-the-nuts Corrales decision gets fixed, and those that don't want to hold hearings will go away...I don't see a downside to this solution.  All the deadwood floats away, the public gets served in a timely manner, and you have state workers earning their wage: 8 hours work for 8 hours pay.
If Labor Commissioner Bradstreet cannot bring conferences & hearings under control using this solution, then she is a co-conspirator in defrauding the public from its general funds by allowing state management to do nothing yet collect very high wages.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

DLSE Management Feces deny telework to career, 30-yr. Hearing Officer. Management Feces also reverting back to vinyl records to record hearings

I don't think that DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva could stink up this place anymore than she already has.
Not only would it be very interesting to depose her about her relationship with former Labor Commissioner Lloyd Aubrey, but it seems to escape her IQ that poking a sleeping bear only produces one reaction.
Supervisor Jorge Gomez has emphatically stated to his staff that he cannot wipe his nose without first seeking the approval of his boss, Regional Manager Abigael Calva.
DLSE Hearing Officer Jim Jackson has been faithfully serving the public for three decades, and this is how they treat him?  Well, if Jorge Gomez isn't full of it, then Abbby Calva is....micromanagers, desperately & pathetically trying to maintain their power and control.
The real problem here is that neither Abby Calva nor Jorge Gomez know how to manage/lead; they only know how to please their masters by barking out the same orders of their handlers.  That's not managing; that's parroting, just like the bird.  Unfortunately, Jorge Gomez doesn't have the sack to publicly point the finger to Abby, so officially, it is Gomez who rejected Jackson's request.
Do you know how they reward Jorge Gomez's loyalty for keeping his mouth shut?  They flunk him on the DLC IV exam!  So not only does he behave like a professional prison wife, but he's too dumb to know that he's a prison wife!  There's no way that I would do the bidding of these idiots after they flunked me on an exam that outsider/noob Eric Rood passed and received the promotion!  Gomez doesn't get it because he's a moron; that's who DLSE promotes to serve the public.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LWDA, DIRt, and DLSE deny their employees the right to telework, even though this right is written into the collective bargaining agreement

It's written into our very own employment contract: TELEWORK SHALL NOT BE UNREASONABLY DENIED. The management feces will suggest that we use the grievance procedure with the union, and the only thing that does is delay it for a year and longer as it moves along the grievance process, because the management feces needs four levels of denial before they can start laughing at their employees for having stuck the telework denial in their eye.
DIR/DLSE management does everything they can to stick it up the asses of their Deputy Labor Commissioners (DLC)s. Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet gets a beat-down with Corrales, and it's the DLCs who suffer. LWDA Deputy Secretary Robert Jones greases the palms for CMS, and it's the DLCs who suffer (not to mention the taxpayers). LWDA Secretary Victoria Bradshaw gets a beat-down with Livadas, and it's the DLCs who suffer. DLSE's very best Jackass, Greg Rupp, becomes Acting Labor Commissioner for a day, giving him time to push through meal & rest period laws that are eventually overturned because of their illegality, and it is the DLCs who suffer (not to mention the victims/wage claimants).
This is just another day where LWDA, DIRt, and DLSE give their employees the knife in the back. Governator wants less traffic congestion, happy (e.g., productive) state employees, higher morale, so this "telework" language is built into our contract. And even though telework is also a recruiting tool for state employees, you have management feces like supervisor Jorge Gomez, Regional Manager Abigael Calva, and Deputy Chief Denise Padres doing everything they can to deny telework to their workers.
This is what's so funny about insecure, incompetent, control freak managers: they cannot manage, so they think someone siting at their desk must be working. Citizens and members of the public, both employees and employers, deserve better than the feces serving them. Management feces is old and stinky and should retire to go & rot elsewhere. For the record, my morale and productivity is directly related to management feces' denial of telework, so I could be more productive working away from my desk, but the management feces wants me roting at my desk, too.
We should continue working with their management tools like carbon paper and typewriters...old and outdated should be DLSE's motto.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Feces 10, Pastor John Hagee, Pat Tillman's mom, The Keating Five

