Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why is the taxpayer paying for Regional Manager Abigael Calva's transportation?

She works in Los Angeles, she lives in South Pasdena. She has a state-issued car that she uses to go to & from Pasadena to Los Angeles. Unless there's something seriously wrong that would cause her to extricate herself from her chair in Los Angeles, she mainly just sits in her office and spends her day not making decisions. Why do the taxpayers need to pay for her car and for her gas? Why does Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz permit this fraud, waste, and abuse?
Anyone above the rank of Hearing Officer (DLC 2) care about the taxpayer & how much money the DLSE wastes?
Similar abuse of the taxpayers' money is not strange to DLSE. Someone was a friend to Regional Manager Susan Nakagama. Regional Manager Susan Nakagama gave her friend a taxpayer-paid vehicle so her friend could also commute. Of course, if anyone looked, it had to (at least) appear legitimate, so Susan gave her friend a BoFE (Bureau of Field Enforcement) investigation to conduct; otherwise, it would appear as a fraud committed upon the taxpayer. Susan knows how to work the system to her benefit, not the taxpayer's.
DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva's fraud upon the taxpayer is not any different: a Regional Manager is just a fancy title for someone who sits on their ass and does nothing. The state building where she works reserves a parking space for Abigael Calva. They pay for her commute from South Pasadena. Meanwhile, the people who actually do DLSE work don't have parking paid for by the taxpayer and don't have their commute paid for by the taxpayer. Somehow, they get the job done without bending over the taxpayer.
Don't ask Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz to lift a finger; it seems that he enjoys hookin' up management with free perks like free parking, a car, and gas...courtesy of the taxpayer of course. Just another taxpayer fraud, waste & abuse day at DLSE: move along, there's nothing to see here.


Anonymous Fatty-Arbuckle said...

Deputy chief Lupe Almaraz is a cheat and hooks up with the other cheats. Thats why we have this Cheat Management System (CMS). It is a way to give perks free travel and accomodation to work on this failing system. CMS should be dumped right now before we waste more taxpayer money.

7/21/2007 10:00 PM  

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