Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Out of the only 4 men in the DLSE Santa Ana Wage Claim office, 3 served their country in the US Armed Forces, and their public service continues....

Bruce Broadwater served in the US Army.
Jim Jackson served in the US Navy.
Christopher Lotts served in the US Marine Corps.
Jorge Gomez moved his entire family to Stockton, CA to take a  labor standards promotion.
Gomez knows next to nothing of Esprit de Corps, camaraderie, honor, integrity, and courage.  Courage isn't bending over for your bosses in hopes of getting the next promotion.  Maybe that's why Gomez only wants women in his office, maybe he has something against ex-military servicemen.  He was certainly shaken when his daughter joined the US Air Force.
Positive and successful office relationships improve service to the public.  During the failed Senate confirmation beat-down of Robert Jones, it was highlighted that Jones destroyed office morale.  The Senate Rules Committee made note of it, so for Regional dipshit Abigael Calva to allow Jorge Gomez to act in a manner that does a disservice to the public being served in Santa Ana is contrary to what Senate Assembly Members desire from state employees.
Calva, for years, allowed and still allows Jorge Gomez to fcuk the Santa Ana office with Mary Tokar's and Vicki Tamoush's continued employment without proper supervision. Tokar retired and Tamoush transferred before Gomez took corrective action, so what does that say about Calva and Gomez?
Gomez is unfit to be a supervisor, as he doesn't supervise, he just bends over, and not for the taxpayer, just for his own self-serving preservation, career, and hopes of being promoted.  He's not smart enough to figure out that he'll never get promoted, as they failed him on the DLC IV exam and passed & promoted that noob Eric Rood, whose about 10 years out of high school.  Someone who's dumb enough not to read the writing that's on the wall is unfit to supervise the busiest wage claim office in California...give him something more his speed, like El Centro or Winterhaven.

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