Friday, July 20, 2007

$80,000/yr. DLC 2 & $65,000.00/yr. DLC 1 workers cannot focus on job because they're mandated to issue kiddie work permits to future Paris Hiltons

The entire management food chain: Lupe Almaraz (DLC VI), Nance Steffen (DLC V), Abigael Calva, (DLC IV) Greg Rupp (DLC V), and Susan Nakagama (DLC IV) do such a public disservice that they have NEVER come up with a plan to effectively deal with work permits and concurrently maximize the work of the DLC I and DLC II staff. Most of this blame should go to Greg Rupp, because he is most politically connected to OD-Legal and Victoria Bradshaw, so he currently carries the most amount of juice. Susan had it for awhile when Art Lujan was Labor Commish, and Abby had it for awhile when Lloyd Aubrey was Labor Commissioner. That torch has now passed to Greg.
Out of these five desk monkeys, it is Greg Rupp who has caused the most DLSE self-destruction. He is a bureaucratic cancer that only makes the problem worse. Newly-installed Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet should ask him what recent Asst. Chief ideas he's implemented to better serve the taxpayers. You know what he'll say? He tried to attack and intimidate the blogger, he issued a Daily Activity Report memo, he stuck Susan Nakagama in that do-nothing corner called Public Works, and he sits in front of his computer and reads email when he's not napping. Yeah, that's quite the stellar resume for an Assistant Chief! It is now his time to be stuck in the same corner that they stuck Susan Nakagama. Put him out to pasture, let him collect his paycheck, but get this guy away from public service...have Rupp supervise the work permit unit in Van Nuys and nothing else. His past is a mirror to his future; stop him from further infecting efficient service to the public.
By the way, please explain to Susan Nakagama the artistic creativity of computer software like Adobe Photoshop. She's not that smart, and it would be a shame if she used a state computer to complain to Greg Rupp about kittens being eaten like corn on the cob...and she's a DLSE Regional Manager! I have a dream that one day DLSE management will (each) have triple-digit IQs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I see it, public works has not performed because management continues to promote their do-nothing friends, (imagine that) to be in charge of a program they know absolutely nothing about, nor do they care about it. How can anyone be motivated with absolutely no training. For far too long PW has been a dumping ground but too few people understand that nor do they care about that. The few that do care, become burned out and resent having to carry the entire load.

7/25/2007 8:29 PM  

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