Friday, July 13, 2007

Did I forget to mention DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp as a member of Team Sphincter Team Anti-Blogger?

Greg Rupp is a failure. He's gone as high as he can go up the proverbial butt of the DLSE career ladder, and his best mediocre days are behind him. He's running out the clock to his retirement and his apathy only seems to be a liability to the DLSE. Only they know how much his actions have truly cost the DLSE. Nobody knows how much it cost the DLSE to settle Rowene's lawsuit. Nobody knows how many lawsuits Greg Rupp's been involved in, but it is something I would love to ask him under oath.
Whether he sold Lupe Almaraz on this blogger witch-hunt is between Lupe and Greg, as they don't talk unless under's that for standing behind their actions?
Greg's a bully to those beneath him and a coward to those above him. I'd love to see this career Assistant Chief become as tough with his bosses as he (thinks he) is with his subordinates, but then again, that ain't ever gonna happen. The one true job he had: he failed. That idiot blogger is still breathing DLSE air.


Anonymous seeker of truth said...

ldldldldldldldldldodpleleleockfdkfjkfvjfkvjmvbjvbkjflkf,,fkvckfd,mfcmjvjfckfkmfcmjvmnvjjkfkfmcvmcjkcxkdcmdcjcjmcvmckdkdmckckdcmckjdcmcjdjmcmWhy doesn't management challenge the blogger to the accuracy of his reporting. Why don't they some investigation as to whether there is any truth's to his allegations. If they can disprove the ranting and ravings of the blogger, no one will read the blog again, thereby destroying the blogger. On the other hand, if their investigation reveals some truth behind these allegations, they should correct the situations and thank the blogger for pointing them out. When Rupp was asked whether he check the statistics used by the blogger to conclude they should be hiring spanish speaking deputies in the Santa Ana office rather than a chinese speaking deputy, he stated that he never looked into whether the bloggers statistics were correct. A reasonable person can only conclude that the truth is finally being brought out and they want to shut the blogger up. There are alot of skeletons being brought out of the closet and management wants to put an end to it once and for all. The hell with free speech and actually doing something to correct these inequities. You would think we are working for the damn communists the way they try to squash free speech. Rupp really missed his opportunity when he was born to late to be part of Hitler's Gestapo. Freedom of speech means shit to him and this philosophy prevails throughout the management chain of command.The only hope we have now is that the new labor commissioner will clean house and start all over again by hiring managers with some ethical understanding in their background.

7/12/2007 8:45 PM  

Why hasn't management looked into the problems mentioned on the blog site? Why wasn't Vicki Tamoush investigated for enriching herself and her interpreter freind Mindy by holding back Spanish speaking claimant's for up to six months? Why was Bruce Broadwater notified of up and coming intervies for a hearing officer when he is on the Deputy II list? Why was Dorame promoted to a Senior Deputy when all his background investigations came back negative (mucho drunk driving charges)? Why hasn't a security counter been installed in the Santa Ana office after being promised by Bob Jones? Why is DLSE spending mucho money in persecuting a web site that is revealing all the skeletons in the DLSE Office? Why did Diana Chen hire a Chinese speaking Deputy I when the Santa Ana office is begging for Spanish Speaking deputies? Why weren't the stats examined by Greg Rupp after the blog site indicated the amount of Spanish speaking claimants in the Santa Ana office? These why's can go on forever. We need help from the new Labor Commissioner. Please, Please, cannot anybody hear the groans and moans coming from within the Division? Help is needed and ASAP.

7/13/2007 10:41 AM  

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