Friday, December 28, 2007

Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet's Brinker letter, pages 1 & 2

This is the 5-page letter that Angela Bradstreet mailed to the various justices in her pathetic attempt to sway them to the same position as her pimps. Her pimps are pro-employer, therefore she is pro-employer, and now she wants the justices to share the same viewpoint.
I know from personal experience that she doesn't communicate with the "little" people, because I asked her to provide me a copy of this letter and she never responded. Maybe if I had a law degree & learned how to be a bigshot partner in a law firm would she then hit the 'reply' button in her email.
At the end of the day, it's not her job to comment on litigation that someone else is fighting (her & her pimps don't go after political contributors); it's her job to interpret the labor laws on the books & to enforce the labor laws on the books. Her inability to clarify the issues (as Labor Commissioner) makes her unfit for the position, and she should not be confirmed by the senate.

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Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet's Brinker letter, pages 3 & 4

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Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet's Brinker letter, page 5

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet's biased stance on the Brinker decision, now vacated & yet to be is she fair & impartial?

Fifteen (15) employer organizations wanted the Brinker decision published, and Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet (hat in hand) also tried to beg the justice(s) to have Brinker published. The decision was VACATED, so her request was all for naught.
An interesting fact: not one employee organization requested that the decision be published, so what does that tell you about Brinker's and Angela Bradstreet's contempt for employees?
Someone needs to start communicating with the unions and informing them about how our yet-to-be confirmed Labor Commissioner is so unprofessional that she's taking sides regarding private litigation & writing to the California Court of Appeal. Someone should ask that limousine liberal (a republican in Line 23 clothing) why her very own DLSE isn't suing Brinker (if she's sooooo concerned about the issues raised in her letter). If she's so eager beaver to clarify the issues, then why is she leaving the lawsuit to private litigation? Because Tracee Lorenz is doing the job Angela Bradstreet's supposed to do, besides-whores don't sue pimps; not while Angela's collecting a state paycheck. F*cking the taxpayers who work for begging letter at a time.
If someone throws a stick at Angela, will she leave?

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Leave it to the IRS to do the Labor Commissioner's job: independent contractors are really employees

In the Wall Street Journal (12/22/07), there's an article that the IRS is declaring FedEx workers as employees (much to the chagrin of FedEx), which blows a setback to FedEx. FedEx is a really big corporation; one corporation that Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreeet wouldn't bother investigating. Hell's bells, Angela Bradstreet's turning a blind eye to Brinker Restaurant's labor law violations, which is why those defendants are being sued privately (certainly not by those who enforce labor laws).
Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet is a shill for Labor Workforce Development Agency Secretary Vicky Bradshaw, and Vicky Bradshaw is a shill for the Governor. Angela's policies are Vicky's policies, which are really the Governator's policies, and they are certainly not the People's policies...the People's Governor-my ass.
Don't expect Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet to pull her head out of her ass and initiate some investigation into FedEx; she's too busy trying to save Brinker Restaurant...thank goodness that the judge told her (more or less) to go pound sand. Here's one of her begging letters (click pic to enlarge).

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Victoria Bradshaw, Robert Jones, Angela Bradstreet have fallen in love with Brinker Restaurant Corp; Brinker hates its workers, too?

Back in 2002, two DLSE attorneys nailed Brinkers (Chili's Grill & Bar, Romano's Macaroni Grill, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina,and Maggiano's Little Italy) for labor law violations to the tune of about $10,000,00.00 (ten million dollars).
November 18, 2003: day 2 of Victoria Bradshaw's political apppointment under the Governator. She hauls in Miles Locker and Anne Stevason and demanded to know who in the hell interpreted meal & rest periods as a three-year statute. Vicky's husband works as a big-shot lawyer for Jackson Lewis, who has the client of....wait for it....the California Retailer's Association, who really don't promote worker's rights & equality in the workplace.
August, 2004: another class action lawsuit filed against Brinker Restaurant Corp. for what? You guessed it, the same bullsh*t that they violated previously. Mind you, this was a private lawsuit not involving the DLSE...but guess who was there, listening in? Robert Jones, Vicky Bradshaw's favorite douchebag lap dog! He was there to make his little book report for Vicky Bradshaw! This is big-bucks, and well into the hundreds of millions of dollars, this meal & rest period thing.
September, 2007: the California Court of Appeal issues a "non-published" opinion concerning the Brinker lawsuit, meaning that (more or less), no one else needs to adhere to it. Over fifteen EMPLOYER organizations wrote letters to the court, begging the court to make the opinion "published," so that they could immediately start screwing over their employees. Do you know who else wrote a letter to the court, also begging them to make the opinion "published?" That's right, our very own Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet! She hates employees, too!
What business is it of hers, regarding a private lawsuit? Why is Vicky Bradshaw, Governor Schwarzenegger's ho puppet for the restaurant/retailer lobbies, sending a flunkie like Robert Jones down to San Diego to eavesdrop on private, class action litigation? Why is Angela Bradstreet writing such a biased letter to the court? Why does she hate employees? Doesn't she understand that not everyone can be a plantation owner? Wisely, the court denied her request.
Why is our Labor Commissioner so biased towards employees and so loving to employers; isn't her job is to be impartial and just to enforce the law?

