Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Current status of blogger

The judge sided with DLSE in all parts of their case. The judge is paid by the SPB, which is a division of the state. The SPB is there to protect its own; they are the state's Human Resources and if anyone knows anything, Human Resources is there to protect the employer.
The judge never addressed the whistleblowing, which was a solid basis for appeal. I decided to stop throwing away money at a state department that does a disservice to the pubic, a system that promotes career incest, and a system that neither desires transparency nor change.
I make no apologies; I helped those that deserved help, I didn't whore myself out to ascend the career ladder and in the end, my fate was of my own choosing. The People of California got fucked when DIRt terminated Miles Locker & me; self-serving career bureaucrats won.