Friday, July 27, 2007

Rupp & his flunkies caused Corrales yet no one questioned Rupp's action. Does she know that her same staff trying to...

assist her in solving her Corrales problem is the same staff that got her into this quicksand? Based on their previous (& proven!) problem solving success, she might as well assign her task to 3rd graders. This is the same staff that bent over while Asst. Chief Greg Rupp shoved it right up the backside of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution? I'm no lawyer, but I think those involved with wage claims (in Corrales) had a right to Due Process: something that Greg Rupp considers optional and up to him.
When Abigael Calva rec'd Greg Rupp's order (to hold in abeyance those wage claims), do you think she questioned its legitimacy? Hell, no! Greg Rupp's her buddy! He gets her a brand new car to drive!
When Lupe Almaraz rec'd Greg Rupp's order (to hold in abeyance those wages claims), do you think he voiced any concerns over its legality? Hell, no! He was looking to get promoted, so he volunteered to be bent over in hopes of getting the promotion. Besides, a good little Nazi DLSE Manager never questions authority, no matter how stupid or illegal the policy/order/memo that comes from upper management.
Now that you have the California Supreme Court stating that what Greg Rupp & Jose Millan did was wrong, what will happen to current DLSE employee Greg Rupp? Does it really make sense to go after the blogger for merely typing words when the DLSE's not going to discipline Assistant Chief Greg Rupp for having conspired with Jose Millan to violate the US Constitution? Here's a helpful hint: dump Rupp. Not only is he a cop that's held to a higher standard (like not violating the US Constitution), but he's also a huge liability that only gets the DLSE sued. Take a look a Rowene's workers comp./retaliation lawsuit...I think Mr. Modesto was her lawyer/husband. If Commissioner Bradstreet refuses to discipline Rupp, then she indirectly condones his actions, and this will be relevant at her senate confirmation hearing.
My point is this. The managers under Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet are a bunch of idiot sheep that provide no help to those they purportedly serve; they just blindly accept whatever is handed down to them. Jose Millan & Greg Rupp fcuk the DLSE with those actions contained within Corrales (as well as a bunch of other idiot management decisions), and Abigael Calva & the rest of her accomplices accepted it. Well, not on my watch: some DLSE managers have proven to be professional mutes who sit on their lazy asses, stay below the radar, and allow the California Bear to crap in their bank account once a month.
Every order, whether spoken or written, will be questioned, examined, and criticized. If DLSE management only changes course as a result of Supreme Court rulings, then I will be there to do it for them. I D I O T S

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