Friday, June 01, 2007

DLSE "outs" the blogger, intimidates meets with potential witnesses to intimidate disrupt office (more than) usual

Why should DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz be the only DLSE person to intimidate, harass, and disrupt meet with DLSE employees on the clock? It's totally okay for a Deputy Chief to use taxpayer dollars and fly down to So Cal and spend some quality, uncomfortable, and inappropriate time with Santa Ana staff to discuss the lawsuit, isn't it? Doesn't this further DLSE's mission? Hell's bells, even DIR staff flunkie attorney Richard Munoz is getting in on this action. How many hours was he at the Santa Ana office on Thursday, May 31st?
Lupe could have made the memo shorter by making it less obtuse: "the DLSE hates the blogger, the blogger's suing us, and you had better start hating the blogger, too. You better make the blogger's life miserable so he'll just resign...then he can't claim we created a hostile work environment."


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