It's so fitting that John McCain is officially connected to anti-gay pastor John Hagee, who is quoted as saying that Hurricane Katrina was God's wrath upon the homosexuals (click here for Google links).  Generally, Republicans are not affiliated with homosexuals, but what do you call homosexuals who call themselves Democrats but are really Republicans?  Is there anyone out there that thinks Hagee is normal?  Is there anyone out there who really thinks that God made Hurricane Katrina because of the gay parade that they were having at the same time?  By the way, Hagee is also anti-Catholic, so someone like Hagee who's (allegedly) filled with God's love has a lot of hate in their heart.  This lunatic is connected the the very best republican presidential candidate John McCain, who has yet to throw Hagee under the bus like Obama did with Wright.  I find it laughable that anyone would take Hagee's comment's seriously, but I find it really scary that any political candidate would want this kind of connection to lunacy, but then again, this is America and the taxpayers have the chance to vote this clown (McCain) into office in November.  For me, I'm for Obama, as Hillary and McCain are nothing more than symbols of the status quo political system.
Once again, the Bush Administration is still covering up the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman.  Mary Tillman, Pat's mother, is still trying to find the truth into her son's death, where the Bush Administration still spins his death into a recruiting tool (click here for Google links).  Seven investigations and two congessional hearings still can't convey the truth, and leaders wonder why people like me are f*cking fed up with those in command having no place to be in command.  The government first lied and said Tillman died in combat, and then when it was leaked that they lied about it, they then said Tillman died of friendly fire.  Mary Tillman said the lie started with Donald Rumsfeld, but don't look for any punishments soon.  Just like CMS and the Feces 10, this Bush Administration has disrespected the honor of those soldiers who have died in this war by lying to those families who have suffered such loss of life.
Does anyone remember The Keating Five (click here for Google links)? It was the Savings & Loan scandal of the 80's & 90s involving 5 US Senators who were connected to Charles Keating, one of them being presidential candidate John McCain.  This is the best republican presidential candidate America puts forth?  This is the guy that wants us in Iraq for 100 years and wants to wage war in Iran.
People like Bush, like McCain, and like Schwarzenegger do not live in the same reality as the majority of the taxpayers.  California's almost $20,000,000,000.00 budget problem cannot be bailed out via more bonds (again).  People complain about Democrats being 'tax & spend," but Schwarzenegger's been nothing but "bond & spend."  We cannot get business cards at the Santa Ana office, but the Feces 10 who gave DLSE the $6,000,000.00+ taxpayer-paid CMS abortion have yet to be charged criminally or administratively disciplined.  Not one of the Feces 10 has attempted to fix this for the taxpayer; $6,000,000.00+ is a lot of taxpayer waste...Dean Fryer, Rick Rice, Angela Bradstreet keep their pieholes shut about CMS' aftermath, but they certainly take time out of their day to cry about critics & to defend the Governator.  Isn't this the same Governator that denied gay marriage?  Back in the day, women could not vote, blacks could not vote, and gays were in the closet.  We still have a long way to go; gays will marry in California before the Feces 10 are held accountable for their destruction of DLSE and CMS.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

If LWDA jackass Robert Jones is to be confirmed by the Senate on May 14, then contact the Senate NOW!

