Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Incompetent & inefficient DLSE managers can have a direct influence on a company's bottom line, but at Labor Standards - they get promoted

If you can believe it, DLSE Regional Manager Susan Nakagama expressed concern/fear for the safety of Baby #1 (wearing tie) but mentioned nothing to DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp about the safety of Baby #2 (smoking and drinking booze)? Could her lack of concern for the safety of Baby #2 be construed as racist? This is the kind of time-wasting crap that Susan Nakagama emails to Greg Rupp.
Before I posted the picture, I was assured that the cigarette was made out of Adobe Photoshop softeware candy and the beer can was filled with fruit punch. I make mention of Susan Nakagama's infantile concern because this is who they promote in state service. This is who they deem qualified to serve the people of California, and this is who they place in a position of responsible charge. This is who makes decisions that affect the people of California. What's even more stoopid was that DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp entertained her emails instead of telling her to do her job and to stop reading the blog on company time and wasting the taxpayer's money; it's easier for Greg to persecute the blogger instead.
You see, when bigger morons are above the rank of Susan's title (like DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp), more things get screwed up, then the public suffers more. When these idiots rise to the rank of Acting Labor Commissioner, then the public really gets bent over & screwed...just ask Robert Jones how many millions of dollars would have been saved if meal & rest period complaints went back 1-year instead of 3-years.
Now think about who's in charge of promoting staff, who's in charge of service exams, who's in charge of installing safety glass for personnel, who's in charge of drafting policies & standards operating procedures, and most important of all...who's in charge of the taxpayer-paid & multi-million dollar abortion called CMS.
Public service, paid for by the taxpayer. Their idiocy reminds me of a herpes virus: it's forever there, and at times it really flares up and hurts.


Anonymous the chicken ranch said...

It appears that headquarters is becoming quite the whorehouse with all the screwing going on. Lupe screwed Rupp, Lupe got screwed by Jones, Jones is getting screwed by blogger boy and the No. 1 screwer, Susan Nakagama is still around screwing everyone. It is only fair since Susan screwed her way to the top via Roger Miller and Art Lujan. You have to give the old girl credit, she is still around doing her thing while Roger and Art are feeding squirrels in the park.

7/10/2007 10:43 PM  

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