Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lupe Almaraz retires, DLC III exam in LA, Supervisor's retreat meeting in Nor Cal, info request on Culbeaux & Baker

DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz sent Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet his resignation letter; he's set to go away on 12/31/2007. At the end of the day, he did nothing for this department except spike his retirement paycheck...once again, screwing over the taxpayers! After Lupe's gone, ain't nobody named to be in charge of Wage Claims. It would be nice to see Nance Steffen come back as the Wage Claim Assistant Chief, but she's only going to get the blessing of staff by removing Regional Manager Abigael Calva's taxpayer-paid commute vehicle from Calva's possession.
The taxpayers don't need to pay for Calva's commute. CASE IN POINT: her lazy ass, having a state vehicle assigned to her, made Deputy Labor Commissioner Bruce Broadwater drive from Santa Ana to Los Angeles to discuss an item of importance. He had to use his car & his mileage even though the state gives her a vehicle of her own. Normally, if state auditors would ask WTF(?) she does with her car, she'd tell them that as Regional Manager, she's responsible for all these offices in So Cal...total bullsh*t. Her lazy ass goes nowhere and makes her staff come to her. Typical, lazy, bureaucratic, cow.
The recent Deputy Labor Commissioner III (DLC 3) exam came down to So Cal. Here's my prediction: they will pass & pick whoever they want to pass & pick because these assholes do not know how to keep themselves in check. Ferchrist, the State Personnel Board provides no oversight, and even when the California Supreme Court provides their oversight in their Corrales decision, Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet does nothing to Greg Rupp-the whore (at the time) for Jose Millan who screwed over all those wage claimants & violated their due process. These douchebags cannot self-regulate, and we're supposed to think that they'll righteously promote someone from a merit-based exam? They can't (even) follow laws, much less policies.
Last but not least, the desk donkies wasting money from the taxpayer's bank accounts opened the spigot for the supervisor's meeting in Nor Cal (11/04-06/2007). Now, these money wasters justified expeditures like video conferencing in offices so that they can hold meetings via video conferences. Why must they waste more money on airline tickets, lodging, meals, and time? We need computer software like Adobe Acrobat and scanners, but these money wasters sit around for three days, butt-kiss, and bray like an old goat about how to make the system worse. Bend over taxpayer, and try to exhale gently.
I have a contact who's looking into CMS, and I need the names of people who have details about Culbeaux, Baker, et al. Specifically, I need names and phone numbers because that's what the reporter needs. Mail it to: T. Zatori, PO Box 26212, Austin, TX 78755. Copies of anything can be sent here, and I will scan them and post them for all to see (like the examination fraud investigation). It will be forwarded to me. I don't want the names posted here, as they will be targeted for retaliation. If you want the truth to come out about CMS, computer contracting, Culbeaux, and Baker, then this is your opportunity to point truth-seekers in the right direction.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

!!! Hi Guys !!!

I know Christine Baker on a personal level. She is very manipulative. I can see her and brother James/Jim Culbeaux scamming the State and all around them for millions. They should be on America's Most Wanted Criminals List.

11/17/2007 2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure many of the DIR IT staff and other DIR Division staff who have been involved with these non-functional or incomplete computer systems that have cost millions of dollars and were signed off to private consulting firms under DIR CIO Jim Culbeaux will be more than willing to share their info with any reporters or State auditors. The last and most obvious example of delayed and non-functional system being the CMS.

Let’s not forget that another larger costly ($40 million) computer project is being managed by IT Unit under Culbeaux and his supervisors for the DWC Division.

There are already indication of delay and problems for this project. I am certain since this is a very large and expensive project undertaken by the State, the screw up and wasteful spending will be exposed to the California public much sooner.

11/17/2007 6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Schwarwenegger asleep at wheel? I have seen guys out here in the IT Department that have the results of the investigaton of those fraud exams given by DIR and conducted by SPB. You should get a copy.

11/17/2007 9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can a copy of this report be obtained through the California Public Information Act?

Was this investigation report related to improprieties by the IT managers including Jim Culbeaux administrating these IT exams, and were any illegal misconduct exposed?

And finally, when were these exams conducted, since it seems that Culbeaux and other managers are still have the same positions at DIR?

11/18/2007 5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good comments on the corruption and incompetence at DIR:

Jim Culbeaux has wasted millions of taxpayer funds. He has failed on every project he has undertaken.

It is unbeleivable and extremely rare for anyone to have a 100% failure rate, not so for Jim Culbeaux. Yet even though Jim Culbeaux has failed in every project more money is pumped into these projects and Culbeaux gets more promotions.

Then when you think you have heard enough, Jim Culbeaux is given the green light from DIR Personnel Unit and DIR Legal Unit to commit fraud and rig the exams.

DIR Legal has taken up a new role in advising DIR managers how to commit fraud and is directly involved in committing fraud.

11/18/2007 7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copies on the Fraud committed by Jim Culbeaux can be obtained under the Public Information Act from SPB and should be mailed to:

T. Zatori, PO Box 26212, Austin, TX 78755 They will be forwarded to blogger.

11/19/2007 12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks at IS and DIR -- Jim Culbeaux is better known as Pinocchio here beacause of his obsessive-compulsive lying.

11/24/2007 9:05 AM  

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