Monday, July 09, 2007

Give the gift of t-shirts to the following Dept. of Industrial Retaliation despots: Robert Jones, John Rea, Vanessa Holton, Greg Rupp, Anthony Mischel

When does someone (working as a state employee) go from human being to lazy slob? What actions must be bungled to go from lazy slob to moron? When does the state employee advance from moron to ass-clown? When is it appropriate to correctly label a state employee from an ass-clown to an assh*le? Is it possible that there are employees in state service that are assh*les? Are an assh*le and a state employee mutually exclusive?
Logics class for DIR Staff lawyer Richard Munoz: it cannot be both Monday and's got to be one or the other, so they're mutually exclusive.
They have failed to comprehend that the United States Bill of Rights was to protect citizens from government intrusion.
Lupe Almaraz is just the blunt instrument that flew the flag for CMS, got promoted, and was ordered to take down the blogger at all costs. This guy couldn't investigate his way out of a paper bag; it's almost like Lauro Cons gave him his investigative training. His specialty is sucking up to those that got him the promotion, not investigations, and certainly not servicing the public. Being some dopey, low-level manager out of Bakersfield hardly qualifies him to be a crack investigator.
I assume that some idiot DIR flunkie (either Anthony Mischel, John Rea, and/or Robert Jones) typed out the questions for him to ask...a monkey can train a parrot to do what Lupe did, and the parrot's cheaper for the taxpayers...but then again, a parrot cannot kiss ass and cheerlead the multi-million dollar CMS abortion.


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