Sunday, July 22, 2007

Doe DLSE Asst. Chief abuse his badge? Yes. Does he abuse his authority? Yes yes. Will DLSE do anything about it? Probably not (click photo to enlarge)

Greg Rupp, a sworn California peace officer (and DLSE Assistant Chief), has brought discredit upon the DLSE and has disgraced the badge that he wears.
Greg Rupp obstructed the investigation against the blogger, parts to an investigation were intentionally deleted, and he initiated the entire 'meal & rest period' avalanche of lawsuits when previously assigned as Acting Deputy Chief Labor Commissioner.
In an earlier investigation, Billabong (the surfwear company) corroborated statements made that Ramin Pirsaheli (labor law violator and sweatshop owner of I & J Sportswear, now no longer operating & breaking the law) was lying. This didn't fit into Greg's world of retaliation, so this information 'disappeared,' and Greg Rupp re-assigned the investigation to Lauro Cons, who then obstructed justice and conducted a negligent investigation on Greg's behalf.
When Rupp's not busy tarnishing his badge, he's either retaliating against Deputy Labor Commissioner Armida Corral (with his punitive transfer of her from Los Angeles to Long Beach), or he's retaliating against Deputy Labor Commissioner Bruce Broadwater. Rupp tried to have Broadwater fired years ago (and failed), so he's made sure he's never been promoted since. An honorable cop does not do this; these are the actions of a dishonorable cop.
Assistant Chief Greg Rupp does not deserve a badge; he deserves an FBI investigation into a corrupt state law enforcement officer who has done nothing less than bring shame to the DLSE.


Anonymous V said...

The government should fear the people, the people should not fear the government. Rupp has always governed by intimidation and persecution. Not only is he a bully, but an asshole. Those are two dangerous characteristics of a manager.

7/23/2007 10:49 AM  

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