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Current DLSE whispers....

I heard that Lupe retired because he hated working for Angela, and Angela thinks that Greg Rupp is dumb & worthless..she hates Greg Rupp. I also heard that John Rea was the #1 butthole that supervised Denise Padres' Hartwig decision. John Rea had to make sure that Hartwig was perfect before it was published. I've also been told that Angela Bradstreet's senate confirmation will be sometime in Spring, 2008. Make no mistake in my presence, whether in spirit or in person!

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biased & unfair DLSE/DIR exam results and the State Personnel Board's complete lack of oversight

For years, the DLSE has done things their way; in their habit of doing things their way, they have slanted, doctored, and mismananged these promotional exams that were originally intended to find and select the best person for the best job. This has not happened for a long time because the DIR/DLSE does not want it that way, and everyone working here with a double-digit IQ knows that. I can't speak to the computer exam allegations (because I'm still waiting for the paperwork....mail to T. Zatori, POB 26212; Austin, TX 78755), but I can speak to the DLC III and DLC IV exams I took.
People were on those panels that should have never been on those panels...when there's a questions about Corrales, it's insane (read: conflict of interest) to have Denise Padres on the panel, but that's the arrogance of the DIR/DLSE; the DIR/DLSE does whatever it wants, and the end result is that Denise Padres is on the panel, asking about Corrales.
This is the same department that qualified Lauro Cons to be a DLC III, and this guy is afraid of his own shadow...he cannot wipe his own butt without asking his boss-Susan Nakagama on how to do it.
This is the same department that promoted Eric Rood, a guy transferring from another department who's barley old enough to drive, whereas there were qualified managers like Henry Huerta and Jorge Gomez who were told they failed the exam. What kind of a department fails their own people with this kind of percentage ratio? Is it because these supervisors aren't prepared/don't have the experience for the job of a DLC IV, or is it because the department cannot prepare their own loyal & dedicated staff for the responsibility if a DLC IV? If that's the case, then how did Denise Padres jump from a DLC II to a DLC IV?
Denise Padres was not promoted because she's a woman or because she's sleeping with someone on the job (I'm sure she's happily married to Frank Padres, her husband of many years). Denise was promoted for her loyalty and her Hearing Officer decision in Hartwig that GAS and the DIR/DLSE wanted; that's why *sshole DIR lawyers helped "guide" her in writing the decision, so that (then) Labor Commissioner Donna Dell could use it as a Precedential Decision, then all DLSE offices could use this to f*ck those workers who were looking for meal & rest periods beyond the 1-year trick box. When the heck do we ever see any *sshole DIR lawyer helping a Hearing Officer write a decision...unless there's politics involved? Please pull your head out of the sand.
Denise wanted to please her handlers, and she was rewarded for putting her name on a (currently) worthless Precedent Decision. At the end of the day, she either knew what she did was wrong, or she's a moron (she's not smart enough to know what a 'cutout' is, and she wasn't used that way). In any event, she was not the best person for the job, but the DIR/DLSE deemed her to be the the pick of the litter. Hence, her DLC IV promotion and her current DLC VI promotion. The DIR/DLSE conducts worthless promotional exams, and there is absolutely no supervision by the State Personnel Board. Whoever receives the upcoming DLC IV promotion (Padres' vacancy) will be some other retard that can't get it right, or in Rood's case, will take years to get up to speed.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I hear that Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet is a real piece of work...

