Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Welcome to the toilet called DLSE...same bowl, different poo-poo (click pic to enlarge)

Deputy Chief Labor Commissioner Lupe Almaraz is no stranger to licking boots, brown-nosing, butt-kissing, etc; I assume he's done it for most of his working life. There are those that live their lives standing up, and then there are those that live on their knees.
Lupe's job is not to determine another's defamation nor its parameters, and it's not Lupe's job to violate one's right to speak freely.
It's bad enough that he's shoving CMS down the throats of the taxpayer and DLSE.
It's bad enough that he cannot provide his staff with much needed Standards of Performance and Duty Statement (the two are separate, but don't expect Lupe to figure it out).
It's bad enough that he's not earning his taxpayer-paid wages on improving the DLSE. You know what this joke-of-a-manager does? He likes to play grown-up with his Blackberry, He makes no attempt to provide his staff with direction via Performance Standards, he (pathetically) cheerleads a multi-million dollar software system that doesn't work [CMS], and he spends his day not doing the job that he's paid to do. Oh yeah, sometimes he's gets to play DEFENDANT because two judges have already concluded that what he did was wrong.
You see, he can pull the wool over the eyes of Lauro Cons, Alma Venable, Susan Nakagama, Maria Juarez-Aceves, Abigael Calva, and Vicki Tamoush because they are not that smart to remove the wool and see things for what they are. Judges aren't stupid, and for Lupe (and his lawyers) to treat the current judge as stupid really goes to Lupe's competence, qualifications, and IQ.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's always been that way - whichever way the wind blows. And me thinks it does smell.

7/25/2007 8:31 PM  

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