Sunday, December 23, 2007

Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet's biased stance on the Brinker decision, now vacated & yet to be is she fair & impartial?

Fifteen (15) employer organizations wanted the Brinker decision published, and Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet (hat in hand) also tried to beg the justice(s) to have Brinker published. The decision was VACATED, so her request was all for naught.
An interesting fact: not one employee organization requested that the decision be published, so what does that tell you about Brinker's and Angela Bradstreet's contempt for employees?
Someone needs to start communicating with the unions and informing them about how our yet-to-be confirmed Labor Commissioner is so unprofessional that she's taking sides regarding private litigation & writing to the California Court of Appeal. Someone should ask that limousine liberal (a republican in Line 23 clothing) why her very own DLSE isn't suing Brinker (if she's sooooo concerned about the issues raised in her letter). If she's so eager beaver to clarify the issues, then why is she leaving the lawsuit to private litigation? Because Tracee Lorenz is doing the job Angela Bradstreet's supposed to do, besides-whores don't sue pimps; not while Angela's collecting a state paycheck. F*cking the taxpayers who work for begging letter at a time.
If someone throws a stick at Angela, will she leave?

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