Thursday, July 12, 2007

DIR's entire game is to outspend the blogger and why this mission screws over the California taxpayer

DIR's actions demonstrate that they are willing to outspend the blogger. Instead of furthering their mission by making California better & helping the workers of California, the DIR is wasting a whole sh*tload of state time, resources, money, and personnel on something that has nothing to do with carrying out the duties of the Dept. of Industrial Retaliation.
The DIR has no less than five OD-Legal attorneys trying to destroy the blogger: Vanessa Holton, Steve McGinty, Anthony Mischel, and Richard Munoz. These five sphincter muscles are wasting time with the blogger when they could be assisting the working Californian. How does this waste of taxpayer funds help the taxpayer? Who is authorizing all of this waste by having these attorneys conduct such an attack upon this blogger?
In June of 2006, the blogger's legal bills were less than $5,000 and all they had to do was leave the blogger alone. Currently, their bullying and intimidation has hurt the taxpayer more than twenty times that amount and OD-Legal shows no signs of slowing down.
Do you know who is the Number One sphincter muscle in DIR? Acting Director John Rea, a cowardly man who's afraid to go before the California senate to be confirmed as a real Director, so his masters assign him the title of Acting Director so everyone involved can give the senate confirmation process the big middle finger.
John Rea's master is LWDA Deputy Secretary Robert Jones, and Robert Jones' master is LWDA Secretary Victoria Bradshaw, and her master is the California governor. As far as the governor calling himself the "governor of the people"...the last time I checked, the governor of the people would make sure that his agencies are held accountable to the people. What would the people think is they knew that five OD-Legal attorneys are wasting time with some blogger instead of making things better for the people?


Anonymous LawNdOrder said...

An attorneys advice -- file personal lawsuits against each of these morons. They would'nt be able to use unlimited state resources to protect their hinies.

7/11/2007 9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The real problems are rampant incompetence, nepotism,and favoritism."

12/15/2007 10:47 PM  

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