Monday, July 16, 2007

This is how it's played at the Division of Labor Double Standards Enforcement...

In almost every sexual harassment claim, it is the person in power/manager doing the harassment, not the secretary or mail clerk.
In almost every discrimination claim, it is the person in power/manager discriminating against the subordinate: not the other way around.
In court, the DIR retards OD-Legal team would like everyone to believe that this idiot blogger is somehow capable of striking a blow against the desk donkeys of Lupe Almaraz, Greg Rupp, and Robert Jones.
Let's review of how these powerful public servants have harassed those below them while collecting their taxpayer-paid paycheck:
1. The CMS date-rape upon DLSE staff and the taxpayer ($-millions).
2. The unrelated-DLSE mission/legal battle with the blogger ($-hundreds of thousands).
3. The meal & rest period misinterpretation ($-hundreds of millions).
4. The recent illegal precedent decision ($-millions or hundreds of thousands?).
5. Promoting favorites with their discriminatory Deputy Labor Comissioner III and Deputy Labor Commissioner IV promotional exams ($-hundreds of thousands).
6. DLSE Assistant Greg Rupp's involvement with Rowene's workers comp/retaliation claim against the DLSE and its subsequent secret settlement ($-hundreds of thousands?)
7. Robert Jones's proverbial hand-job (without the happy ending) upon the Santa Ana DLSE office by promising to deliver a safety barrier and breaking his promise.
On the other hand, these morons could spin it a different way: they saved the taxpayers money by not investigating Hearing Officer/translator kickbacks, by not investigating (the many) allegations brought to Greg Rupp's attention, by not investigating improper examination procedures, by not investigating racist hiring practices, and by not installing protective safety barriers.
The bottom line at DLSE is that those in power make the decisions, those in power do the retaliating & harassing, and those in power decide where & how to spend the taxpayer's money, and those in power at DLSE do the screwing. Once the new labor commissioner starts acquiring the facts of this dysfunctional division, she'll have 2 options: changes its ways or do nothing.


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