Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I hear that Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet is a real piece of work...

From what I've been told, Angela Bradstreet is one of these snobs that only converses with other lawyers. Apparently, no one else is good enough to hold a conversation, as she doesn't talk to "little" people (meaning non-lawyers, not dwarves). If this is true, and I've seen nothing in her personality to demonstrate otherwise, then she's surrounded herself with clueless morons, GAS slaves, and corporate pimps.
It's also been my experience that lawyers are a lot like car mechanics: there are a few excellent ones, and the rest can be thrown into a pile (sub-piles being ethical and competent). This is who GAS appointed to represent employers, and to make sure that employers gain every advantage to bend over their employees. Not only is she enabling other corporations doing business in California, but she's doing this in our house, too. It's not accidental, as she's too smart & surrounds herself with other big-brains...not low-life janitors.
She wouldn't be caught dead holding a conversation with a maid, a clerk, a secretary....unless it was to tell them where they messed up. The problem is, and hopefully this will be addressed at her impending senate confirmation hearing, is that she's tasked with representing everyone and she's failing in her duties. She's not accidentally failing; she's intentionally failing. Nobody this smart can be labeled as this stupid.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angela from what I hear you are really a loser. No confirmation for you. I certainly will make sure of that.

12/19/2007 8:13 PM  

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