Saturday, June 20, 2009

Latest from DIRt-Davenport's phone testimony, DLSE's CRO says that Broadwater & Jackson were secretly placed under surveillance...

1) Brian Davenport is allowed to testify at Blogger's termination appeal hearing by phone. This was decided after the June 10th blog entry highlighting DIRt's fraud, waste, & abuse by flying Davenport from Missouri to California at taxpayer expense. I cannot wait for my attorney to ask the who, what, where, when, & why this was decided AFTER the blogger's report of such fraud, waste & abuse. These fiscal morons sealed up my argument that the blog is worthy of reporting such fiduciary malfeasance. Thank you, Vanessa Bolt-ons, Toni Michelle, Steve McSquinty, and Angela Badstreet for confirming what will soon be a matter of public record.
2) Back in 2006/2007 when the DLSE morons sent DLSE police officer Lee Pearson to drum up dirt on the blogger and to solicit complaints, they also wanted to know who befriended the Blogger. It turns out that Lee Pearson's filtered/whitewashed report forgot to mention those acquired details when they turned this report over to the Blogger during the victorious civil lawsuit. DLSE secretly placed Jackson & Broadwater under surveillance in hopes of retaliating against those two as well. It took a couple years, but they finally found a reason to put Jackson on the beach for two weeks (unpaid suspension).
Unfortunately for the DLSE, they had to explain to their own CRO (Civil Rights Office) how & why they came about surveilling Jackson's emails. Since when is being a friend of the Blogger a justification to use money from the taxpayer's General Fund to place innocent state employees on surveillance? Now some of you idiots will say that no money was spent surveilling the computer accounts of Broadwater & Jackson, but I will tell you that the DLSE used taxpayer money to pay the wages for other state employees to monitor & report said surveillance, then more wages to other state employees to take action on said intelligence (surveillance reports).
At the end of the day, the DLSE paid a lot of wages to conduct secret, unjustified, and warrantless searches of innocent state employees. Their only crime was eating lunch with the Blogger, and for that, Jackson got two weeks on the beach. That coward called DLSE Supervisor Jorge Gomez did nothing to halt such illegal tactics-paid by the taxpayer, of course-because DLSE does nothing but waste taxpayer funds on trying to get rid of employees they don't like.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Governor Steroid is clueless as he was faithful....more $$$ DLSE/DIRt fraud, waste, and abuse

Gov. Idiot says he wants every agency to scrutinize every penny spent. Does Susan Kennedy look the other way just because her rainbow flag counterpart, Labor Commissioner Angela Badstreet will waste any & all money necessary to try and win their termination against the Blogger?
These idiots are flying out Brian Davenport, at TAXPAYER EXPENSE-from Missouri to Los Angeles, to testify that the Blogger made a command decision based on no policy, procedure, or practice-despite numerous requests for such policies & procedures. Furthermore, Davenport was made entirely whole because Jorge Gomez gave him a new conference-even though Davenport didn't deserve a new conference because he failed to appear at his initial conference-but Rosen will spend all day hitting them in the ass with that...I cannot wait!
DLSE lawyer scumbag Toni Michelle is gonna give Rosen every opportunity to publicly humiliate the DLSE's incompetence, ineptness & insolvency (hit-CMS). Davenport is just one of many slices of crow that DLSE will be eating-the sooner the better.
Hopefully these douchebags will not ask for a delay and we can get this party started. There's no need for the douchebags to have a delay since it's their case and they should be fully prepared for their trial THE DAY THEY FIRED ME!