Friday, August 17, 2007

Santa Ana's deep tradition of trickery, deceit, and evasiveness...and is it true that Greg Rupp wears a helmet & mouthpiece when he drives?

A long time ago, one of Hearing Officer Jim Jackson's friend made a goofy remark that happened to be within earshot of Jim's eternal enemy, Vicki Tamoush. Days later, the friend that made the goofy remark was ordered downstairs and into a dark room to be interrogated. Eventually, the Nazis Stormtroopers figured out that the comment was made as a goof, and the douchebags slithered back under the rock from whence they came.
The powers at DLSE at the time: Jorge Gomez (DLC III), Abigael Calva (DLC IV). Somehow, a remark made in passing was passed onto the powers at DLSE and those powers not only decided to conduct a negligent investigation, but they also never bothered to exonerate Jim Jackson. They never told him that he was under investigation, they never told him that he had rights while under investigation, and they never told him that their finished investigation concluded that he did nothing wrong.
The remark that was made? Jim's co-worker and friend commented that he receives a monetary kickback from the guy who owns the Spanish translation company. Vicki, because she hates Jackson & knowing that it's not true-complains anyway. 99% of her complaints go to Jorge Gomez, so one can safely assume that it was he that bumped it up into a secret investigation. Only recently did Jorge Gomez figure out that the entire office knew what Vicki did to Jim Jackson and Jorge's involvement in it.
To this day, neither Jorge nor Vicki are coming clean with their level of involvement into the super secret investigation into Jim Jackson. This is one small slice of the DLSE's dysfunction, and yes-it does affect service to the public. The public disruption is caused by those in DLSE who bring dishonor and discredit against the very agency they serve.
Vicki Tamoush stops a formal hearing and states that the Plaintiff cannot understand the Spanish translator, even though the Defendant's attorney, one fluent in Spanish, states otherwise. What kind of investigation does the supervisor conduct? None: the word of Vicki Tamoush must be true, since it's been proven that she never gets it right anyway. Tax dollars, state time, and state resources are wasted because now the entire hearing needs to be re-scheduled. If Jorge Gomez plays the tape and discovers that Vicki's accusation is untrue, then you know what happens to Vicki? Nothing: she's one of Jorge's protected tattle-tales, and in the end, the public receives their royal screwing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just amazed that our management never learns. They have been less then successful in court so many times and they just keep going back and keep getting beat up. Miles Locker is going to tie another knot in their tail, especially after Corrales v. Bradstreet. Corrales proves that our management believes that they can just make up their own rules as they want them to be. Miles Locker is an easy going guy. If our illustrious management would pick up the phone, call Miles and request a set down with him they could conclude this problem in about 20 minutes. Corrales is going to be waved in a judge's face every time these guys are dumb enough to go into a court room. It is sort of like the "Ramparts" debacle for the Los Angeles Police Department. When a Los Angeles Police Officer testifies under oath in a court room that he once worked in the Ramparts Division his testimony becomes instantly worthless. Corrales has made our management's testimony worthless. The world now knows they are dishonest.

8/17/2007 7:17 AM  
Anonymous snitch bitch revealer said...

Vicki Tamoush is well known as being the she devil of the Santa Ana Office. Not only is she a wacko but a very dangerous and coniving snitch. She also complained to the Senior Deputy that Jim Jackson was going to do something to her car and was asking the staff as to what kind of car she drives. Instead of investigating this outlandish bullshit, Jorge directs her complaint to the discrimination unit at headquarters for investigation. Jorge then e-mails the Santa Ana staff to come forward if Jim Jackson has been asking them about Vicki's car. This was all done without Jim Jackson's knowledge. When Jim Jackson heard about these accusations and the public wide investigation of this frivolous complaints he threatened to sue Jorge,Vicki and the investigator from the discrimination unit. Upon receiving this threat, he was apologized to by Jorge and the investigation by headquarters was closed. Is this anyway to operate an office? Anyone at anytime can be accused by Vicki Tamoush of harming her and management runs with it instead of telling the bitch to do her work and mind her own business. What a bunch of wackos and it is getting worse!

8/19/2007 7:12 PM  

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