Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blogger's dragged back into court on November 21st

So this is how it played out; the judge issued a proposed decision. The money-wasting, court-clogging turds at OD-Legal decided to cry & whine about it like the babies that they are. They could have let the decision stand and later appeal it, but that would take legal smarts. These retards cannot (even) figure out how to count for a summary judgement deadline, so I shouldn't be surprised that these ass-clowns cried about an uninvolved 3rd party not seeing it their way.
In a way, I hope these morons give me the opportunity to be heard at the appeals court; it only gives me another chance to fight & win...you'd think these morons would stop sticking their hand in the fire, but dumbasses never learn. That's why they are dumbasses.
Though word's been sent to Dudley-Do-Right, if they want to stop losing, here's the offer (in order of preference):
1. Pay legal fees and leave me alone to serve the public
2. Pay legal fees and place me on 18-month paid admin leave (this is nothing compared to the waste of the multi-million dollar abortion called CMS)
3. Continue to violate my rights and continue to lose
Youth, drive, and assets go a long way. If they really wanted to show good faith, they could terminate DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp and DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz for their consitutional retardation and divert the money saved in their salaries to those that have suffered from their lawlessness.
They've had every opportunity to get rid of this; all they had to do was pay the legal fees and to leave me alone. It is they who continue this battle, and it is they who choose to waste the court's time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is starting to sound like what they did with some other employees at the Information Systems Unit till they quit. I hope you continue to fight them. The strategy of DIR's Legal Department is to waste everyones time and money, especially yours till you get up and leave. I am told they try to outspend their opponents using the unlimited funds of the taxpayers. If your judge does not see this blatant fact then God help you. Please do not give up and continue for the sake of all of us who are left out here.

10/26/2007 6:05 PM  
Anonymous Mr. T said...

I pity the fool from DIR Legal who is going to try to argue this judge out of his tentative ruling. I hope they are ready for another judicial beatdown. By the way, I hear that DIR counsel Anthony Mischel was up in Oakland yesterday, at a DIR lawyers training on legal ethics. He could use some of that training, especially of the remedial kind.

10/26/2007 7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The taxpayers of HaliHornia voted for the muscle brain - Arnie as their Governator, I doubt their judges will be able to see anything either. Accountability and Responsibilty does not exist at DIRt, only self serving greeds and plain IDIOTS who can't hold a job at a local deli for a day.

10/27/2007 10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong. I heard regarding the post above is DIR accepted wrong-doing and handed out settlements for discrimination of the two employees.

10/28/2007 9:01 AM  
Anonymous A cry for help said...

The Labor Commissioner's Office is never going to have labor peace until they develop some labor standards of their own. For instance the deputy labor commissioner who handles the 98A hearings in wage claims is a Hearing Officer, but the person that works as a mediator and holds conferences in wage claims doesn't really have a title. The Hearing Officer has a manual that tells him or her how to open a hearing, how to close a hearing and how to do everything in between. There is nothing like this for deputies who hold conferences. Probably the reason for this is that holding a hearing is mandated by the State Legislature and holding a conference is an invention of the management of the division. That is not to say that the conference isn't as necessary as the hearing. It certainly is and it really holds the work load down. The conference is the place where the entity is identified and the issues are defined. It is the best place to resolve the problem and gives both sides a time to reexamine their own positions.

However, saying all of this doesn't change anything; there are no rules on how to conduct a conference and this has created a mess for both the employees and employers we service as well as for our own management.

The reason it causes problems for the employees and employers is because there is no consistency. Every deputy holding conferences does it their own way. Some try to bring both parties to a resolution and eventually a settlement agreement. Others just ask if the parties want to settle the case and if they say yes, the deputy leaves the room for a few minutes and lets both parties battle it out. If there is no resolution they forward the case to a 98A hearing without having ever really worked the case. Some deputies just look for any reason to dismiss the case. Without rules and leadership you have total inconsistency. When an employer winds up with two different deputies making two different decisions on two cases that have identical issues it drives them nuts.

The problem for management is how can a senior deputy possibly say an employee is not doing their job if their job has never been defined? There was a deputy in the Santa Ana office that didn't manage her case load well. She has been taken off of case work and put on the counter exclusively. She is still making the same amount of money as the case workers who have done their job well. They can't fire her. They can't punish her. When there are no rules you can't punish some one for breaking the rules. None of the deputies are handling conferences wrong because management has not defined a right way to do conferences. If Ms. Bradstreet did nothing else during her term as Labor commissioner but resolve this problem her term as Labor Commissioner would have been well spent.

10/28/2007 7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vanessa Holton is a bitch without basic law education. I know you will prevail.

11/25/2007 8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vanessa Hore, "The real problems are rampant incompetence, nepotism,and favoritism"

12/15/2007 10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You meam Vanessa Whore with a big W.

12/30/2007 12:00 PM  

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