Saturday, September 30, 2006

The DLSE: hypocrites 24/7

The DLSE always wants others to forgive their trespasses, but they elect not to forgive other people's trespasses. This is what makes them arrogant and stupid.

Besides having fundamental analytical difficulties, they cannot comprehend the basic concept of, "a stitch in time saves nine."

Friday, September 29, 2006

Why is San Bernadino DLSE peace officer Lee Pearson driving to Los Angeles to ask questions about the blogger without a DLSE-issued tape recorder???

So San Bernadino DLSE peace officer Lee Pearson drives to Los Angeles to ask some employees about the blogger, but more importantly, why is he doing this without his tape recorder? When the DLSE's Civil Rights Office conducts an investigation, they bring their tape recorder. When wanna-be Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones and DIR Staff Attorney Anthony Mischel conducted their slipshod investigation against a fellow attorney, they brought their tape recorder. When DLSE supervisory peace officer Lauro Cons conducted his negligent investigation against a fellow Deputy Labor Commissioner, he brought his tape recorder. Something smells really fishy; it smells like the DLSE wants to cover their ass by saying they did an investigation without really doing an investigation...welcome to Labor Standards.
Q: Why is DLSE peace officer Lee Pearson conducting his investigation without his tape recorder?
Q: Will it be easier for the DLSE to whitewash his investigation because there's no evidence of what was truly said to Lee Pearson? Will it be easier for the DLSE to control & direct the investigation's outcome without so many bothersome "facts" getting in the way?
Q: Will the DLSE spin doctors merely rely upon Lee Pearson's hand-written notes, notes that cannot possibly capture all of the investigatory details like a tape recorder can?
Q: Why is peace officer Lee Pearson asking questions about the blogger, especially after DLSE's courtroom loss on this issue? Who is pulling Lee Pearson's puppet strings and why?
Q: Why is the DLSE using state time, state equipment, and state resources in conducting this half-ass investigation? DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz has already been individually named in that blog/blogger lawsuit that's been approved for trial; will Lee Pearson be next?
FRAUD, WASTE, or ABUSE? It's too bad that the DLSE cannot treat their own like the way they want others to be treated; I would have thought the managers learned this lesson in grade school.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Santa Ana office remains the only office not to have safety barriers? DLSE Van Nuys supervisor recently assaulted

Supervisor Bill Fontana was attacked by a member of the public, and the Santa Ana office has yet to receive any type of safety/protection barriers. This management feeling of warmth has been brought to you by Assistant Chief Greg Rupp, Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz (who's currently been named in a lawsuit that's been approved for trial), and that wanna-be Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones; I betcha their offices have protective barriers, the top brass ALWAYS takes care of themselves first! What will it take, someone dying or a state employee going to the hospital? Must Santa Ana state employees contact their state Senators and Assembly Members before the DLSE desk donkeys take action? P A T H E T I C

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Upcoming Deputy Labor Commissioner III exam

Saturday, September 23, 2006

DLSE's shirking of responsibility

Monday, September 18, 2006

Why can't Regional Manager Susan Nakagama and Peace Officer/Supervisor Lauro Cons stop retaliating against one of their own?

Do you know how bad it sucks to work for Lauro Cons and Susan Nakagama? It sucks so bad, that (not even) Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz can stop them, and those two are under his chain of command. Since wanna-be Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones and other managers read this blog, then maybe they can keep reading...and act accordingly.
According to inside sources: Susanna Lowpezz (not real last name) was recently promoted to Deputy Labor Commissioner I and against Susan Nakagama's wishes. The fly in the ointment for Susan was that Susanna rec'd a ranking of #1 on the DLC I promotion list. Not only that, but Lupe either "assisted" in Susanna's preparation (allegedly) or overruled Susan's decision. Another problem Susan Nakagama had was that Susanna previously filed a workers compensation claim for work-related injuries; injuries that required surgery. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if Susan retaliated against Susanna, then a case could be made against Nakagama violating Section 132(a) of the California Labor Code...once again, labor standards has no labor standards, but I digress. Susan Nakagama is known for erasing her fingerprints, as she previously testified to issuing memos that she signed but never designed (see blog entry dated August 8, 2006). So what happens? Her top-lackey, yes-man Lauro Cons does all of the work for her.
Once promoted to Deputy Labor Commissioner I, Susanna's placed on a 12-month probation with 3 evaluations: a 4-month, an 8-month, and a final 12-month. Well, in keeping with DLSE's policy of retaliation, incompetence, and inefficiency, Lauro Cons gives her the worst 8-month performance evaluation she's ever received. What's really horrible is that Lauro Cons completely missed his 4-month evaluation of her. This guy's also a peace officer? This guy carries a gun? He needs to carry a dictionary (Lauro's the worst speller in DLSE history, but I digress). My question is this: if she ranked #1 on the promotion list yet rec'd a horrible evaluation from Lauro, what are we to believe? Does she know her stuff or not? If she was so incompetent, then why was she given the responsible charge of training Minerva Hernandez? Is Susan Nakagama in the habit of having incompetent state employees train other employees in her favor?
This isn't the first time a probationary evaluation got screwed up with Susan Nakagama managing. David Egawa was a former DLC I, and she failed to properly supervise King Cheung when he missed giving David his 4-month, but he got the same treatment: they eventually screwed him on the 8-month, and then he was out the door. I also know of another DLC I that filed a workers compensation claim for injuries, and she's currently being retaliated against: her name? Harmida Koral (name changed).
Lupe, Robert, Vicky: whichever talking heads want to go on record for having read this: why don't you try and conduct a real investigation into the actions of Regional Manager Susan Nakagama and Supervisory Peace Officer Lauro Cons and see if those actions fit the guidelines of what's needed for a Labor Code Section 132(a) violation. Try cleaning up something internally before it goes outsides the DLSE walls, because you all know what happens when you go into a court that you cannot control. Susanna is a good employee who knows her job and she spells better than Lauro! If you choose not to help her, then go back to burying your heads in the sand, leave the department & retire, or continue to allow this sub-standard conduct. Great job on making the department better than how you got it, Lupe. I'll close with the following quotation; try to follow the bouncing ball.
"In order for evil to triumph, it's only necessary for good people to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Sunday, September 17, 2006

