Saturday, February 05, 2011

DLSE rested their case, week 1 of 2.....Blogger's case-in-chief will begin May 23rd

So this is what the DLSE put forth towards blogger's termination:
1) Terminated because blogger dismissed claimant's deception in his telephonic failure to appear.
2) Blogger terminated for DLSE failure in Satisfaction of Judgment in 18-68887/MT.
3) Blogger held Jorge Gomez to same 900-Note entry as Gomez held blogger (no policies or procedures [written], just "practices" [unwritten]).
4) Blogger terminated for leap-frogging chain of command because Jorge Gomez ignored everything the Blogger sent to him, ESPECIALLY whistleblower fraud, waste & abuse information.
5) Blogger terminated because Diana Chen always complained about men & the one woman she complained about (Tokar), DLSE never investigated because the witchhunt was for blogger-only.
6) The DLSE does not want Olga Garau to testify! Give Rosen another reason to file appeal/writ of mandate after SPB jams blogger with DLSE-can-do-no-wrong decision.
7) Dan Cornet testified that they only way to settle conferences was by telephone! All counter duty staff must make phone calls on allegations-only before case file docketing, then case file deputy gotta make more useless phone calls....where are the stats on this "success," morons?
8) DLSE lawyers might want to familiarize themselves with the Orange County Superior Court website so they don't appear to be inefficient, incompetent & derelict in their duties when testifying in trying to terminate blogger. In the instant case, Johanna Hsu (Assistant Chief Counsel, DLSE) should have seen what was filed in March, 2008 instead of trying to blame the Blogger for same in May, 2008...something the blogger never touched, seen, or was responsible for.
9) This is what is going to kick them in the balls: they had no issues with my emails, 900 Notes, chain of command, settlement conference success percentage until AFTER I won my civil trial against them in June, 2007 (I began working under Gomez in February, 2006...16 entire months of serving the public efficiently before all hell broke loose). After I won & they lost, the Dept. of Industrial Retaliation went about terminating me.