Monday, January 21, 2008

Regional Manager Abigael Calva: good for nothing, except wasting taxpayer funds

I don't know who would be proud of her accomplishments. I don't know all of the facts surrounding her work when Lloyd Aubrey was Labor Commissioner, just as I don't know Vanessa Holton's work during Lloyd Aubrey's stint as Labor Commissioner. I don't even know if Abigael Calva and Vanessa Holton ever shared a DLSE training session together, but there's one thing that taxpayers should know: Regional Manager Abigael Calva doesn't require a taxpayer-paid state car & gas to commute from South Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles.
Even if she crawls out from under her Los Angeles rock, she could always use her own car and expense the mileage, or she could use a car from DLSE's fleet. In any event, her own internal ethics should know when to say when. Her abuse of authority, whether she's trying to fire Armida Corral, discriminating against Anne Lee, or using taxpayer-paid resources as her personal commute is shameful. I don't think her sister would have been proud of how she's served the People of California. At the end of the day, she might receive a shiny trinket for her thirty years of service: she can pass that down to her kids...err, I mean...she can donate her shiny trinket to the DLSE museum.

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Anonymous I CLAUDIUS said...



1/21/2008 10:08 PM  
Anonymous curious said...

Don't all seniors have a state issued vehicle? They do in my office

1/22/2008 8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The outrageous conduct of the DLSE is interestingly similar to the video posted above...those tactics work and reflect stuff that we are seeing.

The only thing stupid is that we put up with this stuff.

2/27/2008 11:32 PM  

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