DLSE loyalty towards those that stay a long, long, time

Friday, September 15, 2006

Current re-cap of DLSE failures in the last few weeks dealing with only one blogger:

DLSE wanted to interrogate blogger without blogger's attorney present:
Round One to BLOGGER.
DLSE wanted to inspect personal diaries and journals of blogger:
Round Two to BLOGGER.
DLSE thought temporary injunction 'expired' when court granted their judge change-up:
Round Three to BLOGGER
DLSE filed Demurrer to throw out blogger's Preliminary Injunction:
Round Four to BLOGGER
DLSE wanted to interrogate blogger about contents of blog:
Round Five to BLOGGER
DLSE wanted Blogger to disclose sources of blogger's information:
Round Six to BLOGGER.
Here's a hint, morons: stop trying to destroy the US Constitution and maybe you'll stop losing so much. Either try a different tact like doing actual work for the Division or find a job digging a ditch.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: The DLSE does it again, and again, and again.

The blogger told the DLSE to settle this months ago, and the DLSE's arrogance & stupidity got in the way. The more they continue their wicked ways, the more information this blog will report. You know what really pissed off the judges? The fact that they tried to interrogate the blogger without the blogger's attorney being present. Both judges commented on Office of the Director Staff Attorney Richard Munoz & Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz's decision to force an interrogation without legal representation being present. The sad fact is that Richard Munoz & Lupe Almaraz knew the blogger's attorney had another court appearance, and both thought they were above the law. Well, the DLSE got spanked on that issue, and then they got spanked again when the judge ruled that the Preliminary Injunction against the DLSE stays. Those bozos tried to get the injunction tossed, and the judge threw it out..."the Court overruled the Demurrer for failure to state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action, as the complaint adequately alleges a claim against Almaraz in his personal capacity."
Gee, it's almost like Anthony Mischel is setting up Richard Munoz for this fall so that none of this stink will stick to Anthony Mischel, but that's giving Anthony Mischel too much credit for contemplating a tactic that only a sage would consider employing. Besides, Anthony Mischel will have enough problems with the legal stink that he's about to receive on September 25th, courtesy of Miles Locker's attorney.
How much money will the DLSE continue to spend on trying to destroy the First Amendment of the US Constitution? When will they start doing their jobs and start to work for the people of know, the job they are paid to do? When will Vicky Bradshaw get off her lazy ass and take charge of these renegades that are destroying this division? Yeah, they can fight stuff like this all day and all night when it's the taxpayer's money. Government is accountable to the people they serve, but somehow their actions seem to be accountable to no one.

Was that ex-employee Jose Millan seen roaming the HQ halls?

What is it with him and his wanting to be with this agency? Does he miss his former boss, Agency Secretary Victoria Bradshaw? Is there something we don't know about? Sounds like he might need the services of the Waaahmbulance! If my sources are correct, then they have seen ex-employee Jose Millan hanging around HQ. What's he doing there? If he took a post at kiddie kollege, then why is he trolling the halls of HQ? Is he secretly running the show while Vicky Bradshaw's merely the talking head? Was his new post at kiddie kollege just a guise to keep him feeding at the public $100,000+/year? What's that old saying; you can't keep the good ones and you can't get rid of the bad ones???? Don't go away mad...just go away.

Despite DLSE's hatred of it, the First Amendment of the US Constitution still lives

Let's recap:
1. Some poor California worker wants their wages from their employer, and Agency Secretary Victoria Bradshaw tries to stick that wage claim up that person's back door with Livadas v. Bradshaw (nice try Vicky).
2. Some DLSE attorney talks during his lunch break, and the DLSE's wanna-be Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones fires him.
3. Some DLSE employee starts a blog about the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (not to mention the rampant incompetence & inefficiency plaguing this division), and they want that DLSE employee gone from state service. The blog will remain as long as the blogger stays with the DLSE.

What the DLSE looks like after leaving a civil court

A photo of Staff Attorney-Office of the Director Richard Munoz could not be obtained, so a stunt double was used.
The DLSE lost another court decision: the blogger remains, the DLSE is entitled to go pound sand, and Office of the Director Staff Attorney Anthony Mischel must have tears pouring into his moustache. What's going to happen when Miles Locker & his attorney start their beat-down that begins September 25th? I might need to find another stunt double while this one tries to heal.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thinking of the DLSE managers who thought this was an official DLSE website...morons!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Title says it all

Monday, September 04, 2006

Pick one, two, or all three! Susan Nakagama, Anthony Mischel, Jose Millan

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The current DLSE management team