Please contact every member of the Senate Rules Committee and find out who's in charge of reviewing, approving, and confirming this clown for his political appointment.  Here's what the Senate members need to ask at the confirmation hearing:
1) Why did you issue a "No-speak" memo to DLSE attorneys, only to cowardly yank it after they filed a PERB complaint?
2) Why did you terminate Miles Locker in exchange for being Acting Labor Commissioner and Acting Chief Counsel?  How long have you lived your life as Acting Jackass?
3) Why were you involved in the Blogger's Free Speech litigation, and why do you hate free speech, as evidenced by your 'No Speak' memo and anti-blogger involvement?
4) How long have you been a whore for the Meal & Rest Period reform attempted by the various lobbyists and political contributors?
5) Will you continue to whore yourself for either monetary gain or political power?  What is your starting price, and can an individual taxpayer afford it, other than the Governor that appointed you?
6) How much did you personally profit, either politically or financially, from the (at least) $6,000,000.00 taxpayer-paid abortion called "CMS?"
7) How were you able to deceive the taxpayers of their political due process by collecting a paycheck as Acting Labor Commissioner for almost two years?  Is it because they could not appoint you as Labor Commissioner because you would never be confirmed?  You received two years of experience, being a loyal a dedicated whore for your masters, so that it would be an easier sell to this political appointment?
8) Why were you down in San Diego, actively involved with the "Brinker" decision?  Was this another example of you on your knees, trying to please your masters?  Did the taxpayers pay for your flight from Nor Cal to San Diego?  What was the excuse/justification for the taxpayers to take in the shorts for your jaunt?
9) What was that stunt you tried to pull with Wal Mart?  Didn't you want to save them $60,000,000.00+ by knee-capping the lawsuit against them concerning the statute of limitations regarding meal & rest periods?  Is Wal Mart also one of your masters, or do you drop to your knees for any big corporation?
10) Other than living on your knees to please your masters, explain in detail how your public service benefits Californians overall, or do you just take up space to please elite millionaires and employers?
This clown has been a disaster for public service since DAY 1.  If he is confirmed by the senate, then  it will be a dark day for all Californians earning less than $125,000.00 per year.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Screwing over the taxpayer, in classic Santa Ana hearing officer Vicki Tamoush fashion

When Vicki Tamoush isn't invoking her own strange justice in wage claims, she has the chance to play games with BOFE citations.  LT wrote this one citation to a car wash, and the car wash owner appealed the citation.  Vicki Tamoush attempts to flim-flam the owner by tricking him into signing a time statute appeal waiver, so this way she can continue the hearing and nail the owner to the tune of $10,000.  The owner asks her to explain what he's about to sign, she mumbles something he doesn't understand (apparently hearing officer Tamoush cannot properly explain a citation waiver), so he refuses to sign what he doesn't understand.
Tamoush has no choice but to dismiss the citation because DLSE took too long in scheduling it.  Tamoush knows that she cannot hold the hearing unless the owner signs the time waiver, but instead of dismissing it as required, she sadly attempts to circumvent justice by tricking him into signing it.  This is another flagrant example of a classic DLSE/DIRt/LWDA butt-lick: someone who knows the law and knows better but deliberately acts contrary to the law or ethical codes of professional public service.  Tamoush also waited until the day of the citation hearing to attempt this hoodwink.  This garbage goes on all day because Jorge Gomez and Abigael Calva allow, permit, and condone Tamoush's boorish behavior against the taxpayer.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Santa Ana Deputy Labor Commissioner refused business cards; so far, no one charged, arrested, or disciplined for taxpayer-paid CMS millions-$ thievery

These are the official fecal matters of DIR, DLSE, and LWDA: Richard Munoz, Anthony Mischel, Vanessa Holton, Steve McGinty, Angela Bradstreet, John Rea, John Duncan, Robert Roginson, Robert Jones, Victoria Bradshaw: otherwise known as the Feces 10.  Most are lackey lawyers or political appointees, thus adding to their stink.
They do nothing to the guilty parties of CMS, the taxpayer-paid, multi-million dollar abortion that's officially listed as junk.  Not one *sshole has been charged/disciplined with that fiasco, but some DLC cannot order business cards because there's no money to pay for them.  No oversight, no accountability, and certainly no responsibility taken for CMS.  Not one of Feces 10 will provide any real numbers as to the true cost of CMS to the taxpayer.  The Feces 10 will continue to do what they do best, collect their paychecks, stink up the joint, and provide a disservice to the taxpayers of California
All these fecal matters do is wait for the Golden Bear to crap into their direct deposit accounts once a month; that pretty much sums up their usefulness to the taxpayers of California.

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