Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to give a California Assembly Member the brush-off OR how Angela Bradstreet vomits her own spin-doctoring

Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet: it's hard to ascertain when the bullsh*t stops and where the lies begin.Assembly Member Van Tran inquires about the Santa Ana safety barrier, so she immediately types up this garbage.
The DLSE Santa Ana office has no safety barrier, but what will you bet that Angela Bradstreet's fat ass is behind Extra Large Plexiglass? Hopefully these concerns will arise at her impending senate confirmation hearings.

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Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet vomit, page 2 of 2 (click pic to enlarge)

This is page two of Bradstreet's BULLSH* pic to enlarge, read and laugh at how she's giving an elected Assembly Member the brush off AND the middle finger!

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Bradstreet.barrier.lie.estimate.jpg (click to enlarge)

Bullsh*t timeline...nowhere near it

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Another hearing officer Vicki Tamoush, "serving the public" style to upset both employee & employer taxpayers

Since the DLSE has no policies and procedures for wage claim conferences [note: not the 98a hearing, described in the Labor Code, this is the informal settlement conference before the hearing], what we have are "practices." One of our practices is to inform the Deputy Labor Commissioner I or II that parties scheduled to participate in a conference or hearing that have arrived late or tardy be notified by the Counter Duty person.
This morning, Vicki Tamoush simply hid behind the partition and intentionally failed to notifiy Deputy Labor Commissioner Bruce Broadwater that one of his parties was late, so she let them just sit there in the waiting room while DLC Broadwater unknowingly continued the conference. Mr. Broadwater then discovers the inaction of DLC II Vicki Tamoush and informs DLC III Jorge Gomez about this discourteous treatment to the public. Unfortunately, Bruce Broadwater is talking to someone whose sole focus is to protect the butt-kissing snitch at all costs.
Ain't nuthin' gonna happen to Tamoush: attorney Afgani complains about Tamoush, they give Afgani to DLC II Jackson or DLC II Valdez. Boeing writes a seven-page complaint about DLC II Tamoush; ain't nuthin' happened to her! DLC II Vicki Tamoush intentionally delays Spanish wage claimants so her teacher/translator/pal Mindy receives the sweet $$$$ financial gain for her translating services, and nuthin' happens to Tamoush! Broadwater's concern for the public is falling upon deaf ears, as Jorge Gomez has proven to nurture and care for Vicki Tamoush at all costs. The state fired Watson for similar hearing officer shenanigans, but Tamoush gets a free pass from Senior Deputy Josephine Jorge Gomez, Regional Manager Abby Calva, Deputy Chief Denise Padres, and Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Helping the DLSE customer only bites you in the ass, OR, how Vicki Tamoush cried to Jorge Gomez, and how Jorge enables her crying

So I had this wage claim case where the claimant emailed me, asking for a status. I look it up and determine that Santa Ana supervisor Jorge Gomez assigned it to hearing officer Vicki Tamoush, but she had yet to schedule it. I reply to the person and inform them of the status and that Tamoush had the case. I also include her email address because Vicki can handle customer inquiries so long as it does not violate ex-parte communications.
Instead of solving the customer's query, she immediately cries to Jorge about me giving a member of the public her email address. If that wasn't bad enough, Jorge then proceeds to waste my time to discuss the possibilities of not informing the public of the email addresses of state employees. The last time I checked, an email address is the same as a fax or phone number, and if this agency had any earnest desire to serve the public, our email address would be on our business cards, just as the mandated phone & fax numbers. Most of DLSE's managers are either assholes, morons, or cowards. I have no use for them because they're part of the problem, not part of the solution. These morons want to remain in the 18th century, where phones, faxes, computers, (and now) emails are too futuristic for our caveman managers. This is our level of management competence.
Instead of him telling her to serve the public, he doesn't think twice about wasting my time in persuading me to refrain from handing out our email addresses of public servants. At the Santa Ana office, we have two Jorge's: one Jorge treats Vicki Tamoush with baby wipes & kid's gloves, the other Jorge is a real tough guy with Bruce Broadwater, the most successful wage claim settlement deputy Santa Ana has ever had. I want the Jorge that Vicki gets...kinda whimpy, kinda effeminate, kinda soft & squishy. This is the same Jorge that Abby gets. They don't get the tough-guy Jorge like we get.

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