Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Manager orders employee to remove management contact information from emails so public is forced to fend for themselves...

(click pic to enlarge) - Jorge Gomez doesn't take a dump at DLSE without first asking Regional Manager Abby Calva how to proceed; the guy couldn't make independent decisions to save his life, but that's what they promote in the DLSE fertilizer factory: inept managers who are required to pass everything to their bosses for approval and a pat on the head.
Jorge cried to Lotts about DLSE case #68887 because Lotts couldn't remember an email (Lotts sent/rec'd 365+ emails for May, 2008) and Lotts was not required to forward 68887 information to Gomez.  Lotts responds by reminding Gomez that it was Gomez that ordered Lotts to remove contact information about Gomez, Calva, and Padres in his email signature, so the atty. in 68887 could have had the information had Gomez not ordered Lotts to  remove such info.  Instead, Gomez gets the information via snail mail, days later.
It's like the DLSE managers think that email is for their private use and no member of the public should be able to contact them.  These are public officers, who are available to the public from 8am to 5pm, whether it's in person, thru a fax, on the phone, or by email.  Then people wonder why I label them as "FECES."  It's because of crap like this email: DLSE management does not want the public having their contact information: that, will open the floodgates of timelines & memorialization, something very scary to inept managers.
Why doesn't the DLSE have the names, phones, faxes, & emails of specific office management, staff, and support on its website?
Jorge Gomez is the classic DLSE fall-guy, just like Lupe Almaraz, and quite possibly like Denise Padres.  Abby Calva couldn't give a rat's ass, and Angela Bradstreet barely has a handle on what's going on in the offices.  Once she starts making her managers accountable & available to the employees and employers of California, she'll see the results she wants for her career in public service.
The DLSE: sticking it up the taxpayers' butts, one email at a time...

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