From what I've been told, Angela Bradstreet is one of these snobs that only converses with other lawyers. Apparently, no one else is good enough to hold a conversation, as she doesn't talk to "little" people (meaning non-lawyers, not dwarves). If this is true, and I've seen nothing in her personality to demonstrate otherwise, then she's surrounded herself with clueless morons, GAS slaves, and corporate pimps.
It's also been my experience that lawyers are a lot like car mechanics: there are a few excellent ones, and the rest can be thrown into a pile (sub-piles being ethical and competent). This is who GAS appointed to represent employers, and to make sure that employers gain every advantage to bend over their employees. Not only is she enabling other corporations doing business in California, but she's doing this in our house, too. It's not accidental, as she's too smart & surrounds herself with other big-brains...not low-life janitors.
She wouldn't be caught dead holding a conversation with a maid, a clerk, a secretary....unless it was to tell them where they messed up. The problem is, and hopefully this will be addressed at her impending senate confirmation hearing, is that she's tasked with representing everyone and she's failing in her duties. She's not accidentally failing; she's intentionally failing. Nobody this smart can be labeled as this stupid.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This was the decision that the Schwarzenegger administration wanted to screw over the California worker-Denise Padres went from a DLC II to DLC VI

Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet is full of sh*t; anything that comes out of her mouth is pure bullsh*t, as that's the job of shills working on behalf of bigger handlers, like GAS. Bradstreet doesn't want Corrales fixed; she wants to give lip service to it. She promotes the very same imbecile that started Corrales!
Denise Padres was too dumb to figure out that meal & rest periods were wages (she called them 'penalties'); meanwhile, Miles Locker, a real attorney and the only guy to get it right, still sits on the beach.
Why does Angela Bradstreet promote a documented incompetent? Because her pimp, GAS, wants it that way. Loyal morons go a long way in this agency...just ask Greg Rupp, he's an Assistant Chief and can barely tie his shoes.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

There aren't any bad DLSE offices, there are only bad DLSE managers

These managers have systematically f*cked the California working taxpayer. What they couldn't push through the back door (with the Jose Millan - Greg Rupp chickenhawks), they couldn't get through the front door (with the judge's ruling on the Corrales decision). It seems that ever since Schwarzenegger took office (and filled his post with Pete Wilson rejects), our policies have been a direct butt-raping of the California worker. Look at what DLSE has done with Wal Mart, Kenneth Cole, bullsh*t emergency regulation implementation attempts, and most importantly...our DLSE promotions!
Denise Padres goes from a DLC II to a DLC IV, and then to a DLC VI! She's the one that started the whole butt-rape of the taxpayer with her bullsh*t hearing officer decision/interpretation of, 'meal and rest periods are a penalty' crapola. Meanwhile, the very attorney who has called it correct from the very beginning, is still waiting for the State Personnel Board to decide whether or not the DLSE butt-raped his career. Denise Padres is either too stoopid to correctly interpret the Industrial Welfare Commission orders, or she is neck-deep in the conspiracy to screw the California worker to the direct benefit of The Corporation.
In any event, she will be our new Idiot Deputy Chief. Being an ass-kissing moron goes a long way in the DLSE....but like I said, there are no bad DLSE offices, only bad DLSE managers. You know who promoted this moron? That's right, Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet, the one named as the idiot-in-charge in the Corrales decision. The same person that started this avalanche has now been promoted! There are no accidents, no coincidences. Come up with a bullshit precedent decision that GAS wants, run with it as long as the courts allow, and then get promoted once the courts slap your wrist.
Padres was promoted because she towed the GAS political line, and the beauty of all this was that Greg Rupp got screwed in the process! That's twice he's been passed over for Deputy Chief, and he tried (so hard) to bend himself over for GAS when he attempted to get that "emergency regulation" passed, but was defeated with "lawsuits." Greg Rupp's a loser, and Denise Padres is an idiot, possibly a co-conspirator. The California Taxpayer got shafted, and our state was made just a little bit weaker with these corporate whores at the helm of DLSE.
Thanks, Angela Bradstreet, you're a real credit to the oldest profession in the world.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All of the men failed the the DLC III exam in Santa Ana! Denise Padres promoted by Angela Bradstreet, commissioner to vow more workplace inequality?

What a shock that the men (in the Santa Ana office) failed the recent DLC III exam, and what a shock that Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet promoted a non-man to Deputy Chief; boy, I didn't see that one coming!
You see, I expected Bradstreet's flunkies to do Bradstreet's bidding; that's what flunkies do (they cannot act on their own accord). And in this agency, flunkies are rewarded. Commissioner Bradstreet had a choice for Deputy Chief: promote an asshole (Greg Rupp) or milquetoast (Denise Padres), and at the end of the day, milquetoast won.
This place is soooooo f*cked up: according to these agency assholes, people who should have passed the DLC IV exam have flunked it, and people who should have passed the DLC III exam have flunked it. This means they've selected who they want to promote and are clearing the way for the next generation of assholes...someone's gotta replace Abigael Calva, Greg Rupp, and Susan Nakagama. Not even those losers can work forever (although none of them have any lives outside the job, so they're not looking to retire).

