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Labor Commissioner's Corrales memo dated 10/24/07: what's interesting is what it DOESN'T say (click this pic to enlarge)

(Click this pic to enlarge). This is the memo from the 4 Monkeys(Bradstreet, Almaraz, Calva, Rood); please make sure that the advocacy groups (identified in Corrales) are pointed in this direction. Once again, the top of this retarded food chain is issuing directives that will result in taxpayer waste and a waste of state time & resources. Don't forget, these are the same policy wonks that waste money in CMS and issue directives that violate the United States Constitution.
Until they have a proven track record of positively servicing the People of California, a critical examination is necessary for their desirous lack of transparency.
The 4 Monkeys (Bradstreet, Almaraz, Calva, Rood) who authored this memo never stated that they would provide fully-staffed personnel to ensure Corrales deadlines, they discuss "perfected" claims as if only claims that are 'perfect' are eligible. They write about the "simplified issues worksheet" but fail to ideintify which DLSE Form # to use, or is it some renegade, underground form that's not DLSE-approved? The 4 Monkeys want staff to make 2 phone calls and memorialize the calls (time wasting), then they want us to waste more time by faxing & emailing the notice of wage claims (DLSE Form 563). Emailing the DLSE Form 563 will be difficult, as there's no f*cking support software to take a File Maker Pro document and convert into a .pdf file to be used as a universally safe email attachment. There's not (even) a scanner to print the DLSE 563. and convert it manually for emailing. These 4 Monkeys could not be any dumber! I'd like to see any one of these Monkeys actually do what they want their staff to do!
The 4 Monkeys also want supervisors to approve the Transmittal (DLSE Form 540) within 72 hours [what if the Transmittal is not perfect?], they also want to use approved overtime to reduce backlogs....that's nice, except that there's no overtime to be used! All excess money is devoted to supervisor retreats meetings in Santa Clara (or The Atrium in Irvine) where they receive paid air fare, lodging, per diem, & meals!
DISCLAIMER: I don't know what "DLSE Internal Information Only" means; furthermore, this memo is neither identified as "Confidential" nor "Not A Public Records Act Document." DLSE policies, wherever they may exist, neither defines 'DLSE Internal Information Only' nor does it identify any procedure for such usage.

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Anonymous deep throat said...

This definitely qualifies as a "dumb ass" memo. It says everything except that we need more bodies to do more work. Maybe these idiots haven't figured it out yet but we have less bodies in the Santa Ana Office then (10) years ago and the population has doubled. And they wonder why the DLSE staff can't meet the requirements set forth in Corrales. This new Labor Commissioner better look around and get some staff that will actually tell her the truth about the situation instead of a bunch of "yes" people.

11/28/2007 9:56 PM  
Anonymous Out of San Jose said...


Well well well, Ms. Smarty Britches has issued her ultimatum to wage claims. I wonder why fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing? This is going to be very interesting to watch. Every claim has to be "Perfect" before it can be docketed. You can bet our postage bill is going to go through the ceiling. Nothing comes in through the mail perfect. Everything will have to go back and forth four or five times before it even begins to be quasi acceptable. The man power alone to make this happen will double our work force. And all of that trash taken in on Mondays and Tuesdays by field deputies who don't give a hoot about what comes over the counter is going to have to be pasteurized by BOFE's front lines management. Most of them do not have a clue what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable in wage claims them selves let alone the rank and file doing the work. One deputy told me that she had about 150 claims docketed to her but not calendared yet that will need to be de-docketed or undocked and sent back to the perfectionist who approved the less then perfect claim to begin with. They say if you don't study your history you are doomed to repeat it. I wonder if Ms. Bradstreet has a clue why the conference was developed in the first place. If she were to talk to some of the people that were around when it happened she might find out that the conference was developed for several reasons not just to settle cases. It gave the division an opportunity to identify the issues. A lot of the claimants when making there claims lump them all together and claim things that we have no jurisdiction to adjudicate. It gave the division an opportunity to identify the entity. It id just amazing how many people don't really know who they work for. The conference is the ideal place to work these issues out and was created exactly for this purpose as well as trying to settling claims. All Angela has done is to create a lot more work for a work force that is understaffed and swamped to the gills. It will be a pleasure to see her gone.

11/30/2007 7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no problem, just use the multi million dollars, state of art CMS computer system to generate all the required forms and letters to the public. After all, DLSE spent so much money on this CMS computer in order to be serve the public more efficently!!!

That is of course if the CMS worked ?

12/02/2007 1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CMS was created so that Jim Culbeaux and his sister Christine Baker could walk away with his pockets filled with taxpayer paid kickbacks from consultants. As for the rest of the fuck-ups i.e. Angela Bradstreet, John Rea, Greg Rupp, Lupe Almaraz, etc. They are here because big business and that muscle brain has put them there for a reason. They know these individuals are the biggest fuck-ups and underperformers and would best serve big business ineterests by doing nothing.

Surprised? Well, if these bozos had to show some sign of improvement they would be jobless.

12/05/2007 9:23 PM  

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