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Deputy Labor Commissioner Mary Tokar retires, Santa Ana DLSE Office has 3.5 wage claim staff (normally 7) to handle Corrales conferences

It seems that Labor Commissioner Bradstreet seems to be driving people away; I wonder what numbers she can produce on employment levels, comparing what they were to what they are. In any event, I'm sure she'll have a good excuse as to why she's failing & not getting the job done...she seems to be an excellent excuse-maker.
With DLC Mary Tokar retiring, the Santa Ana office continues to operate at an unsatisfactory and a substandard level, not that the DLSE has any standards!
The public continues to receive a disservice because the management jackasses (Angela Bradstreet, Abigael Calva, Lupe Almaraz) continuously fail to anticipate what's around the corner. Having settlement conference deputies at 50% capacity (3.5 versus 7) means that the public gets f*cked: the public unnecessarily wait longer, justice delayed is justice denied. It's as if Angela Bradstreet thinks of the Corrales decision as something to wipe her ass with, because she's not helping the taxpayer with her lame-ass band-aid memos. She gives the Santa Ana office 7 permanent, wage claim officers (instead of the 3.5), and that will go a long way toward getting rid of her Corrales headache.
I know that law school doesn't have a class in Common Sense; it's something one picks up in the streets and in dealing with regular people. I know it must be hard for Angela Bradstreet to make decisions for the common people while sitting atop her ivory tower in Saulsalito. She should go hang in the Tenderloin, Mission District, or Hunter's Point sometime...but she might be too afraid to leave her limo.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Keys to spotting a flawed leader; in this case, it's one of our least favorite Governator puppets, Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet

1. "A proclivity for developing grandiose strategies with little thought toward their implementation." These DLSE people assume that others at lower levels will magically turn strategy into reality. This is what makes the Bradstreet Corrales memo a total joke. She doesn't say sh*t about bringing critical offices up to authorized staffing levels; in fact, she wants the few people (still) working to make idiot phone calls because the Santa Barbara office supervisor has time to sit on his ass and telephonically harass defendants into settlements.
2. "A reputation for forcing programs down the throats of reluctant staff." These DLSE people need to be consensus builders, and they need to be many more things. Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet is attmepting to shove CMS down our throats, managers who violate the US Constitution down our throats, and "her way" of fixing Corrales down our throats.
At the end of the day, she deludes herself into thinking that more rules and more regulations will magically turn into faster case resolution...WTF? More rules and more regulations mean more work to be done and less results. Did she have a logics class at law school? Did she pass it?

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Labor Commissioner's Corrales memo dated 10/24/07: what's interesting is what it DOESN'T say (click this pic to enlarge)

(Click this pic to enlarge). This is the memo from the 4 Monkeys(Bradstreet, Almaraz, Calva, Rood); please make sure that the advocacy groups (identified in Corrales) are pointed in this direction. Once again, the top of this retarded food chain is issuing directives that will result in taxpayer waste and a waste of state time & resources. Don't forget, these are the same policy wonks that waste money in CMS and issue directives that violate the United States Constitution.
Until they have a proven track record of positively servicing the People of California, a critical examination is necessary for their desirous lack of transparency.
The 4 Monkeys (Bradstreet, Almaraz, Calva, Rood) who authored this memo never stated that they would provide fully-staffed personnel to ensure Corrales deadlines, they discuss "perfected" claims as if only claims that are 'perfect' are eligible. They write about the "simplified issues worksheet" but fail to ideintify which DLSE Form # to use, or is it some renegade, underground form that's not DLSE-approved? The 4 Monkeys want staff to make 2 phone calls and memorialize the calls (time wasting), then they want us to waste more time by faxing & emailing the notice of wage claims (DLSE Form 563). Emailing the DLSE Form 563 will be difficult, as there's no f*cking support software to take a File Maker Pro document and convert into a .pdf file to be used as a universally safe email attachment. There's not (even) a scanner to print the DLSE 563. and convert it manually for emailing. These 4 Monkeys could not be any dumber! I'd like to see any one of these Monkeys actually do what they want their staff to do!
The 4 Monkeys also want supervisors to approve the Transmittal (DLSE Form 540) within 72 hours [what if the Transmittal is not perfect?], they also want to use approved overtime to reduce backlogs....that's nice, except that there's no overtime to be used! All excess money is devoted to supervisor retreats meetings in Santa Clara (or The Atrium in Irvine) where they receive paid air fare, lodging, per diem, & meals!
DISCLAIMER: I don't know what "DLSE Internal Information Only" means; furthermore, this memo is neither identified as "Confidential" nor "Not A Public Records Act Document." DLSE policies, wherever they may exist, neither defines 'DLSE Internal Information Only' nor does it identify any procedure for such usage.

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